Songwriter Ranks the 2021 Eurovision Songs

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Songwriter Ranks the 2021 Eurovision Songs

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Sheyn 38 minuter sedan
So basically, you just like American pop?you know what's the point in Eurovision? It's songs from EUROPE. and people send different diverse songs that fit their culture. If you want pop just go listen to pop, there's nothing bad with that, but why the f did you decide to judge those songs with your very very very very basic music taste and little to no knowledge about Eurovision and the countries?
Lukas IH
Lukas IH 41 minut sedan
As a swede to a swede I am doubting your Swedish taste in music and how could u. U traitor, NORWAY?!
Jessie Sntg
Jessie Sntg 48 minuter sedan
I absolutely love maneskin and Damiano but NIRVANA vibes???? DUDE NOOOO!!!!
Jessie Sntg
Jessie Sntg 57 minuter sedan
You lost my interest at complaining about kateryna's BEAUTIFUL voice. Annyoing really? Glad we're keeping this from Americans
Riccardo Montorzi
Riccardo Montorzi Timme sedan
Sa' 'na sega te! ;-)
Irina Vlaisavljević
Irina Vlaisavljević Timme sedan
Itali Are cool
Elena Gotic
Elena Gotic 2 timmar sedan
Maca494 2 timmar sedan
"probably the worst one so far" televote: famous last words, joel "iceland has a 4% chance" *iceland coming to murder by being n1 televote for a lil bit right after finland and ukraine*. yeah, the experts really dont know their audience
Em L
Em L 3 timmar sedan
I live in Sweden
Antonino Giarratana
Antonino Giarratana 3 timmar sedan
Se metti 7 ai maneskin tu dovresti farti vedere da uno bravo.
SilverFox 3 timmar sedan
K-K T-M 3 timmar sedan
Lol italy won
Orphan 5 timmar sedan
My God yall so toxic, its his opinion just respect that 😂
Kristin Uhtegi
Kristin Uhtegi 6 timmar sedan
Americans have less american reviews of esc than Roomie
Orestis Chatz9
Orestis Chatz9 6 timmar sedan
Greece's song was on 10 place at the grand final and you must see when she sings on the stages to she the effec
LJ RSG 9 timmar sedan
eurovision is not weird or uncomfortable ITS JUST HOW EUROVISION IS and its NOT GARBAGE
Nicolò 9 timmar sedan
Bogdan Rogozianu
Bogdan Rogozianu 11 timmar sedan
Alright, thankfully I read the comments and didn't watch more than 2 minutes of this video. Not wasting my brain cells this time, just disliking and moving on with my day. 👋
TTG_ Dav
TTG_ Dav 11 timmar sedan
Italy wooon
oganj 535
oganj 535 11 timmar sedan
a congrads itali the winer
gekid aka Gregory
gekid aka Gregory 13 timmar sedan
It's just like asking "why are there kids on playground?" What do you expect from Europe? To sound like typical American song?
MTS_warrior 14 timmar sedan
listen ukraine again d
Holly Jones
Holly Jones 14 timmar sedan
i really don’t think any european is trying to be american. i think quite the opposite actually. also i hate it when people say that eurovision is also about politics. yes that does factor in but it really doesn’t affect the winner. if you have a good song and good staging you will do well. simple.
Brandon Hanaway
Brandon Hanaway 17 timmar sedan
Guys calm down he can have is own opinion you don’t have to agree with him damn
Haziq Dinie
Haziq Dinie 17 timmar sedan
I must say...u got a lot of hate comment...but i think it good for you
Guy from tiktok
Guy from tiktok 19 timmar sedan
Me waiting for finland👀
Roxanne Gooderick
Roxanne Gooderick 23 timmar sedan
I forgot that Sweden was in the final that's how bad Sweden was to me
Lejla Mehmedovic
Lejla Mehmedovic Dag sedan
What a nice, charming guy. Not shallow at all. Especially at the end of the video.
sceptix 64
sceptix 64 Dag sedan
Why 6 to greece
Lejla Mehmedovic
Lejla Mehmedovic Dag sedan
I don't understand his taste of music at all. Ukraine's song is so unique! I am obsessed with it for daaaays.
MuseFan2000 Dag sedan
wtf my dude
Jhun TJ
Jhun TJ Dag sedan
Roomie, I love your videos, but this video is not it...?
Hamlet Simonyan
Hamlet Simonyan Dag sedan
this video is discriminative garbage
julie hansen
julie hansen Dag sedan
Oh how i love the editoring in this video. 10 out of 10.
