Songs that bring you back to that summer night...

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Listen to Lil Pitchy's new song "Just for You":


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Songs that bring you back to that summer night...

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Aura Luna
Aura Luna 7 timmar sedan
I seem to have had very different summer nights...
Rabid Hog
Rabid Hog 23 timmar sedan
0:04 when I stub my toe
Vid Laznik Šoštar
Vid Laznik Šoštar Dag sedan
A summer night song for me is XIParano Stop
Rhys Monty
Rhys Monty Dag sedan
Who does Joel talk about who sings a depressed sounding song but it's good can't remember her name or the song
Roman Khan
Roman Khan 2 dagar sedan
Joel: talks about his honest opinion on these songs very carefully Me on my bed: Did they not have a shirt his size at H&Ms?
isabel hoch
isabel hoch 2 dagar sedan
day 1 of asking joel to react to the community music episode
Katy Be
Katy Be 2 dagar sedan
I really like when Joel sings part of songs , i'd love hear full cover some of them :>
Jack Clerke
Jack Clerke 2 dagar sedan
Love ya singing
Zeus Moose
Zeus Moose 3 dagar sedan
I got Forza Horizon 3 flashbacks during I Follow Rivers. (It's in the OST, so that's why. Also, I spent 2 or 3 years playing it. I memorized the whole OST.)
Ollie K
Ollie K 3 dagar sedan
Joel knows Manu Chao, I'm actually impressed
N M 3 dagar sedan
“No more filming video, just playing synth”. How’s playing synth going?)
Philip Van Vaerenbergh
Philip Van Vaerenbergh 4 dagar sedan
No Rascal Flatts - Summer Nights? Fail
Michael Suris
Michael Suris 4 dagar sedan
I meant Joel
Michael Suris
Michael Suris 4 dagar sedan
I wish Jole would do a video explaining the song Sugar Crash!
Majlinda Tashi
Majlinda Tashi 4 dagar sedan
I think that Stolen Dance by Milky Chance is missing
Lovegood Longbottom
Lovegood Longbottom 5 dagar sedan
I'd love to watch him reacting to hispanic music and a collab w Lewis Shawcross
177A CMS
177A CMS 6 dagar sedan
Summer song ans No Dynamite and Butter?😐
Olivia MAMONE 6 dagar sedan
i am only 7 and i love grease
Peter Creagh
Peter Creagh 7 dagar sedan
Jake Pasea
Jake Pasea 7 dagar sedan
Summertime sadness is 🔥
Lucia Isdale
Lucia Isdale 8 dagar sedan
Its christmas at summer in NEw zealand so I can listen to" im yours" BUt I dont so .
Maya Najem
Maya Najem 9 dagar sedan
Joel to 7.76M+ people: i feel so unaccomplished.
Laila Mahomed
Laila Mahomed 9 dagar sedan
I love Classic!
Laila Mahomed
Laila Mahomed 9 dagar sedan
Latch is also winter 2014
Laila Mahomed
Laila Mahomed 9 dagar sedan
Yes Joel! Help her! You're a good guy
Laila Mahomed
Laila Mahomed 9 dagar sedan
James Bay looks so cool!
Laila Mahomed
Laila Mahomed 9 dagar sedan
Am I wrong takes me back to winter mornings in 2014
Laila Mahomed
Laila Mahomed 9 dagar sedan
Get lucky takes me back to a winter afternoon in 2013
Hyperendocrin_sucho 1719
Hyperendocrin_sucho 1719 10 dagar sedan
Sometime when your helping "her" through a toxic relationship (something really intimate), you end up falling in love with the person in cause. It happenned to me, and we are 3 years and counting now
KeksPaw 10 dagar sedan
Songs that bring you back to that summer night… Ed Sheeran - Castle on the Hill Grease - Summer Nights Daft Punk - Get Lucky Rihanna - California King Bed Robyn - Dancing on my own Nico & Vinz - Am I wrong Sia - Elastic Heart Lana Del Rey - Summertime Sadness Sister Nancy - Bam Bam Drake - Hold on we’re going home Nicki Minaj - Super Bass James Bay - Let it go Ella Eyre - We don’t have to take our clothes off Lykke Li - I follow Rivers Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk Justin Bieber - What do you mean Drake - One Dance Jason Mraz - I’m yours Coldplay - Magic Maroon 5 - She will be loved Manu Chao - Me gustas tu Lil Pitchy - Just for you Charlie Puth - Marvin Gaye Disclosure - Latch Years & Years - King Gotye - somebody that I used to know Childish Gambino - Redbone Kanye West - Lights MKTO - Classic Calvin Harris ft Dua Lipa - One Kiss Avicii - Addicted to you Drake - Passion Fruit London Grammar - Hey Now James Blake - Retrograde Klingande - Jubel Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl ft Georgi Kay - In my Mind (Axwell Remix) The 1975 - Somebody Else Childish Gambino - Feels like summer Jubel ft NEIMY - Dancing in the moonlight Nico & Vinz - In your arms
André Fourie
André Fourie 10 dagar sedan
Is the word "inatt" tonight ?
