songs that make you feel like the MAIN CHARACTER

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I feel like the MAIN CHARACTER in this thing called LIFE!

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songs that make you feel like the MAIN CHARACTER

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Dumb Luck
Dumb Luck 17 timmar sedan
If you want to feel good, listen to Morley Crue, Van Halen, or guns n roses
AveriStylus 2 dagar sedan
Your thumbnail is trending on my Twitter page
PIPED UP 2 dagar sedan
This is the worst thing I've actually ever seen please quit content forever I'm serious
Michael Then
Michael Then 5 dagar sedan
literally any of songs from doom vy mick
Fathima shihab
Fathima shihab 7 dagar sedan
I'm watching his videos back 💔miss you man
Isabella Niebuhr
Isabella Niebuhr 7 dagar sedan
the COIN song is actually called talk too much
Maximum Max
Maximum Max 9 dagar sedan
3:50 this is so sad :
Lilly 10 dagar sedan
SO what I'm hearing is you are gonna release Gotta Be Somebody as a slow version? LIT
Infamous_ Death
Infamous_ Death 11 dagar sedan
Next: Songs that make you feel like big pp energy
Clearly a KitKat
Clearly a KitKat 11 dagar sedan
How could anyone watching his videos not subscribe??? I will find them and steal their phone and subscribe to you if they don’t do it themselves. Or I might just kill them all idk
whitney pratt
whitney pratt 12 dagar sedan
The whole Olivia Rodrigo, SOUR album and old school Fiona Apple (Criminal and Shadowboxer) are great break-up anthems that let you fall into character pretty easily.
Sarah Holub
Sarah Holub 12 dagar sedan
Roomie how did u get so Beautiful😍😍😍😍
Ghost Gameplays
Ghost Gameplays 12 dagar sedan
M83 Midnight City is mine!
Hugo Rygaard Jensen
Hugo Rygaard Jensen 13 dagar sedan
Sweet child o mine is my go to MC song
SSJayX20 13 dagar sedan
I have a strong hate for “I need a dollar” it’s not a bad song or anything but every time I hear it all I think about is McDonald’s and I bloody hate McDonald’s
Francis Gerard Magtibay
Francis Gerard Magtibay 13 dagar sedan
Lazy Song by Bruno Mars, for when the main character is afk
Pascaru Adrian
Pascaru Adrian 14 dagar sedan
4:30 , am I the only one getting Undertale vibes?!
Yusuf Gazi
Yusuf Gazi 14 dagar sedan
7:30 RIP the legend Avicii
Yusuf Gazi
Yusuf Gazi 14 dagar sedan
Bad songs
Bishnu Dutta
Bishnu Dutta 15 dagar sedan
"Shreck Roomie doesn't exist, he can't hurt you" Shrek Roomie: excuse me, *eXcUSe mE*
Ant Eye
Ant Eye 15 dagar sedan
please “songs that make you feel like the villain” next that would be great
Courtney Helen
Courtney Helen 15 dagar sedan
All Time Low’s Weightless is the ultimate main character song! And I need that nickelback cover on Spotify like yesterday…
JennyApostolos 15 dagar sedan
next video request: "Inappropriate songs to play at a funeral."
pan banan
pan banan 16 dagar sedan
So from this video I now know that there is a band called The Vamps And there is The Weeknd And finally, there is also The Vampire Weekend
Guideehh S
Guideehh S 16 dagar sedan
Like 50% are fifa songs lmao 😂
Law of Sir Fig Newton
Law of Sir Fig Newton 16 dagar sedan
They picked the wrong Fitz and the Tantrums song
Anna Villadsen
Anna Villadsen 17 dagar sedan
I feel like chandelier is a song I listen to that makes me remember why i stay sober it makes me feel strong just like a main character. But it’s definitely a mood
JuniGear X
JuniGear X 17 dagar sedan
Roomie should do the, 'songs with villian energy' next
lol lolhj
lol lolhj 17 dagar sedan
He needs to do a cover to that nickleback song
Ari Macias
Ari Macias 18 dagar sedan
lets be honest you just clicked on the video for the thumbnail
milo 18 dagar sedan
to me what makes it a mc song is if i can imagine myself driving late at night, walking away from an explosion, walking in a forest alone, driving down the ounrty side, roadtrips or at a club/party with someone. theres more than just one situation for me.
ShepOnline 19 dagar sedan
I wish he talked about mgmt more.
Claudio Brt
Claudio Brt 19 dagar sedan
you're funny dude. cheered me up :D I'll unsubscribe later when you aint looking.
