Songs you can't NOT sing along to #3

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Listen to Lil Pitchy's new song "Just For You":

It's literally IMPOSSIBLE not to sing along!!

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Songs you CAN'T not sing along to #3

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NikgamingDK 28 minuter sedan
16:50 idk how many times but its like 100+ plus times and im 14 soo yeah
SlimyTiny 37 minuter sedan
Me and the boyz in class singing nggyu
Ben Morgan
Ben Morgan 7 timmar sedan
Michael Jackson voice and Timberlake still give me chills. Them guys can sing! I try to get it. Nothing like trying.
Lil WiiGii
Lil WiiGii 13 timmar sedan
for fishjelly ,i rest my case
Landon 16 timmar sedan
hayden c
hayden c 19 timmar sedan
Jupiter 20 timmar sedan
Admit it... you got rickroll’d too
Glem 21 timme sedan
First one looks sooo olddd
Nerd Photoshop
Nerd Photoshop 23 timmar sedan
1:52 that was sooooooo autotuned lmao
Cosmo sloth
Cosmo sloth Dag sedan
Never gonna give you up never gonna let you down
Cosmo sloth
Cosmo sloth Dag sedan
I love the real one not the meme one
Cosmo sloth
Cosmo sloth Dag sedan
I love Rick astley
Cosmo sloth
Cosmo sloth Dag sedan
Fun fact: whitney Houston did drugs then she got into a bath in the bath she drowned so her two girls did the same but in a diffrent bath.
Cosmo sloth
Cosmo sloth Dag sedan
It’s true
Metal Monkey
Metal Monkey Dag sedan
I was sick to death of Bryan Adams - Everything I Do..... back in the 90's but I like it now. I can't stand Pretty Fly for a white guy, that's my least favourite Offspring song
Kasidee Dunn
Kasidee Dunn Dag sedan
I will always duck you mishear lyrics
Kasidee Dunn
Kasidee Dunn Dag sedan
I'm funny
Larkspur Playz
Larkspur Playz Dag sedan
Ironically, we're exactly alike when it comes to music
Flynn Augustine
Flynn Augustine Dag sedan
I had to dance to bye bye bye in a production
69 Dag sedan
11:01 2 memes in a single frame -Rickroll -E
Cecelia Hutchinson
Cecelia Hutchinson Dag sedan
ok but where is BAD ROMANCE
Mimzy TV
Mimzy TV Dag sedan
Are you lil pitchy?? 🔥🔥✊🏿
Christopher Salustri
Christopher Salustri Dag sedan
1:55 Just causally sings Viva La Vida after saying it doesn't always work
BEMANATOR 15 2 dagar sedan
The fact roomie not knowing that abba is Swedish
Atrisa UwU
Atrisa UwU 2 dagar sedan
Best meme song:I'm blue. :v
Logan Moore
Logan Moore 2 dagar sedan
I could not handle not singing along to bye bye bye
Winchester Chua
Winchester Chua 2 dagar sedan
Kellan Korenko, Youth Hunter
Kellan Korenko, Youth Hunter 2 dagar sedan
"Pretty Woman, kinda smells like beef. Pretty Woman, smells like Arby's." Only the real ones know
Sandeep Patil
Sandeep Patil 2 dagar sedan
Roomie please make Spotify Playlists of your videos
shadowXXe 2 dagar sedan
funfact dirty loops made the 2016 samsung ringtone
HydricHaz 3 dagar sedan
I think eye of the tiger came famous because of rocky
Andrew Rutherford
Andrew Rutherford 3 dagar sedan
(Only hit read more if you're a hockey fan.) When he said it's like a hockey choir my mind went to, OLE, OLE OLE OLEEEEE, OLEEEE OLEEEEEEEEE!
Kristol Abel
Kristol Abel 3 dagar sedan
I lost it at 10:27 😂
Levi Daniel
Levi Daniel 3 dagar sedan
Joel: Does an example of open vowels Me: that’s the one Coldplay song
Lucifer Morningstar
Lucifer Morningstar 3 dagar sedan
He always dose his intros like 4mins into the vid
telefon family
telefon family 3 dagar sedan
Im blue
Eden Davidson
Eden Davidson 3 dagar sedan
"i figured out how to write the best song ever" talent. talent my dude.