Lyla Crouch
Lyla Crouch 10 dagar sedan
Michaella Tadros
Michaella Tadros 10 dagar sedan
Idea: listen to all the tracks on Sour and rank them, or say which ones are yay/nay, or honestly just give your opinion on them.
Tania Pacitto
Tania Pacitto 11 dagar sedan
Anyone else just sit watching roomie with their Spotify playlists open??
Laura S
Laura S 11 dagar sedan
I listen to Christmas songs in March.. April... May.. my excuse is that it is my birthright (Dec 24). :P
The Kid Who Got Framed
The Kid Who Got Framed 11 dagar sedan
Sun araw horse Steppin has summer vibes
9a Ballerina
9a Ballerina 11 dagar sedan
Summer song: freestyle/drømhus - vill ha dig
Metal Monkey
Metal Monkey 12 dagar sedan
The best song from this list is Summer Night - Grease. I never heard of 90% of these bands/songs
Mitchell Goosen
Mitchell Goosen 12 dagar sedan
I’m a little surprised, this would’ve been the perfect video to showcase your favorite Katy Perry song...
JennyApostolos 12 dagar sedan
next video request: "Inappropriate songs to play at a funeral."
Chloe Prawat
Chloe Prawat 12 dagar sedan
Joel: What a jam Me: I prefer jelly
William Darmawan
William Darmawan 12 dagar sedan
Midsummer madness
Erik 13 dagar sedan
Jaclyn Stuard
Jaclyn Stuard 13 dagar sedan
Uptown Funk is evergreen. Year round. Every event. Every. Event.
cat 13 dagar sedan
6:05 I can’t name one Drake song 😂 there’s one about a telephone I think 😆 Not even joking 😁 // 34year old
Kara Dunn
Kara Dunn 13 dagar sedan
The SIA Elastic Heart video is about a person fighting their inner demons. That's what Sia ad the video cast said about it anyway.
anon 13 dagar sedan
Childish gambino’s both songs and What do you mean felt like summer night. Others weren’t even close ffs
YukiHowaito 13 dagar sedan
Joel saying you can play "Uptown funk" everywhere even on Mars.. Me: "Well, he is bruno MARS" 👀
Team Trimark
Team Trimark 13 dagar sedan
wheres blueberry faygo
Mavin Samou
Mavin Samou 13 dagar sedan
Long no see, wtf it strange but i got some sort of radio dj from roomie what got to say he improve host request for new collab singing🙏
CaseyLeash 13 dagar sedan
These videos has become how i make themed playlists, I love it
Sumit Chaturvedi
Sumit Chaturvedi 13 dagar sedan
should've added feel it still
Мария Жидкова
Мария Жидкова 13 dagar sedan
We will be here.
Feferi Peixes
Feferi Peixes 13 dagar sedan
Some Summer Night songs I vibe to Gerard Way - Don't Try (or just Hesitant Alien really..) Panic! At The Disco - Miss Jackson, The Overpass, House Of Memories Billie Eilish - everything I wanted Muse - Falling Down, Hate This And I'll Love You, Unintended Crooked Still - Ecstasy Naughty Boy - La La La, Runnin' Passengers - Miss Sarajevo Placebo - My Sweet Prince My Chemical Romance - Desert Song Gabriel Rios - Broad Daylight Sérgio Mendes - Catavento, Agua De Beber (or just the whole Encanto album) U2 - With Or Without You, Staring At The Sun, Mysterious Ways Manu Chao - just the album Esperanza and Clandestino (yaaaas Joel!) Jamiroquai - Virtual Reality Steve Miller Band - I Ain't Got You, Sweet Home Chicago, Snatch It Back And Hold It The Doors - The W.A.S.P Texas Radio And The Big Beat, LA Woman Gorillaz - Strobelite, Désolé The Turtels - Elenor The Kinks - Lola, Sunny Afternoon Zucchero - Senza Una Donna Joe Cocker - Woman To Woman Frank Zappa - Montana Canned Heat - On The Road Again Nat King Cole - L-O-V-E Pixies - Hey
sofia wistbacka
sofia wistbacka 14 dagar sedan
Found like 22 songs i never heard before. I think in Finland we have some finnish songs, english and finnish to summer nights 🙈
Emmary Artistry
Emmary Artistry 14 dagar sedan
This is the kind of music youd hear at the pool, or just chill in your room to.
Fat Boy's Garage
Fat Boy's Garage 14 dagar sedan
You forgot the best summer song. Summer Nights by Van Halen.
