Top 100 Most Popular Summer Songs of All Time!

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These songs really gave me the SUMMER VIBES!!

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Top 100 Most Popular Summer Songs of All Time!

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BublyBee 5 dagar sedan
have you ever had time when your in gym and this one song comes on and it makes you feel like your in the movies like the main character in the movie
Arme yo
Arme yo 6 dagar sedan
Calvin Harris - Summer is the best summer song Change my mind
Easton Zak
Easton Zak 8 dagar sedan
Happy is the best
B 8 dagar sedan
Katy Perry is queen of summer songs!!
HallowJack0 7
HallowJack0 7 9 dagar sedan
Can we just appreciate that Joel creat 420 bajillion clones
Helga Fátima Miranda Pessoa
Helga Fátima Miranda Pessoa 9 dagar sedan
Big summer hit with big summer vibe: Lost Frequencies feat. Janieck Devy, "Reality". Am I right? Who agrees with me?
Tony Jhonson
Tony Jhonson 10 dagar sedan
Mutella C
Mutella C 10 dagar sedan
does anyone else realize that Rihanna kinda looks like maze(Lucifer) in the music video of can't remember to forget you
Michael McAndrew
Michael McAndrew 10 dagar sedan
Monsterplays 12 dagar sedan
I mean..... I like "On The Floor" (I lost need to alot of songs when I was a kid, such as rain over me etc.) am I the only one?
Sewar Alsroji
Sewar Alsroji 12 dagar sedan
Idk what you mean about story of my life, like I'm ready to fight if you say it sucks 🙂😂😂😂
Drakoblu 13 dagar sedan
imo ppl are mostly not looking for lyrics in the summer and just wanting the good vibes
Kavin Bala
Kavin Bala 13 dagar sedan
despacito having nearly 7 bil views would mean something much greater if it weren't for everyone listening to that song 100 times
RM's Dimples
RM's Dimples 14 dagar sedan
There's so much Ariana Grande **ignores Nicki being featured in almost every song throughout the video**
S P 15 dagar sedan
Blueberry faygo
Dejvix 15 dagar sedan
They forget about ,,Whistle,, by Florida.
Amon Reis
Amon Reis 15 dagar sedan
I love how there's only two languages that can be on thoses lists: english and spanish. I mean... BTS have Dynamite and Boy With Luv, both with more than 1 billion views. Also, there's a couple of brazilian songs that became international hits (even tho I don't like them), like Bum Bum Tam Tam and Ai Se Eu Te Pego. And also: Katy Perry is a summer hit-maker, for sure!
Not quite my tempo
Not quite my tempo 15 dagar sedan
Oh, Jesus, there was a period when you just could not escape Ai Se Eu Te Pego, they played it freaking everywhere all the time.
•Mika Chan•
•Mika Chan• 16 dagar sedan
Wait my dad loves dilemma and i heard it when i was in my car- .w.
Nandini Prakash
Nandini Prakash 16 dagar sedan
Joel: A lot of female singers so far Me: We've only been through _2_ songs
Zeynep Boyacıoğlu
Zeynep Boyacıoğlu 16 dagar sedan
The 3rd song playing Joel: A lot of female singers so far
LVPI TV 16 dagar sedan
Where's Nicki Minaj Super basss and starship 😀
Pablo Garcia sanz
Pablo Garcia sanz 16 dagar sedan
Where the fuck is roar by Katy Perry?!?!
Arkar Khant
Arkar Khant 16 dagar sedan
She is Queen of summer
Caroline Roper
Caroline Roper 17 dagar sedan
Where was cake by the ocean??
Fra nk
Fra nk 17 dagar sedan
Katy Perry the queen of summer anthems
Arkar Khant
Arkar Khant 16 dagar sedan
Andee _
Andee _ 17 dagar sedan
the way he said "i'm a firework" has me ROLLING
Grumosa 069
Grumosa 069 17 dagar sedan
Katy Perry is an underrated legend and deserves way more respect than what she gets
• Sleepless •
• Sleepless • 17 dagar sedan
I don’t think Joel realises this, but he’s makings everyone’s quarantine 1000% better
Lewis Perry
Lewis Perry 17 dagar sedan
Katy Perry queen of summer BOPS 💜
Arkar Khant
Arkar Khant 16 dagar sedan
Lewis Perry
Lewis Perry 17 dagar sedan
Katy Perry the queen 👑👑
Andrew Camberos-Gomez
Andrew Camberos-Gomez 17 dagar sedan
Don’t you worry child by Swedish House Mafia was a big vibe
KT Amazing
KT Amazing 18 dagar sedan
Songs with attitude and a bit of a Spanish vibe just make you think of beaches and warm clear nights Having said that, my fav summer song is Shotgun by George Ezra 🌞
Isa Draven
Isa Draven 19 dagar sedan
Paradisio’s song Bailando will always remind be of summer cause the travelling amusement park (or whatever you wanna call it) Axel’s Tivoli here in Sweden ALWAYS played it.
