Who Sang "I Will Always Love You" the Best?

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Who do you think sang this song the BEST?!!

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Who Sang "I Will Always Love You" the Best?

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mar spy
mar spy 14 minuter sedan
Withney all the way! She plays and improvises with her voice and the notes. That's how soul people sing. They INVENTED the good singing. The rest is generic and technical BS.
Cerys Cole
Cerys Cole Dag sedan
Goosebumps as soon as Jessie J started singing😍 Okay im crying😭
Tibet Deniz
Tibet Deniz Dag sedan
Emaya A
Emaya A 2 dagar sedan
I kinda want Joel to see Ailee’s version too, cuz she’s also soooo good
mustin. 3 dagar sedan
my ps broke whe you started singing at the start lol
Coyote rainfeather
Coyote rainfeather 3 dagar sedan
What??? Where is Chris Cornell???
Amith Narayanan
Amith Narayanan 4 dagar sedan
Imagine if dimash sings this song 😁
Lk Lemtur
Lk Lemtur 4 dagar sedan
OmG Jessie J 🕊️🤍
Spyro Shurtagul
Spyro Shurtagul 4 dagar sedan
Wait.... Did I hear that right??? Someone else knows about the band "Downhere"???? I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE and then Roomie just blows my mind away so casually!
Mill 4 dagar sedan
You didn’t add the Lzzy Hale version :(
Nicole Overbeeke
Nicole Overbeeke 5 dagar sedan
thnx... Now i never can unhear Kermit anymore when Christina sings.... Dolly for me always will be #1. there are more beautiful versions from Dolly.. as there are from Whitney. In these versions Jessy was the best
Heartbeat S.
Heartbeat S. 5 dagar sedan
Jessie J is one of the underrated but incredible singer. I love her so bad, she always nailing every songs she sing that's why I'm so excited for her upcming music this july. Btw. Have you seen the BangBang sang by Jessie J, Coco Lee and KZ at singers 2018? You're missing half of your life if you did not see that yet. Just sayin' haha.
Preston Hagler
Preston Hagler 5 dagar sedan
Dolly Parton all the way
Krowe 6 dagar sedan
When you said Marc sounded like Freddie Mercury my initial thought was, "holy shit what if Queen did a cover"
The Great One
The Great One 6 dagar sedan
That video from whitney is where her voice starting to decline
Babi Alves
Babi Alves 6 dagar sedan
Sohyang version gets me, I luv
The Trash Rat
The Trash Rat 6 dagar sedan
I like your glasses
Alarie Pflieger
Alarie Pflieger 7 dagar sedan
It is Dolly for me. He should do a whole episode on her and her career!
Dead goat Hi
Dead goat Hi 7 dagar sedan
Best to worst 1 Whitney Houston 2 Dolly Parton 3 jessie J 4 Leona Lewis 5 Christina Aguilera 6 Marc Martel Rest in peace Whitney Houston
Dead goat Hi
Dead goat Hi 7 dagar sedan
Whitney Houston is away’s the best
emile 7 dagar sedan
Alysson Jenkins
Alysson Jenkins 8 dagar sedan
Is it just me or did Pink not like Christina Aguilera's version? That face is the same one I made. Christina is a wonderful singer but I don't think this song was for her.
Demi-Minwi 8 dagar sedan
Jessy J sounds great but they all copied Whitney's version. WHITNEY FOR THE WIN SHE MADE IT HER OWN. RECPLICATED NEVER DUPLICATED.
Demi-Minwi 8 dagar sedan
Whitney for the win!! SHE OWNS IT!! 😊💖💖💖💖💖
Esther Wade
Esther Wade 9 dagar sedan
I would pick Leona Lewis and Jesse J sang it better And of course they can’t beat the original artist Whitney Houston
gibichai yay
gibichai yay 9 dagar sedan
Dolly definitely dolly
Elissa 9 dagar sedan
You should check Ailee version.👍👍👍
Alex G
Alex G 11 dagar sedan
Gloria Gaynor has a version, too (:
sinsin 12 dagar sedan
Dolly and Jessie were the best in this video
Harlan Seale
Harlan Seale 12 dagar sedan
Now I'm saying this before I watch the video because I already know Whitney Houston is life now you can't tell because I'm typing it virtually but I am screaming and I'm using voice chat so I don't feel like writing this and all caps so I'm just going to say like this Whitney Houston is life anything that she says or sings is automatically better than anybody else!!!!!!!