Dani Higuera
Dani Higuera 14 dagar sedan
Barend Pieters
Barend Pieters 14 dagar sedan
Me: Only watched Grease couple of weeks ago Roomie's editor: Let's go back
proxwarrior33 14 dagar sedan
Coco Jambo by mr president is a summer song too
jean michael ceria
jean michael ceria 14 dagar sedan
Ha no summer paradise by simple plan sad
alanssnackbar v2.0
alanssnackbar v2.0 14 dagar sedan
Day 96 of asking Joel to react to AJR
alanssnackbar v2.0
alanssnackbar v2.0 14 dagar sedan
Day 43 of asking Joel to react to TheFatRat
marcia brady to Blondekarmafreak
marcia brady to Blondekarmafreak 14 dagar sedan
Awww Roomie is such a sweetie for saying that help the girl don’t hook up with her honestly he’s to precious for this world
ASI 14 dagar sedan
"If you listen to this summer song during Christmas then no presents for you" *Me who lives in the southern hemisphere where the seasons are reversed* : Sadness noises
Natalie 14 dagar sedan
love these songs
Blue Husky1
Blue Husky1 14 dagar sedan
Am I Wrong is such a banger it really is such a refreshing song
Stine Uggerhøj
Stine Uggerhøj 14 dagar sedan
I got total Twin Peaks vibes when Joel played.
LowKeyKokey 14 dagar sedan
I'm always adding songs into my personal playlist while watching hey🙈
latias426 14 dagar sedan
This is why I am proud of Roomie - such a sensible human! I really want more people and media to hear Roomie. STOP. EFFIN. ROMANTICIZING. ABUSIVE. RELATIONSHIPS. Stop the narrative of "new lover" saving(????) the abused. Get them the PROPER HELP.
niels 14 dagar sedan
bro i was litterly thinking of James Bay with let it go or need the sun to break
Andso100492BACK 14 dagar sedan
"She will be loved" by Maroon 5 sounds like a U2 song but I dont remember the name :c
Jacko 14 dagar sedan
Tristam - With Love Until We Die!!!!!
Korah Bujold
Korah Bujold 14 dagar sedan
I love everything about Joel.
Aang movie master
Aang movie master 14 dagar sedan
0:57 Okay now I REALLY wanna hear Joel do a cover of California King Bed cuz that was amazing 😲
OBJ3Ct 1
OBJ3Ct 1 14 dagar sedan
Why does Roomie not like Pharell Williams?
JesusIsBackInTown 14 dagar sedan
Day 1 of asking Joel if he speaks in swedish when talking privately with his swedish editors
kriarimelisse Ayreen
kriarimelisse Ayreen 14 dagar sedan
Got your songs added on my playlist
COmplex COmpound
COmplex COmpound 14 dagar sedan
It's weird. But i actually miss the smelly buses. Damn you covid.
ECELextra 14 dagar sedan
King by Years & Years isn’t as much of a “summer nights” song as their songs Eyes Shut and Shine imo
kumiko higurashi
kumiko higurashi 14 dagar sedan
Why are there no ads here
Anastasia Strizhova
Anastasia Strizhova 14 dagar sedan
0:57 ~ah ah ah ahh ahh i know this much is true (spandau ballet - true)
Charlie 14 dagar sedan
finally, mkto classic is on a roomie video!
Evan 14 dagar sedan
Why he hated p wiliams
Audrey Ahmed
Audrey Ahmed 14 dagar sedan
8:31 wrong vid my dude
Aidan Bouw
Aidan Bouw 14 dagar sedan
Joel, let’s be honest, most of your fans have not had “that summer night” yet
bumblebee 127
bumblebee 127 14 dagar sedan
That wasn't Adele in Addicted To You.. it's Audra Mae
SomeFamousDude 14 dagar sedan
Ella has always sounded like is Rihanna and Adele had a secret love child 😆
Natalee DeVries
Natalee DeVries 14 dagar sedan
U should do more countryyyyy
Megan Rodriguez
Megan Rodriguez 14 dagar sedan
It makes me feel so old when new artists take samples or remake a song from the early 2000s 😭
The Doom Slayer
The Doom Slayer 14 dagar sedan
Where is country roads
Shir Sp
Shir Sp 14 dagar sedan
Am I going crazy? I was sure to have never heard or thought Adele being the singer in Addicted To You and looking it up, I was right and their Audra Mae's vocals... but Joel seemed so sure..
katiemhardy 14 dagar sedan
I had literal emoji hearts bursting out of my eyes when Joel stopped mid-review to talk about how to actually help someone in an emotionally or physically abusive relationship (and how to NOT "help" them). YES!! THIS! Take note, society.
Andrew Zeitler
Andrew Zeitler 14 dagar sedan
The useless illegal pertinently ignore because harmony quantitatively gaze notwithstanding a deep position. towering, pumped ground
whatiwasgoingtosay 14 dagar sedan
I wouldn't expect it to be on Joel's radar, but the summer night song of my childhood is "Fishin' in the Dark" by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.
Harley Stephens
Harley Stephens 14 dagar sedan
What are the headphones that he's got in this?
Elvis Sanchez
Elvis Sanchez 14 dagar sedan
I may feel old but what about summer nights by lil rob?
Shirley Calderón
Shirley Calderón 14 dagar sedan
Thanks to Manu Chao, this is the only way that my country will appear in a Roomie video 🥰
Rhys Causon
Rhys Causon 14 dagar sedan
I’m not sure how many of these I count as summer songs for me. Mainly because I don’t usually go for the “big summer blow out” stuff.
Oddy Mutamba
Oddy Mutamba 14 dagar sedan
Why do you have my sis name
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