Songs that hit different now

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Listen to Lil Pitchy's new song "Just For You":

These songs have a TOTALLY DIFFERENT MEANING now!!

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Songs that hit different now

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needda memes
needda memes 8 timmar sedan
don't stand so close to me is a about a young male teacher dealing with rumors about him and a student
Koma 21 timme sedan
Ain’t No Grave - Johnny Cash It feels different after his passing
Roblox gaming Fun
Roblox gaming Fun 22 timmar sedan
Omg I thought it was funky tiny men from funky tiny town
random Swiftie
random Swiftie Dag sedan
I'm really glad Taylor Swift changed the kinda homophobic lyrics and also later on went on to make a song called You Need To Calm Down ❤🧡💛💚💙💜
zoe lawrence
zoe lawrence Dag sedan
The number of celebs who died after leaving rehab, makes you wonder if the rehab approach (cold turkey) isn't just a bad idea. Maybe using a more gradual integrated approach would result in less deaths. (Most deaths are when they use after leaving rehab and have lost their tolerance and so overdose on what used to be a normal amount)
Mangan2504 Dag sedan
To the Elvis song.... Marrying your first cousin is legal in many "western" countries though, soooooo....
XYDNEYX Dag sedan
Now i would have u know that its been PROVEN that mj is innocent
Michelle McCloy
Michelle McCloy 2 dagar sedan
Haha! Lou Bega's out here being a Glen Quagmire from Family Guy! Giggidy!
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan 3 dagar sedan
the us thought everyone was collaborating with the communists during the cold war lol
Jake Sinclair
Jake Sinclair 4 dagar sedan
Seriously why censor avicii's song!!
Jimmyn19 4 dagar sedan
That commentary on SOS couldn’t have been said better.
Kassidy Frye
Kassidy Frye 4 dagar sedan
They do know smooth criminal came out before the case with MJ right?
Ubi Aron
Ubi Aron 5 dagar sedan
like homophobia was okay in 2008 like ? hahahahhahhah damn okay
Tuh Mater
Tuh Mater 6 dagar sedan
I love that *puff puff* and *sniffy dust*
Godskesen 7 dagar sedan
You can get legally married with your cousin in Denmark
Behina Sam
Behina Sam 7 dagar sedan
Now that I'm thinking nana banana is one of those songs
Ken Fresno
Ken Fresno 7 dagar sedan
The "angry" hand motion Sinatra did was actually the hand sign for "capisce" in Italian, which means "do you understand?" So he's basically asking if you understand what he means by those lyrics, which based on the fact you read before... we do.
Malita Ashura
Malita Ashura 7 dagar sedan
I'm my own 7th cousin. My mom and dad are my 6th cousins, my little sister is my 8th cousin, and my step mother is my 5th cousin. My great x4 grand parents, greatx5 grand parents, great x3 aunt were all the same people on all three sides. I have 178 first and second cousins though so it's near impossible for us not to be triple related, seeing as my mom's dad's and step moms families all have been involved in the past.
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith 8 dagar sedan
Unfair on Michael Jackson.
Scottish Ry 87
Scottish Ry 87 8 dagar sedan
With the star spangled banner one, it was changed in the 1900s from that. That is the old/original version.
Jennifer Murdock
Jennifer Murdock 8 dagar sedan
i think if the song "hits different" it means that it's more understandable or personally relatable listening to it NOW as opposed to when the song was released, when you may have been too immature to understand the true meaning.
OrangeLake 9 dagar sedan
Once I heard Sweet Home Alabama, I know what he was talking about
Toothpick The Great
Toothpick The Great 9 dagar sedan
A kissin cousin is someone who your raised like your cousins with but your not actually related.
Korky137 10 dagar sedan
Can I get these guys skin care routine please.
bjhellstream 10 dagar sedan
Amy should have gone to rehab. FBI thought everyone was communists in the cold war...