GrilledWater 13 dagar sedan
Justin's face at 10:13 😂
Brian Tomkins
Brian Tomkins 13 dagar sedan
Dolly Parton's version is more intimate and sung to you...and you feel this when seeing her sing this live! Amazing feeling, whitney when she first sang it yes made powerful took it from counrty to pop, and belted an anthem to everyone, Jessie J during that competition was 150% on fire with every song she sang and deserved to win it amazing singer!! Wonder what it would have sounded like had Dolly signed it over to Elvis??? Smart lady to keep it and earn royalties from it... and if Elvis had sung it we wouldnt have had whitneys version of it... Dolly Parton I hope you know so many people of this world love you! ❤
Kristle Berry
Kristle Berry 13 dagar sedan
Jessie J for me! She literally made me cry and goosebumps! But Dolly singing the original was also incredible.
Love YT
Love YT 13 dagar sedan
I cried when Joel did the Christina Honk and Kermit popped up, "euh"
Williams Mendez
Williams Mendez 13 dagar sedan
celine dion and jennifer hudson????
RetroSynergy 13 dagar sedan
I’m upset you didn’t cover the MJ parodies...
Deus Vult 1095
Deus Vult 1095 13 dagar sedan
Dude grow up who cares what you think, you are a bragger!
Ricardo Mota
Ricardo Mota 14 dagar sedan
Whitney at this points was already struggling with her voice in the higher register.
Ricardo Mota
Ricardo Mota 14 dagar sedan
AHAHAH of course Leona Lewis was nervous. She was a contestant on X-Factor in that video.
Vincent Larrie Moldez
Vincent Larrie Moldez 14 dagar sedan
There's a version of Jessica Sanchez too
bluekeyz 14 dagar sedan
Pretty sure this is when Whitney got bad she is acting 100% strung out which is very unfortunate
Phillie 14 dagar sedan
Roomie the whole video “umgh 😤”
Eliki Waqalevu
Eliki Waqalevu 14 dagar sedan
And whitney's as well. Very powerful and breathtaking. God bless.
Eliki Waqalevu
Eliki Waqalevu 14 dagar sedan
I love dolly's version. She has the best version so far, its very real, the emotions, the true story behind the song. Love, love, love this version of hers.❤❤❤
Tati Sg
Tati Sg 14 dagar sedan
Jessie J 💞❣️❤️
Yusuf Gazi
Yusuf Gazi 14 dagar sedan
A lot were probably missed
ADemonWithin 14 dagar sedan
Dolly will always be my favorite. She just brings me to tears in ways nobody else can
Lia great
Lia great 15 dagar sedan
For me it’s clearly Whitney Houston !!!!Her power and emotion is everything for me, I love her sooo much On the second of course the original from dolly
Helen Mary
Helen Mary 15 dagar sedan
Dolly Parton version makes me tear up everytime 🥺
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith 15 dagar sedan
I think leona did a great job, she might not have been on point through it all but she can sing!
JennyApostolos 15 dagar sedan
next video request: "Inappropriate songs to play at a funeral."
Saixisa 15 dagar sedan
Did you know Jessie J was super sick when she did her version?🤯🤯
Devil Bird
Devil Bird 15 dagar sedan
Everyone is saying Dolly Parton, but many of you barely even knew it was her song originally. That speaks volumes. But of course everyone wants to pretend they are deep and different now
Devil Bird
Devil Bird 13 dagar sedan
@Brian Tomkins Yes. Says me.
Brian Tomkins
Brian Tomkins 13 dagar sedan
LOL says you.
