songs that are loved by 99.9% of humanity #2

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songs that are loved by 99.9% of humanity #2

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Neon Green Twins M&A
Neon Green Twins M&A 14 timmar sedan
Jacoby Alley
Jacoby Alley 2 dagar sedan
I don’t like ASMR and I love feel it still so much
Annalisa Steinnes
Annalisa Steinnes 2 dagar sedan
Beat it was my favorite song in preschool.
DICEES 2 dagar sedan
C C 4 dagar sedan
Joel every time a katy perry song appears on a ranking video: THIS ISNT TEENAGE DREAM
Jintenzo 5 dagar sedan
i was the 0.1% on all of these (especially that weird "Lil Pitchy" one)
Audrina McNally
Audrina McNally 5 dagar sedan
99.9%: 8 songs 0.01%: 19 songs
Rachael Plays Guitar
Rachael Plays Guitar 6 dagar sedan
whoa whoa whoa, john mayer's continuum was one of the greatest of all time! lol
Johnathan Hropic
Johnathan Hropic 6 dagar sedan
ABBA always hits hard! ❤️ 🇦🇺
Potato that tickles his pickle
Potato that tickles his pickle 7 dagar sedan
Joel: *criticizes the song* Katy Perry: *starts jumping up and down in slow motion half naked* Joel: "Okay I'll put it on agree"
Beth Mathay
Beth Mathay 9 dagar sedan
Forever King 👑👑👑
Breakbeat 9 dagar sedan
Ain't no mountain high enough sounds so much better played by a marching band
Alesa DelSignore
Alesa DelSignore 10 dagar sedan
I don't know why, but I can't stand Rosanna and it will now be in my head for a week
sadbitch 10 dagar sedan
I've seen muse live twice and man oh man they are incredible
Chris Taranis
Chris Taranis 10 dagar sedan
I really like "cry me a river" but the original by Ella Fitzgerald and also the version of Bob Blakeley
Silent311 12 dagar sedan
I DONT LIKE #2: 1. Aint no other man - i dont care about this song 2. Hello - i like adele as a person, but her songs are so overplayed 3. Long train running - never heard this song 4. Still havent found what im looking for - nah, i love other u2 songs 5. Valerie - dont know this song 6. Heartbeats - dont know this song as well
George George
George George 13 dagar sedan
Looks like im on the 0,01% side.
The A-BOMB 13 dagar sedan
Just saying, parts of Feel It Still are taken out of Mr. Postman
Z0rg ÅŘMÝ 14 dagar sedan
Blank space was better sang by I prevail in my opinion Go ahead and kill me
Diego Maldonado
Diego Maldonado 14 dagar sedan
4:38 I Think Davie504 would, you just can't beat "Checkmate" "Oh em gee" "EPIC" Or his SLAPP
Bárbara Amaral
Bárbara Amaral 14 dagar sedan
not liking born this way is literally a act of homophobia lmao.
Maxwell King
Maxwell King 15 dagar sedan
When can I move to roomania
hrishikesh sungar
hrishikesh sungar 15 dagar sedan
Where is take on me by Aha
noah demano
noah demano 15 dagar sedan
i am part of 0.01% that doesn't like roomania
noah demano
noah demano 15 dagar sedan
how dare you disagree with johnny boi i hate you now (but not really)
L Eman
L Eman 16 dagar sedan
I don't know why, but when Hello first came out, I didn't like it. It took me like 3 years to get into it, but I love it now
Yoli MG.
Yoli MG. 16 dagar sedan
You should listen to LP's Halo, It's amazing. Her music it's really good.
Villain Master
Villain Master 16 dagar sedan
9 for 99.9% 18 for 0.1% Is my score
Metal Monkey
Metal Monkey 16 dagar sedan
I went from hearing MJ - Thriller and Bad albums to 90's white MJ, he never had the same effect after Bad
Naama Perets
Naama Perets 16 dagar sedan
I'm gonna put YOU on disagree Cry Me A River os an amazing song!!
Atsui 17 dagar sedan
wae is my supa soot
Atsui 17 dagar sedan
wer is the link bro
JennyApostolos 19 dagar sedan
next video request: "Inappropriate songs to play at a funeral."
Evan Bradley
Evan Bradley 20 dagar sedan
the way you did the Toto beat was hilarious
Keaton Cheyne
Keaton Cheyne 20 dagar sedan
I love cry me a river and why do you ask so meny questons?
Mathew Sera Jose
Mathew Sera Jose 23 dagar sedan
Literally all ABBA songs... lol
SilentChaos15 23 dagar sedan
Is abba song like one moment in time style?
Shaji George
Shaji George 24 dagar sedan
I think marshmallows coming home and Alan walkers faded are also something the whole population agrees Just my opinion
devilish muc
devilish muc 24 dagar sedan
Haha most of the songs i don't know (non english speak person)
Agent Z
Agent Z 24 dagar sedan
Mom: Son! You are Filipino! Me: F*CK NO MA, IM ROOMANIAN
Pedro S.
Pedro S. 24 dagar sedan
do we tell roomie that michael also used to lipsync? lol
Vilenia One
Vilenia One 19 dagar sedan
Most of the singers lip sync to let their voices rest, especially while touring or in a live tv show.
Sowmya Reddy
Sowmya Reddy 25 dagar sedan
Why is Justin Bieber in this list 🤡there's so much hate on him
Paula García
Paula García 26 dagar sedan
So I'm that 0.01% that don't like all these songs. I hate how almost all of them are English songs. There are more than English songs. My favs songs aren't English songs at all.