Comments Girl
Comments Girl 4 dagar sedan
Joel: Don’t say you’re being Rick Rolled- Me: *We’Re BeInG rIcK rOlLeD!*
Malachi 4 dagar sedan
OG Barney
OG Barney 4 dagar sedan
When I heard spin me right round I thought it was done for
Myracle Stuckey
Myracle Stuckey 4 dagar sedan
Ur voice sounds so good at singing and I love ur eyes I have never seen such beautiful blue eyes and happy pride month 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈😊😊
Courtney Ashton
Courtney Ashton 4 dagar sedan
Britney Spears looked like a total creepy DOLL
Courtney Ashton
Courtney Ashton 4 dagar sedan
Lionel Richie is so young i. Mean just look at him on American idol now
Christopher Lee
Christopher Lee 4 dagar sedan
And also it is called lip glos
Christopher Lee
Christopher Lee 4 dagar sedan
I did not sing to even sing to one of them. JOLE you are to poor for even three camras. Me thaut you always had only one.
Kevin Coughlin
Kevin Coughlin 4 dagar sedan
Whitney Houston gave me goosebumps
Raeganimations 4 dagar sedan
Heaven is a place on Earth, Welcome to Hell, Michigan
Vyan v
Vyan v 4 dagar sedan
All star is a good one too
Clarice Buril
Clarice Buril 4 dagar sedan
I’m confused do we sing or not
Space Fertilizer
Space Fertilizer 4 dagar sedan
take on me should be on there
Isa Wright
Isa Wright 4 dagar sedan
when i was like nine or ten i wrote a song that sounded like baby from justin beiber and when i heard it i was like "hey he stole my idea" lol
Umaiza Ali
Umaiza Ali 5 dagar sedan
Me “WHERE’S THE RICK ASTLEY IN THIS VIDEO!!!!!” Roomie: “LET’S GET RICK ‘N’ ROLLED” In like almost every video Me “LET’S GET RICK ‘N’ ROLLED” When the song comes on: Me “NEVER GONNA FORGET GETTING RICK ‘N’ ROLLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!” ME AND ROOMIE “LET’S GET RICKROLLED!!!!!!!”
Lydia Loenen
Lydia Loenen 5 dagar sedan
Couldn't resist singing :D
Rachel Knepper
Rachel Knepper 5 dagar sedan
Know almost all the songs and I am 11
QiQi Rabbit
QiQi Rabbit 5 dagar sedan
Joel pls do a vid of u reacting to Never Gonna Hit Those Notes
Junebug Electronic Music
Junebug Electronic Music 5 dagar sedan
Joels also probably the only youtuber who doesn't care about copyright strikes, lol.
TWILight 5 dagar sedan
All about that bass is just painful to listen to
bradster2214 5 dagar sedan
"damn thing gone wild" why did you censor "thing"?? tf? 8:50
Martin Hlebič
Martin Hlebič 6 dagar sedan
No queen
Somekind of Dude
Somekind of Dude 6 dagar sedan
It was a D5 not a D6. D6 is whistle.
Fake Movie Exploring!