Kommentarschreiber Dag sedan
Generic Pop Fan Ranks the Eurovision 2021 Songs *
Mia Dudášová
Mia Dudášová Dag sedan
i dont i think i have ever seen a musician with such a limited view on music
DoodlerBox Dag sedan
If you wanna hear russian rap give *my head is spinning like a screw* a listen
Julie Van der Hoeven
Julie Van der Hoeven Dag sedan
This year was the songfestifal in my country!! The netherlands winning in 2019. And the song Last Dance was singing with a netherland singer!
soleysiberia Dag sedan
I'm sorry, did he just dislike songs for not being bland and generic enough?
i might be a human idk
i might be a human idk 3 timmar sedan
looks like it
ESC Nikolai
ESC Nikolai Dag sedan
"eurovision is pretty much garbage every year" he has become an annoying american
Sammy The Umbreon
Sammy The Umbreon Dag sedan
Welcome to: comment section flips out over opinions while using Americans as a mesurement (Literally all of his ratings are above 5 guys-)
Sammy The Umbreon
Sammy The Umbreon 11 timmar sedan
@Mysteries of gaming I never said people aren't allowed to make fun of it, it's just funny to see people rage over opinion. (I enjoyed eurovision too)
Mysteries of gaming
Mysteries of gaming 12 timmar sedan
he literally called eurovision garbage my gay. People are allowed to make fun of his taste (which are bad)
Chester Reyes
Chester Reyes Dag sedan
Another reason to hate americans
Nikoletta Vassiliou
Nikoletta Vassiliou Dag sedan
I can't believe I gave a view to this disrespectful man
Grazia Inghilleri
Grazia Inghilleri Dag sedan
Abbiamo vinto noiiiiiii
Grazia Inghilleri
Grazia Inghilleri Dag sedan
but with what criteria do you assign points? ask for a friend 😐
Davyboi_2705 Dag sedan
The Italy one is my favorite singer Checkout Maneskin ‘I wanna be your slave’
Marco Kingscott
Marco Kingscott Dag sedan
We didn't have Eurovision for 2 years and this what Lithuania cames up with
Stephen Wells
Stephen Wells Dag sedan
Why is everybody bullying American music? Isn't it the most popular music in the world?!?!
cars Dag sedan
Britta Raffenberg
Britta Raffenberg Dag sedan
In San Marino is later a Rapper in the Song Flo rida
Mimi Rose
Mimi Rose Dag sedan
Why is everyone hating on him? It was his opinions and just for fun, he wasn't deeply analysing every song damn
i might be a human idk
i might be a human idk 3 timmar sedan
are you european? would you know how it feels for him to be disrespecting every song thats original. he has the taste of a white american 14-year-old girl
Oskar L
Oskar L Dag sedan
Italy won but i really like the swenish song and i am from sweden too!
Ytp Abuser
Ytp Abuser Dag sedan
You know, you should listen to a songwriter's opinion about songs if he himself is capable of writing songs
Mao Mao
Mao Mao Dag sedan
I was a avid watcher of Rommies videos, but latelly I find it hard to watch bc it just seems like he is so bias, almost brainwatched by US artists/music or like the general pop wave that everything else is "weird" just bc it's different, when he was rating Ukraine i keep thinking, you can tell when someone is bland white and not spicy white, even tho he is from Europe and Sweden knowing that there are lots of folk musicians or folk sounds that inspire a lot of songs. It is also dissapointing as someone who call himself a musician
Struggling Human
Struggling Human Dag sedan
that's what makes me most confused, HE IS SWEDISH wth
B M Dag sedan
Omg yhh
Josh1234 JJD
Josh1234 JJD Dag sedan
Roomie: Some countries hate each other UK: we know
JustLookingAround Dag sedan
I love how the comment section is filled with annoyed or just angry people. I'm going to say his views were definitely not right but there really is no need to just shame a guy for something he didn't understand as well compared to you?
Emilie Wiese
Emilie Wiese 2 dagar sedan
Whaaaat “garbage”? And Sweden is always good! How. could. he. possibly. say. that. I am outraged nowwwww
Emilie Wiese
Emilie Wiese 2 dagar sedan
He offended me in all ways possible How could he rate all these masterpieces so low and be so disrespectful in his comments???
Max 2 dagar sedan
Ittaly won the whole thing
CraigtheDog :3
CraigtheDog :3 2 dagar sedan
What happened to UK like I know it wasn’t good but…
Jada Rosalina
Jada Rosalina 2 dagar sedan
Your music taste is boring the song of tusse wasnt boring
ベラVera 2 dagar sedan
roomie: *giving a 8.5 to norway* me: "ok..? so he's nice in the juding" also roomie: *giving ukraine 6.5 and italy a 7* also me: "C'MON MAN"
ingrid meli
ingrid meli 2 dagar sedan
Italy won
txtlvr 2 dagar sedan
roomie: doesn't like shum me: n i took that personally
Struggling Human
Struggling Human Dag sedan
ikr how can you not like shum, i know 0 ukranian but that song is a vibe
isabel hoch
isabel hoch 2 dagar sedan
where’s germany?? can’t believe you didn’t include them just cuz they got second to last 😔✌🏼
Sebastian Haugeberg Veire
Sebastian Haugeberg Veire 2 dagar sedan
I am from norway🇳🇴😜😎😈🍫
Akhilesh 2 dagar sedan
SEcycle should give us an option to do more than just dislike
Sasha 2 dagar sedan
God damn, called Ukraine "the worst you've seen so far" smh...