Ericka Murray
Ericka Murray 15 dagar sedan
Alot of people really didn't like Christina Aguilera singing this from what I've read
Johnathan Rhoades
Johnathan Rhoades 15 dagar sedan
Whitney Houston gave me chills from the start. Everyone was good, and Dolly wrote a good song, but it's hard to compete with Whitney Houston.
Mark Roberts
Mark Roberts 15 dagar sedan
If Joel didn’t stop singing every1 would have hearing aids ngl XD
Tori 15 dagar sedan
you should check out Ailee's cover as well
paras166 15 dagar sedan
Lol @you thinking Dolly doesn't have the technique of these other singers.
Mothball 15 dagar sedan
I agree, Jessie for sure
anb3rlyn 16 dagar sedan
How Many Kings-Marc Martel-"all for me, all for you"😁😍 Love Him!!! Went a tadbit off topic, sorry. Listening to Whitney gave me chills WOW! Dolly's version is so nice and breezy-it's actually my favorite.👍😊
Ericka Murray
Ericka Murray 16 dagar sedan
Loved when dolly Parton sang it in "best little whore house in Texas" !!!!
ki_xoxo11 16 dagar sedan
Do "i have nothing"
Nolan Byrne
Nolan Byrne 16 dagar sedan
When you run out of content
Zombi Magic
Zombi Magic 16 dagar sedan
Tbh this isn’t a fair performance of Whitney’s to use. This was after years of hard drug use that fucked her voice up
Lane R.
Lane R. 16 dagar sedan
Dolly did it best. Whitney did the best cover. Everyone else stretches stuff out and makes it nearly unrecognizable half the time. Very few of these did not overstylize it and ruin the song. Just sing the song. Stop screwing around with the oooooooooo and iiiiiiiiiiii junk.
H 16 dagar sedan
Linda Rondstadt???
M3 m3 m3
M3 m3 m3 16 dagar sedan
Martel is just a sick singer! That dude can sing ANYTHING! Not to mention he is accompanying himself on a guitar while all other are just competing in outsinging each other. I feel that Whitney ruined the song with endless runs, which everyone and her uncle is trying to this fay to outdo. Shame. Love Dolly’s version as well. It sounds very vulnerable and innocent.
SuperS07 17 dagar sedan
Taylor will never be on Dolly's level.
alex andra
alex andra 17 dagar sedan
Check out Marc, the only guy battling it out with the divas! Lol
Coyote rainfeather
Coyote rainfeather 3 dagar sedan
I wish he would have shown Chris Cornell's cover.
Quik N
Quik N 17 dagar sedan
OT, but some asshole uploaded Marc's version and named the video "Freddie Mercury I Will Always Love You" and turned off commenting.
DaniGoGodly 17 dagar sedan
At that point in Whitney's career, this was after her "comeback", and her voice was (for lack of a better word) damaged because of all the years of sniffy dust. So the long note she use to be able to execute, turned into what you just witnessed. Still beautiful none-the-less, but not with the power it could possess.
Sandyandi 17 dagar sedan
I love Dolly
ThatllShowEm 17 dagar sedan
All of these ladies are wonderful, but I can't help but be impressed when a guy sings this song. And Marc has got to be the best one I've heard.
artful stories
artful stories 17 dagar sedan
I enjoy Dolly Parton’s but Marc Martel is my favourite! I am biased, not gonna lie. I’ve never been a fan of singers who go on and on like the others do, but I make the exception for Marc here (which I always would, as his voice and persona is out of this world for me).
ThatllShowEm 17 dagar sedan
I'm partial to when he performs it live too... there's just a different energy when there's an audience compared to his studio video recording.
Sir Kay
Sir Kay 17 dagar sedan
There was a time that Whitney started to ruin her exceptional voice because of many things such as drugs etc and this performance belongs that era's first couple of years. I don't understand why Roomie chose Whitney's this particular bad performance to compare with the other artists' possible best performance. It's awkward.
artful stories
artful stories 17 dagar sedan
This wasn’t Marc Martel’s best performance, either. He sings it live, in front of an audience with more energy. Can’t speak for the others’ as I’m not as familiar with them.