Rin 10 dagar sedan
as a polyam person. mambo #5 is still great
mpasistasyalanci 10 dagar sedan
What i found interesting with the Rihanna's s.o.s is the sample they ve used, tainted love. It fits perfectly with the meaning
Alivia Wheeler
Alivia Wheeler 10 dagar sedan
heh since I feel like it, I'm pretty sure Don't stand so close to me by The Police is actually very clear in the lyrics, I believe it's talking about a high school girl and her teacher like, having feelings for each other but the teacher knows it's wrong so he's saying to not be near him and stuff like that. :D
lil_ skillz
lil_ skillz 11 dagar sedan
queen is legendary glad their music is in this vid ✨✨❤️ also Michael Jackson is dead so just leave him alone and just enjoy his music which is also legendary 🤫
b 11 dagar sedan
the bit about ricky martin is so accurate and sad
b 11 dagar sedan
the anthem of the USA was previously a british drinking song! (the tune)
b 11 dagar sedan
honestly just watch the michael jackson documentary. it's super raw and difficult to watch but for the sake of the victims it's good for everyone to know
b 11 dagar sedan
bills bills bills is one of my favorite destiny's child song it goes SO HARD
Kathryn Maddy
Kathryn Maddy 12 dagar sedan
Annie are you okay?
Mike Scalzo
Mike Scalzo 12 dagar sedan
Bro Taylor swift should have released the original
Chrissa Todd
Chrissa Todd 12 dagar sedan
you guys liking the R kelly song reminds me of that ERB line: "I ain't got time for this, saving the world, what qualities do you bring? You're a pedophile from the Midwest, at least R. Kelly could sing"
Kelli Favazza
Kelli Favazza 13 dagar sedan
Actually Rhianna's "rehab" is probably more appropriate for that situation
Mëmory 777
Mëmory 777 14 dagar sedan
you know what really hits different, this is it from Michael Jackson knowing it would be his last song and tour... especially the part "This is it, I can feel, I'm the light of the world, this is real. Feel my song, we can say and I tell you I feel that way"
Onglu 14 dagar sedan
Anyone think it was interesting in the Stronger song how Britney says "my loneliness aint killin me no more" and the song that got her big, baby one more time, says "my loneliness is killin me?"
Bobby O'Keefe
Bobby O'Keefe 14 dagar sedan
Don't worry about Swift and Perry they've learned their lesson,they are in the hands of the lobby,body and soul now.
KA LAdy 14 dagar sedan
When I heard that star spangled banner part I was SHOOKETH Like wtf?
Nicole 14 dagar sedan
Daisy Lange
Daisy Lange 15 dagar sedan
I thought Micheal Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” was about Richard Ramirez
Roman Pecora
Roman Pecora 15 dagar sedan
12:36 my OCD when I lock a room
Kella Hanna-Wayne
Kella Hanna-Wayne 15 dagar sedan
Bills, bills, bills isn't about her saying he should pay for all of her stuff. It's about a dude who's using her apartment, her phone, her car, her food, and not paying for any of it, or letting her use his stuff.
Kella Hanna-Wayne
Kella Hanna-Wayne 15 dagar sedan
"When was the last time you heard use the word "spangled" used like that?" I'm sorry and you thought *sprangled* is a more commonly used word???
Clinical Depression
Clinical Depression 16 dagar sedan
imagine having to pretend to be a completely different sexual orientation for your career :(
CaraPlay 16 dagar sedan
David Bowie entire Blackstar album is missing... Then again, timing was such that it pretty much hit that way when it came out.
WhileMyGuineaPigGentlyWheeks -2006
WhileMyGuineaPigGentlyWheeks -2006 16 dagar sedan
Nobody Told Me By John Lennon
Jupiter The Planet
Jupiter The Planet 17 dagar sedan
Not even Americans know what spangled means And the song is uh yeah. We don’t like it.