Akhilesh 2 dagar sedan
14:36 I don't really believe in your taste
Ale 2 dagar sedan
Metti like se sei italiano🇮🇹🇮🇹❤
Miljan Trajkovic
Miljan Trajkovic 2 dagar sedan
I lost respect for him, so dissapointed
Morgana Ilmirak
Morgana Ilmirak 2 dagar sedan
This guy calls himself songwriter but has no idea about music world ? Variety of music styles? Singing styles? And he doesn’t have any knowledge about Eurovision and its background and purpose? You just insulted a culture and it’s so disrespectful. I hate how most Americans treat Europe as an exotic place. America is America because all your ancestors moved from Europe. Now you’re butchering your history? Typical ignorance. It’s just annoying.
Ella Kettunen
Ella Kettunen Dag sedan
The worst part is that he is Swedish himself.
Asphagen 2 dagar sedan
Joel i really love how analytical you are, bringing up points about the song i would have never thought of.
Melisa Hadzibulic
Melisa Hadzibulic 2 dagar sedan
Sésiel Masselink
Sésiel Masselink 2 dagar sedan
Natalie Woolf
Natalie Woolf 2 dagar sedan
How. The. Actual. Hell. Did. You. Like. Norway’s. Song. More. Than. Iceland’s.? H O W???!
Phil Birch
Phil Birch 2 dagar sedan
Shum slender 😡😡😡😡😡😡
Martin Andrei
Martin Andrei 2 dagar sedan
I'm sorry, but if you made a joke about Roomania, at least give a listen to the Romanian entry. At least out of solidarity, the girl has Lyme disease and the choregraphs made her sing and do a complicated choreography at the same time :c
Sofia Ensberg
Sofia Ensberg 2 dagar sedan
Pewdiepie. Leaving it there
Kruno 2 dagar sedan
Generic Cyprus pop better than Switzerland or France... great, nice... This man has my 13yo daugther taste in music :)
Andrea Reali
Andrea Reali 2 dagar sedan
"Eurovision is garbage" How to be hated in the whole Europe 101
Daniel López
Daniel López 3 dagar sedan
Electro 3 dagar sedan
I have legit watched this vid 3 times, why? Oh i don't know...
marko barbaric
marko barbaric 3 dagar sedan
He rly wants that American passport you know
marko barbaric
marko barbaric 3 dagar sedan
The point is to present your country and culture ya know
Alonso K
Alonso K 3 dagar sedan
You did not just call all those songs garbage because its so european? 😅 Are you trying to be cool in front of your american friends or what?! lol
ded child
ded child 3 dagar sedan
now im not a big pop fan but I FUCKING LOVE EL DIABLO my music teacher played it in class today and i was just vibing my ass off whilst the class was looking at me like im insane
Michele Petrella
Michele Petrella 3 dagar sedan
I really think you have very bad taste in music and you don't understand what high-quality music is.
Remis 3 dagar sedan
Lithuania is my country the roop
Toinen Osoite
Toinen Osoite 3 dagar sedan
Vet du vad - du har skit känsla för vad som är bra... Och ännu sämre känsla för vad som "vinner". Undrar varför du är här och tror dig vara expert?
Alfred Jordan
Alfred Jordan 3 dagar sedan
I like roomie don't get me wrong, but this might be the worst video i have ever watched
Ilaria 3 dagar sedan
the italian song is the best. yes is my home country but seriosly is the best
Riccardo Mazzaro
Riccardo Mazzaro 3 dagar sedan
Honestly, he lost me when he disrespected Go_A. Shum is one of the best things to ever come out of Eurovision.
Roello The maverick
Roello The maverick 3 dagar sedan
The netherlands
Lena Djordjevic
Lena Djordjevic 3 dagar sedan
He dident react to serbia
Alex E.
Alex E. 3 dagar sedan
It is your opinion but there are ways to state your opinion without being disrespectful. Maybe try to research and learn before bashing on other peoples culture!
Fresh Pineeapple
Fresh Pineeapple 3 dagar sedan
My likeing Cyprus song and Sweden.
ThirtyTwoVids 3 dagar sedan
nuuu why did he hate greece rip
Viola Lindström
Viola Lindström 3 dagar sedan
He literally thought all the bad songs were good and the good ones were bad.
Jan Willem De Waard
Jan Willem De Waard 3 dagar sedan
How can a musician suck this much at music
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