JennyApostolos 19 dagar sedan
next video request: "Inappropriate songs to play at a funeral."
Siya Dlomo
Siya Dlomo 19 dagar sedan
I like how you agree with me that baby is the best song ever
The Javier Arrieta Channel
The Javier Arrieta Channel 19 dagar sedan
No. We latinos don't think the same of of English music. In fact regueaton sounds similar to us. Is not only you.
Declan O'Connell
Declan O'Connell 19 dagar sedan
Theresa Garza
Theresa Garza 19 dagar sedan
I honestly thought I Like Me Better was gonna be on here
Rayshoune Cooke
Rayshoune Cooke 19 dagar sedan
No you won't believe it I want you to go on your computer search despacito and on another tab do English is translating and then copy and paste each line
Gigi González
Gigi González 20 dagar sedan
con calma is guilty pleasure ngl xd
Lumarzena 20 dagar sedan
There is so much Justin Bieber-
daniel schröder
daniel schröder 20 dagar sedan
Another point to the list: Max Martin
Noel Kapp
Noel Kapp 20 dagar sedan
Me in Australia where my state has snow for the first time in my life. It's cold for us (by cold I mean 5 degrees Celsius. No lower that's to northern hemisphere)
Chanchal Chowdhury
Chanchal Chowdhury 20 dagar sedan
12:26 Skrillex is the best He's the best Dubstep King III
Chanchal Chowdhury
Chanchal Chowdhury 20 dagar sedan
Is it just me who cringes over Despacito?
Chanchal Chowdhury
Chanchal Chowdhury 20 dagar sedan
10:31 ...... Seriously Well I love your song❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Chanchal Chowdhury
Chanchal Chowdhury 20 dagar sedan
J Balvin songs are great tho
Chanchal Chowdhury
Chanchal Chowdhury 20 dagar sedan
7:20 my fav ... But, Joel's reaction is epic
Jake Sinclair
Jake Sinclair 21 dag sedan
I love how they censor the cursing but most of Joel's video get copyrighted, so he doesn't get any money both ways
Summer Honesto
Summer Honesto 21 dag sedan
You should react to some Chino y Nacho
Frederik paijan
Frederik paijan 21 dag sedan
What about here comes the Sun ;(
Aditi Gurung
Aditi Gurung 21 dag sedan
Every time When the dance monkey comes Joels interest drops ever damn time 🤣
Vixxard 21 dag sedan
were this list made by a 16 year old girl?
Matthew Green
Matthew Green 22 dagar sedan
I hate dance monkey
Matthew Green
Matthew Green 22 dagar sedan
Love the locked away spng
Matthew Green
Matthew Green 22 dagar sedan
Love the locked away spng
Salta maica
Salta maica 22 dagar sedan
Summer songs is like have a lot of colors I mean fresh colors
Annie 2008
Annie 2008 22 dagar sedan
Me: even hearing christmas songs in summer😂
Aiman Kamiri
Aiman Kamiri 22 dagar sedan
You forgot one more thing : Very catchy hooks and bridges
morninglight25 22 dagar sedan
07:52 as someone who speaks English as a second language I relate so much! I get surprised with what the lyrics actually are sometimes.
AmusedOrange 22 dagar sedan
Most of them have like 95% likes and then when it drops to Bieber it’s like 85-80%
A Jayroe
A Jayroe 23 dagar sedan
Will Smith Summertime #1
LordRoboter 20000
LordRoboter 20000 23 dagar sedan
It's pretty stupid that despacito is going to have more clicks than people live on earth soon...😂😂😂
seal869 23 dagar sedan
“As a Swede , I kinda dgaf about English lyrics.”
seal869 23 dagar sedan
Dunno like a third of these, another third I’ve heard a thousand times but was surprised to see who does them. I would say a lot of the collabs are surprising but when you’re basically a vessel for someone else’s songwriting and production, all that matters is your clout.