_JPF_K-POP_LOVE_FOREVER_ 17 dagar sedan
Not me wanting to see Joels reaction when Ailee sang it. :D All of them were pretty good ;)
Jamie Shultz
Jamie Shultz 17 dagar sedan
SO glad Joel reminded Jessie of the word. That would have been awkward.
Muktha Krishna
Muktha Krishna 17 dagar sedan
Whitney ooof And ofc Jessie j too
Muktha Krishna
Muktha Krishna 17 dagar sedan
This is not Whitney's best performance rho
Wendy Gaspar
Wendy Gaspar 17 dagar sedan
A lot are imitating Whitney Houston.
Concerned Citizen
Concerned Citizen 17 dagar sedan
I agree that Dolly's was in a way just delivered, but if I recall correctly, it was a good-bye song to her producer, whom she'd been trying to get away from for a while. It was also in the context of a TV show of which that kind of storytelling delivery was endemic.
Allison Gardener
Allison Gardener 17 dagar sedan
Loved this concept you should do it with other songs too
Wesley Arnold
Wesley Arnold 17 dagar sedan
SIR! As the finest purveyor of informed pop music opinions on SEcycle, how is there SO LITTLE TORI KELLY?!
jimjimjimmy 17 dagar sedan
I wish they put Jordan Spark’s and Jeniffer Hudson’s version as well
Wildmieze 17 dagar sedan
I love the mayor to minor version by Chase Holfelder :)
collwyr 17 dagar sedan
Dolly Parton's version actually feels like a song, the problem I have with the rest although I guess I wouldn't call it a "problem" it's just I don't feel like they mean the words they sing? if that makes any sense, its like yeah they're amazing singers with crazy insane talent but the song they are singing doesn't feel like a song, Dolly's actually felt like a song. maybe its just me tho.
Lori Foxworth
Lori Foxworth 17 dagar sedan
Jennifer Hudson when she channeled Whitney. Hands down the best version.
nooramka 18 dagar sedan
Anyone else, who loves Amber Riley's version? 💕
Parre morgan
Parre morgan 18 dagar sedan
Every person on this is incredibly talented, but dolly Parton just makes me cry, with her version I feel like I lost the love of my life.
🕊➿ja.m°ie➿🕊 18 dagar sedan
The fact that people in the comments are trying to tell themselves whitneys version isn't the best
Lapin Logic
Lapin Logic 18 dagar sedan
Leona Lewis was the only bad one. Dolly is unique and the rest were channelling Whitney in a good way
Samantha Warnes
Samantha Warnes 18 dagar sedan
Dolly Parton of course seeming as it's her song 🎵❤
alanssnackbar v2.0
alanssnackbar v2.0 18 dagar sedan
Day 38 of asking Joel to react to TheFatRat
alanssnackbar v2.0
alanssnackbar v2.0 18 dagar sedan
Day 91 of asking Joel to react to AJR
GameHunter115 18 dagar sedan
Christina, imo
Steven Listerfield R Kharkongor
Steven Listerfield R Kharkongor 18 dagar sedan
Whitney gave me goosebumps 😱😱💥💥
Jon Camp
Jon Camp 18 dagar sedan
You didn't have Sohyang's cover as part of this? :O
The Sea Of Thy Soul
The Sea Of Thy Soul 18 dagar sedan
SoHyang’s version - she’s probably done one, it’s her schtick. She’s far beyond anyone else living.
Møhãmmêd Faisal
Møhãmmêd Faisal 18 dagar sedan
Please react to Who sang it better Astronaut in the ocean
Chuck Chuck Plays 200 IQ
Chuck Chuck Plays 200 IQ 18 dagar sedan
In middle of song I heard KGF ad - Kya chahiye re tereko 😂
Jack Bobson Official
Jack Bobson Official 18 dagar sedan
Jontron anyone?
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