Lucero Gomez
Lucero Gomez 17 dagar sedan
Who's here after all allegations againsy micheal where proven flase☺
erin hutchins
erin hutchins 17 dagar sedan
I've missed jonas
Nellie 17 dagar sedan
Not my head teacher playing the last song constantly when I was 8
CBiscuit 456
CBiscuit 456 17 dagar sedan
I think Kung Fu Fighting's line "Funky" is meant to mean cool? Not Funky as in smelly/bad. It was just a word for cool in those days was it not? My opinion
L Eman
L Eman 17 dagar sedan
I didn't even realize there were more verses to the Star Spangled Banner
shook lizard
shook lizard 18 dagar sedan
Taylor swift one crack me up damm girlll😂😂
Lion Games
Lion Games 18 dagar sedan
9:31 I already know that Sinatra was a friend of Lucky Luciano, a mafia leader from New York in 1930, and Sinatra gave money to the thugs to build Las Vegas in the middle of a desert
Joseph Kempinger III
Joseph Kempinger III 18 dagar sedan
My guy. That kissin cousin shit is rough
gabriel poester
gabriel poester 18 dagar sedan
there is nothing wrong whit mambo N5
JennyApostolos 19 dagar sedan
next video request: "Inappropriate songs to play at a funeral."
Rich NotLeaNia
Rich NotLeaNia 19 dagar sedan
Meanings of the songs because it hit s diffrent. 0:28 Avicii Ft. Aloe Blac - SOS Original Meaning: The song starts out with the singer, Aloe Blacc, crying out for help. His problem seems to be some type of mental anguish. And apparently he has either tried to remedy this situation through marijuana and cocaine consumption (which is a very dangerous thing to do). Obviously these substances have contributed to him falling into this negative state.
John Willis
John Willis 19 dagar sedan
Kissin' Cousins makes me think someone might be playing too much Crusader Kings!
A Person Who Does Person Things
A Person Who Does Person Things 19 dagar sedan
8:34 I’m pretty sure her, Adele and Jessie J all went to the same school.
Meowsers 2
Meowsers 2 19 dagar sedan
What about hurte by juice wrld
CJ McHugh
CJ McHugh 20 dagar sedan
Sting was a teacher before he was a musician. It was about him trying to dodge advances from female students. Which based on what he looked like when he was young, I see it. Ngl. I would have been trying to get a piece of him too.
Potato Fury
Potato Fury 20 dagar sedan
I just watched the whole “I will always love you” video on 1.5x speed, I was wondering why everyone’s vibrato sounded so wobbly lol
Sharen Read
Sharen Read 20 dagar sedan
Teacher Predators? That was The Police’s first Album. Da Do Do Do was their follow up. 1980. Abuse to teens. Name Withheld Using the racket for a paddle.
Carter Borton
Carter Borton 20 dagar sedan
5:59 sweet home alabamia
Challenge gaming YT
Challenge gaming YT 21 dag sedan
hehehe taylor swift said gay
LucianLegacy 21 dag sedan
Actually, "Kissing Cousins" is a saying for when two people have kissed the same person. They haven't kissed each other but have kissed someone who has kissed both of them.
ArcheryMidnight 11 dagar sedan
No, that sounds more like eskimo brothers. Kissing cousins are people who are daying and related but distantly
Memma 21 dag sedan
Bills by destiny’s child hits different for me because Beyoncé got so rich and famous she can pay everyone’s bills 20 times over
Kitch 21 dag sedan
Wishing Well by Juice Wrld hit so hard after his death considering it was basically just a cry for help, such an emotionally rich song
Ania Fusiek
Ania Fusiek 21 dag sedan
I think "bills bills bills" hits different today because Beyonce is more successfull after she separate from destiny's child? "You and me are thru" the group was huge but maybe holding Beyonce back? Idk. Loved all the girls together. Miss them so much.
bzleo 22 dagar sedan
Amy Winehouse's rehab is better to me now because it is more real. Instead of just a catchy song it's deep and disturbing but makes complete sense to understanding some addicts.