Gamer God
Gamer God 23 dagar sedan
Wow senorita wasn't there.
helen 23 dagar sedan
wait a minute. was california girls by katy perry not on this list? impossible. i hear that ALL THE TIME in the summertime
Barb Exotic
Barb Exotic 23 dagar sedan
I literally can’t get over how much I love summer just because all the Pop music is BLASTED on the radios lmao
Barb Exotic
Barb Exotic 23 dagar sedan
**nostalgic crying**
Balke 23 dagar sedan
Is it just me or everyone thinks fireworks is by Miley cyrus
Stasy N
Stasy N 23 dagar sedan
I think it's time to create "cheesy merch"
nzo 24 dagar sedan
Honorable mention: Slide - Calvin Harris feat. Frank Ocean & Migos
Swesz Laserboy
Swesz Laserboy 24 dagar sedan
Dumber in the summer sounds like a great title.....
DD Don
DD Don 24 dagar sedan
Justin Bieber another female singer 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kriti Ka
Kriti Ka 24 dagar sedan
after we put Mariah Carey back in her Box past Christmas we start digging out Katy Perry again
Ame 24 dagar sedan
Joeeel, you need to listen more to the newest Katy Perry's music, it's majesticccc!
Shaliek 24 dagar sedan
"I'm a firework? That's awesome."
Shaliek 24 dagar sedan
"That's beautiful; I love that horse" we stan
yoonbum's ankles
yoonbum's ankles 25 dagar sedan
5:49 the disappointment in his voice lmaoo
Maahi Takkar
Maahi Takkar 25 dagar sedan
kinda wanted "no tears left to cry" and "teenage dream" there
Gigi Thomas
Gigi Thomas 25 dagar sedan
Pitbull is underated he has a ton of good songs like... 1. Give Me Everything 2. On the Floor 3. International Love 4. Timber 5. DJ got us fallen in love again 6. Feel this Moment 7. We are one 8. Dance Again 9. Rain over me and many others Fun fact Pitbull has 3 songs with more than a billion views and he so many with over 500 million. Plus he has a networth of 100 Million dollars.
— f o x —
— f o x — 25 dagar sedan
I love how 1D was there
Mithran 25 dagar sedan
People : Look at the girls Roomie : Look at the horse
chewiethegreat 25 dagar sedan
Did anyone like me just know despacito would get first? Lol I just had a gut feeling.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 25 dagar sedan
My heart allways skips a beat when i see one direction in videos geez
Cleanly Memer likes ducks
Cleanly Memer likes ducks 25 dagar sedan
roomie dance monkey is the sound track of last year Bliding lights am i a joke to you
bella Peaches
bella Peaches 25 dagar sedan
Songs in the summer just hit different yk
RubixNoob OP
RubixNoob OP 26 dagar sedan
Why isn’t Watermelon Sugar on here.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 25 dagar sedan
Pk Jaat
Pk Jaat 26 dagar sedan
Taylor swift is a queen 👸😍
Lewis Perry
Lewis Perry 17 dagar sedan
Katy Perry >>
THEDN444 YT 26 dagar sedan
I forgot about locked away
Katy Lyric tr
Katy Lyric tr 26 dagar sedan
This how we do top20
Khushi Raste [Borivali]
Khushi Raste [Borivali] 26 dagar sedan
4:14 - Corpse husband flashbacks*
Thomas and Jessica’s world
Thomas and Jessica’s world 26 dagar sedan
Budgii Smudgii
Budgii Smudgii 26 dagar sedan
5:15 Kitty Perry?
Annie Plantin
Annie Plantin 26 dagar sedan
Jag har lyssnat en hel del till Just for you senaste veckan. Jag tycker den är grym!! Är så glad att jag gillar den. Tittar en hel del på dina videos och hade den där känslan man har när ens unge ska visa något de gjort..... du vet när man är förberedd på att säga ”Nämen, vad fiiiin!”. 😅 Men inga cringe-känslor alls, den är hur bra som helst! Tempot är grymt, texten är intressant och din röst har nog aldrig låtit bättre! Tack!
TA 26 dagar sedan
That Enrique Iglesias song was amazing!!😋😋
Dar- 26 dagar sedan
I'm just here to find catchy song to vibe to
Jadyn Neal
Jadyn Neal 26 dagar sedan
Fun fact: Blackbear, the creator of hit songs Hot Girl Bummer, Queen of Broken Hearts, Idfc, Do Re Mi and Dirty Laundry, co-wrote Boyfriend by Justin Bieber
ThatGirlIsAwkward 26 dagar sedan
I LOVE Jason Derulo, talented, attractive to boot (🤣) BUT Swalla is the STUPIDEST shit I've ever heard. I'd still like to know why it exists
bixbaxbanibu 27 dagar sedan
Where the hell is Counting Stars?
Pandy Lol
Pandy Lol 27 dagar sedan
Petition for Joel to review reggaeton (but the actual good songs, the most loved songs(?) or review Shakira or Daddy Yankee cuz idk why but I want him to review our most popular songs lol it would be amazing. greetings from Ecuador :)
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