Fake Movie Exploring! 6 dagar sedan
Me: *not singing along* My mom: *sings*
Lucille Sjoquist
Lucille Sjoquist 6 dagar sedan
Whitney Houston is my favorite singer
Fernie Edrian Vidal
Fernie Edrian Vidal 6 dagar sedan
Other Survivor hits: 1. Ever Since the World Began 2. Burning Heart (aka Eye of the Tiger 2.0) 3. Silver Girl
Gamer 718
Gamer 718 6 dagar sedan
Michael Jackson the LEGEND OF THE LEGENDS
I'm dogwater
I'm dogwater 6 dagar sedan
I'm 10 and I recognized 9 songs
Poison Bullet X.7
Poison Bullet X.7 6 dagar sedan
This makes no sense
MrLuffy 6 dagar sedan
10 copyright claims oh no
Afalti 6 dagar sedan
11:30 the last 2 weeks of school
Afalti 6 dagar sedan
11:00 we are being cultured music lovers, not rickroll victims
Veronica Lopez Figueroa
Veronica Lopez Figueroa 6 dagar sedan
Daddy yankee sings about gasoline but he means it in a sexual term aka innuendo
Veronica Lopez Figueroa
Veronica Lopez Figueroa 6 dagar sedan
Like your heart in the 80's vibe 😊😎😷
BublyBee 6 dagar sedan
in choir we sang apart of eye of the tiger
Rasmus Eliasson
Rasmus Eliasson 7 dagar sedan
Rick min favorit
Tracy Chamberlin
Tracy Chamberlin 7 dagar sedan
Honestly think just for you is a lil bit pitchy
Tracy Chamberlin
Tracy Chamberlin 7 dagar sedan
This is joke
Jessy Mathers
Jessy Mathers 7 dagar sedan
Roomie in some videos : please buy merch I’m saving up for rednex Roomie listening to rednex : ahh I can’t
Xx_Crystal amigos_xX
Xx_Crystal amigos_xX 7 dagar sedan
Rest in peace 🙏 🕊️ Micheal Jackson •ᴗ•♥
ghost ! `
ghost ! ` 7 dagar sedan
Okay but why did an ad about medicines pop up when joel cough-...
Hammie Hamster
Hammie Hamster 7 dagar sedan
When's the rickroll...
M Z 8 dagar sedan
M Z 8 dagar sedan
Cheyanne Burke
Cheyanne Burke 8 dagar sedan
Did you know that Macarena can also be a girl’s name?
Cheyanne Burke
Cheyanne Burke 8 dagar sedan
I can not help singing along to country music.
Maddison Nichols
Maddison Nichols 8 dagar sedan
At 14:01 it sounds like she is saying “you call me a banana”🤣😂🤣
Jace Katalakis
Jace Katalakis 8 dagar sedan
Stealth Rickroll /and/ it's fitting in the video? Well played. Well played
DERPNESS 2000 8 dagar sedan
“It’s not that hard to sing” casually hits a D6 *sweats in bass*
Todd Young
Todd Young 8 dagar sedan
I thiught milkshake was a HUGE meme!!
★enxara★ 8 dagar sedan
Me thinking that bye bye bye was by backstreet boys: 🧐 *googles*
Lone Wanderer
Lone Wanderer 8 dagar sedan
I'm surprised we will rock you wasn't on here or literally any queen song... Most of them makes you want to sing along
Lone Wanderer
Lone Wanderer 8 dagar sedan
Where is the legendary song £1.00 fish...
Braylon Epps
Braylon Epps 8 dagar sedan
I love dirty loops their awesome 👌 😎
Meedo Eheheh
Meedo Eheheh 8 dagar sedan
Why does all night long look like the set of finesse by Bruno Mars and cardi b
Eagle2628 Gamer
Eagle2628 Gamer 8 dagar sedan
Jade Cahill
Jade Cahill 9 dagar sedan
Rip that roomie ayyyyyy
avah's doggie channel
avah's doggie channel 9 dagar sedan
11:01 DoNT saY WerE GeTtinG RiCK rOLLEd😂😂😂😂😂
QueenEmmaAwesome 9 dagar sedan
wait.. hes married? wait.. hes from sweeden?
Eduardo Carrasquel
Eduardo Carrasquel 9 dagar sedan
Dirty Loops is amazing!
Jeffrey Haire
Jeffrey Haire 9 dagar sedan
Bro I had not heard his song until now and I knew every single word to it
Jeffrey Haire
Jeffrey Haire 9 dagar sedan
The first song you can’t not sing the bye bye bye part
Vince van der Scheer
Vince van der Scheer 9 dagar sedan
Cant not👍🏼
AidanPlayz 9 dagar sedan
9:23 such a show-off lol
Diamond_Ocelot6 9 dagar sedan
The Macarena isn't a song you can't NOT sing to... it's one you can't NOT *dance* to...
Cristina Estolano
Cristina Estolano 9 dagar sedan
Why is it that you do not like Justine T.?
honilock 9 dagar sedan
ABBA us the best band in history
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