Mariana Jara
Mariana Jara 22 dagar sedan
Kissing cousins ~Monterrey Vibes in the background~
Igor Tokarski
Igor Tokarski 22 dagar sedan
Every LINKIN PARK Hits so different after Chester Bennington's death in June 2017
April Moore
April Moore 22 dagar sedan
I honestly liked Ricky Martin better when I found out be was gay because he seemed like a guy objectified women, and he probably didn't.
Sarah Coblentz
Sarah Coblentz 22 dagar sedan
Always will love Michael Jackson. I did grow up during and old enough to understand what all happened. A tortured soul but pure genius musically. Lots of documentaries/ movies about his upbringing and life. The sounds would still apply today.
Charlie Smith
Charlie Smith 22 dagar sedan
In Amy Winehouse was set to go to rehab after her first album Frank. It was all set up for her to go and she said ask my Dad and if he agrees I’ll go. He said she was ok because he wanted to continue making money off of her success. If she had gone she may have been able to recover from her addictions.
Gabriel Gonzales
Gabriel Gonzales 23 dagar sedan
Insest in elvis
J4m32 Hz
J4m32 Hz 23 dagar sedan
Adele was the replacement for amy Winehouse And amy is way better imo and too authentic for her own good
Call me Le Bon Bon
Call me Le Bon Bon 23 dagar sedan
today i found out the straightest man ever was actually gay
RaymondFan234 {Your Favorite Purple-Haired Demon}
RaymondFan234 {Your Favorite Purple-Haired Demon} 23 dagar sedan
Also, in Rehab, Amy mentions that she promises never to drink again. And I’m like “U sure about that?” Cause that’s how she died. Drunk herself to death.
Zavata F
Zavata F 23 dagar sedan
I didn't know that Smooth Criminal was by Michael Jackson😂 I only knew the Glee version
ebbybadebby slayton
ebbybadebby slayton 23 dagar sedan
i swear i keep hearing lil’ b**chy 🤣
Legal Lassie
Legal Lassie 23 dagar sedan
I have been getting one ad and one ad only on my computer. Please..... Video editor platform I have no interest in using...
Craig Donnelly
Craig Donnelly 23 dagar sedan
i know Ricky Martin always had woman going crazy in all his videos but even before i fully knew what gay was, i knew he was i didn't know he came out in 2010 i always thought he was
Michayla Lawrence
Michayla Lawrence 24 dagar sedan
Katy’s ur so gay reminds me of Melanie Martinez for some reason
Michayla Lawrence
Michayla Lawrence 24 dagar sedan
I mean we can talk about micheals death conspiracy cause some people believe it wasn’t an accident, and the doctor that did it only got 2 out of a 4 year sentence so for the people who believe it wasn’t an accident that’s be a good example
RudyPhile 24 dagar sedan
" _Live stream pe comment kese enabled hai?_ "
Meltem Ayar
Meltem Ayar 24 dagar sedan
For me breathe from lee hi hits different knowing that jonghyun wrote the song
Lara Lynch
Lara Lynch 24 dagar sedan
I remember the 1st time i heard rehab... I was in south beach miami watching a drag show lol! I was like i lovvve this song right away
Hannah Doshier
Hannah Doshier 24 dagar sedan
Fun fact: an Abolitionist is a anti slavery person
PixieAntix 24 dagar sedan
Omg i have never heard that part of the star spangled banner
Erica Rose
Erica Rose 24 dagar sedan
i enjoyed this video and feel like this is a great concept. i would love to see a few more parts of this
Lexy Martin
Lexy Martin 24 dagar sedan
Kissin cousin. Queen Victoria fv song
Gunner Gracie
Gunner Gracie 25 dagar sedan
I love the X-Files intro
AniPhoenix 25 dagar sedan
Petition to make "Kissing cousins" the new "sweet home alabama"
Autumn S
Autumn S 25 dagar sedan
Kung fu fighting was written as a joke lol
snowy 0121
snowy 0121 25 dagar sedan
Spent the half video thinking Jonas was my chat head
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