P&S News
P&S News 19 dagar sedan
The minute I saw roomie as shrek I clicked on the video
Septembers Oblivion
Septembers Oblivion 19 dagar sedan
"I need a dollar" yeah, I am the downbad main character
Rainbow PhoenixQT alt???
Rainbow PhoenixQT alt??? 20 dagar sedan
The thumbnail is the best thing I have ever seen
ミヤAtsumu 20 dagar sedan
Uses a rubber to make me sad. Too bad I'm sad and depressed already.
GuardianAngel 0394
GuardianAngel 0394 20 dagar sedan
Where's Queen?!!! They deserve to be on every good song list!!! Great video though.🙄🙄🙄
the edit aesthetic
the edit aesthetic 20 dagar sedan
why does he sound like feli-
Paul Cooper
Paul Cooper 17 dagar sedan
Who's feli-
NadineNewcastle 20 dagar sedan
Style is Conan Gray's favorite song so it makes sense
Woo Six
Woo Six 21 dag sedan
7:55 roomie do you even listen to music? that song is not evan close to sad.
Woo Six
Woo Six 21 dag sedan
what about absolutly depressing songs that make you feal like the main charachter?
sai karogal
sai karogal 21 dag sedan
My favorite nickleback song!
Zad 21 dag sedan
Most of this song was in Fifa games, probably that’s why we’re addicted to the game
Brooks Jernigan
Brooks Jernigan 21 dag sedan
13:23 wtf is this transition
flamingfishey 21 dag sedan
Roomie: you can unsubscribe when I’m not looking Me during an ad: Imma bout to end this man’s whole career
Kupal Ka
Kupal Ka 21 dag sedan
I'm unsatisfied why the hell is centuries by fall out boy not here. Or that Remember the name by fort minor 🙁 those are the ones that makes me feel like a main character whenever i listen to it.
Do a video about best songs from 2010 to 2021
Camila Rengifo
Camila Rengifo 21 dag sedan
Johanna 21 dag sedan
Yes please make a video listening to the vamps 😍😍
Rxinz 22 dagar sedan
why is joel so obsessed with rock 🙄
Marjorie Crossley
Marjorie Crossley 22 dagar sedan
How do you not like on top of the world?!
Z1andonlyme 22 dagar sedan
Maybe it’s just me but this was missing Send Me On My Way, TikTok ( the Kesha song not the app), and Backyard Boy!
WallyTheWaffle 22 dagar sedan
Come on guys he would have 15 mil subs lessss go
Tommy B
Tommy B 22 dagar sedan
Chandelier isn’t an upbeat song. It’s a manic song. She’s manically trying to numb her pain. That’s why it’s a fast beat, but it isn’t upbeat. The lyrics alone prove that. Great video overall though!
Tiger Wolf
Tiger Wolf 22 dagar sedan
I kind of wish Fire on up would have been one of the songs.
Alyssa Hubbard
Alyssa Hubbard 23 dagar sedan
I scream-cry to Chandelier, personally.
Muhammad Aiman Mohd Ariff
Muhammad Aiman Mohd Ariff 23 dagar sedan
Basically every famous fifa songs😂
Linda 23 dagar sedan
I actually subscribed after that haha
JespinjGD 23 dagar sedan
i hate that thumbnail so much
Dharshini Prabu
Dharshini Prabu 23 dagar sedan
0:09 I literally got an ad from Spotify. Must be Roomie who did this.
KineticPassion 23 dagar sedan
Suddenly I See by KT Tunstal is a main character song imo.
Drew Flynn
Drew Flynn 24 dagar sedan
When Joel was grooving on the piano for a sec he suddenly became Daniel.
Lara Lynch
Lara Lynch 24 dagar sedan
Chandelier def for addicts/ alcoholics... It makes me cry
Flavio Ferrara
Flavio Ferrara 24 dagar sedan
Literally the definition of a song that makes you feel like the main character: "Avicii - The Nights"
Criatura Pentelha
Criatura Pentelha 24 dagar sedan
5:35 This guy looks like Johnny Depp @_@
Godlike13 24 dagar sedan
Any songs from AC/DC, are literally songs for the baddest ass MCs,
Godlike13 24 dagar sedan
I am actually surprised that there's no "Living La Vida Loca" by Ricky Martin, that itself was a shrek song
Journey Wise
Journey Wise 24 dagar sedan
I BEG you! Listen to hearts will repair by “DM galaxy”
Marta G
Marta G 24 dagar sedan
But but what about do you wanna by franz ferdinanddd
Fanni Fata
Fanni Fata 25 dagar sedan
electric love totally makes me feel like the fricking main character
Red Paul
Red Paul 25 dagar sedan
Roomie Please do anime song pleaseee
Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie 25 dagar sedan
If shake it off isn't on this list I wanna fight... 🤣
David Brkić
David Brkić 25 dagar sedan
Abril Ailén
Abril Ailén 25 dagar sedan
It's funny cause I work at a mall, so i'm full on an npc and heatstroke by calvin harris is actually in the "everyday" mall playlist, so yes definitely an npc song
Jackson Tessier
Jackson Tessier 25 dagar sedan
Joel "Fitz and the Tantrums What A cool Band Name" me "WHAT!!!! YOU DON'T KNOW FITZ IN THE TANTRUMS. WHO ARE YOU? OMG!!!!!. Im done. Not even 123456, or I Just Wanna Shine, or Hand Clap, or Roll Up, or the best song of ALLLL Time, Out Of My League. Joel. Really? Ok, Just why though, People who know what I'm talking about help me out here.
Aleah Larson
Aleah Larson 26 dagar sedan
Any "epic" sounding song like the stuff from the Score qualifies but that stuff is a lot more rock than your usual pop stuff
wayfaring moe'
wayfaring moe' 26 dagar sedan
1975? *the best*
Alla Alla
Alla Alla 26 dagar sedan
Where is hall of fame it literally says :"the world is gonna call your name" 😅😊
Bamassacre Gaming
Bamassacre Gaming 26 dagar sedan
My main character song: *Ain’t no rest for the wicked* My cousin’s: *Fortunate Son*
Frix 26 dagar sedan
MAKE THAT COVER OF NICKLEBACKS SONG. I will listen to that all day
Miraculous Lover
Miraculous Lover 26 dagar sedan
I was gonna say Joel is cool but after reviewing the thumbnail I have decided not to. 🙂
SoraLena 26 dagar sedan
Literally every song he put on the furthest 'NPC energy' are on my seratonin playlist and make me feel like the main character ;_; I like Indie music ok
Madman-Goku 26 dagar sedan
The guys hasn’t listened to MUI theme from Dbs. That the real MC feel.
Juse364 26 dagar sedan
I feel like I am the main character a lot with fashion! From lady gaga
Gyabiin 26 dagar sedan
Love the kirito shout out
Squiggles the wonderful succulent
Squiggles the wonderful succulent 26 dagar sedan
Kate Hakanson
Kate Hakanson 26 dagar sedan
kinley reece
kinley reece 26 dagar sedan
Thank you for the short intro and getting right into it
Kate Lessard
Kate Lessard 27 dagar sedan
I think a big thing is the feeling of being able to strut to the song. Like you are walking down the street and the song is the soundtrack of the "movie."
catlover2225 27 dagar sedan
5:30 Am I the only one who deciphered L.O.V as League Of Villans? Only me? Ok......
keira haston
keira haston 27 dagar sedan
Purely Beauty
Purely Beauty 27 dagar sedan
i love the nickleback song somebody to love but its nice hearing a more slower take on it too :)
1240iranai 27 dagar sedan
Most of J-pop/J-rock will make you feel like a maincharacter
Teresa Guarnido
Teresa Guarnido 27 dagar sedan
love freaking out about wildflower being in the video then immediatly scrolling thru the comments to see the other 5sos stans freak out about wildflower being in the video
frogge 27 dagar sedan
Someone better make a Spotify playlist of these songs!
Rainy days Are the best
Rainy days Are the best 27 dagar sedan
i only just noticed, but I have the same glasses as Joel, just in a pale translucent blue. this was not intentional what
Rainy days Are the best
Rainy days Are the best 27 dagar sedan
ngl a lot of these songs are in my main character playlist. I feel called out by roomie saying they're not main character sings like c'mon man these are the soundtrack to my life
Rajkhan Muhammad Nur
Rajkhan Muhammad Nur 27 dagar sedan
10:20 i was falling asleep and suddenly i heard this, and suddenly got energized again i am addicted to this song lately
Mountain Harpie
Mountain Harpie 27 dagar sedan
Lol The main character is the Bongos.... I'd cast you in that character😁😁🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶
Mountain Harpie
Mountain Harpie 27 dagar sedan
P.S. within context of musical theater, main characters often have an "I Want" sentiment, which I think most of your evals fall in that category... (besides obvious I wanna swing from the chandelier etc)
JesykaL 27 dagar sedan
Magic in the Hamptons has the wrong song LMAOO it should be Jazmine Sullivan Bust Your Windows 😂😂😂
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