Luis 28 dagar sedan
I loved when California Gurls came on the radios everywhere
its kindi
its kindi 28 dagar sedan
Lol Beyoncé sang over a track cuz there was no sound check and a bunch of stuff was going wrong and we know she can saaang so 🤷🏽‍♂️
Notea Khawlhring
Notea Khawlhring 29 dagar sedan
Most of the song I am 1%
Adrian 3
Adrian 3 29 dagar sedan
In this video should be song leave it all to me from iCarly
Monarch Gupta
Monarch Gupta Månad sedan
Bro without me is fucking funny how could you not like it
Tia Månad sedan
The thing about songs loved by "practically everyone" is, if I think about do I like the song, would my mum like the song, would my grandparents like the song? I mean a while ago my nana and poppa were talking about liking the song " where they go around to all the weddings" which was sugar by maroon 5 (great song) yet I'm pretty sure my mum would have never heard of it. My mum sticks to cds full of stuff from the 80s and 90s whereas my nana and poppa listen to the hits on the radio. I know my mum did like Lego house by Ed Sheeran though she likes those kind of easy listening songs. I like most things exept for the majority of hip hop and rap, with some exceptions.
Tia Månad sedan
Realized that I recognized Daniel thrasher. Watched a couple of his videos, specifically the "when you accidentally write songs that already exist" ones.
Mohammed Radwan
Mohammed Radwan Månad sedan
same songs inserted in every single video again.
Daniel Gomez
Daniel Gomez Månad sedan
We now know that One piece is Joel's favorite anime
VichyGlitterGun Månad sedan
Joel confirmed he's a weeb
ANANT Månad sedan
8 billion people around the world 99.99% = 7.99 billion views Only one song = Despacito
Jane Escamillas
Jane Escamillas Månad sedan
I can still remember how a 12 year old me singing "chains and whip excite meeeh" 😂
Max Wichelhaus
Max Wichelhaus Månad sedan
I definitely like the Neumann more than the shure microphone
Kerrie Smith
Kerrie Smith Månad sedan
I love this so much
Blackheart 7
Blackheart 7 Månad sedan
I'm more of an '80s music, like TOTO, Queen, Michael Jackson worse there's a lot of music worth discovering and listening to
courtenay Fah
courtenay Fah Månad sedan
Me:Do u like Eminem? Idiot:No I prefer skittles Me:No the rapper Idiot:U eat the wrapper? Me:🤦🏻‍♀️
Chris Stocks
Chris Stocks Månad sedan
I live 10 minutes away from the birthplace of the lead singer of Coldplay and 30 minutes away from the birthplace of the lead singer of muse
Lotta Pitchy
Lotta Pitchy Månad sedan
ASMR singing bothers me a lot, too... mainly just all ASMR in general, it’s ... something else.
Mircea Pintelie
Mircea Pintelie Månad sedan
The national anthem of Roomania should be written by Fernando from Caransebes
AIDAN.COMFORT 103781 Månad sedan
Every time i see micheal Jacksons Beat it i think of the backward lyrics IYKYK
Chaelan Månad sedan
i think i like the old mic owo
WellBro11 Månad sedan
Blitz is better
Matheus Nicéas Pessoa Guerra de Medeiros
Matheus Nicéas Pessoa Guerra de Medeiros Månad sedan
why is there a 7 and a 9 inside your nostrils at the literal beginning of the video (00:00)?
Jashes85 Månad sedan
I'm the odd one out. I didn't like any of these songs, except "Don't Speak". Beyonce has a powerful voice, yes, but sadly "Halo" is just... meh.
Frédérick Jarry Le Breton
Frédérick Jarry Le Breton Månad sedan
was waiting for over the rainbow or stereo hearts
Dawn Clark
Dawn Clark Månad sedan
I don't care for Adel.
wearjacks Månad sedan
Daft Punk - interstella 5555, one of the best movies ever made! about 1h long Music Video of awesome
Daniel Saunders
Daniel Saunders Månad sedan
Black or White is problematic??????? Whoever wrote that article needs to be sacked
Kate Lessard
Kate Lessard Månad sedan
I found the other mic had a lot of plosive moments where this one doesn't. I prefer the one you use now.
Ezreal Ionian
Ezreal Ionian Månad sedan
Fireflies by owl city is a POSITIVE EMO and it's frickin nostalgic.
siuLAF Månad sedan
Aparently not alot of people like it like wtf
OneNeeder1 Månad sedan
I guess I'm an .000001%, CeeLo Green singing F___You or Crazy makes me happier than most of these. Production is not more important than the song.
siuLAF Månad sedan
Wtf were the same, ive been just singing along the 2 fuck you songs (ceelo and lily allen) for like the past 5 days
Simon Gustafsson
Simon Gustafsson Månad sedan
Is it just me or does Bono look a lot like Jamie Oliver in that video?
Scott wilson
Scott wilson Månad sedan
Man, closer to 50% are complete crap
TripleBlix Månad sedan
i heavily quesiton the lack of "Avicii" in both episode 1 and 2
shadowcat Månad sedan
joel beyonce wasn't lip syncing she was just singing over the pre-recorded track
The Dark Lord Sauron Himself
The Dark Lord Sauron Himself Månad sedan
beach boys kokomo should be here
Princess Sweet Shy
Princess Sweet Shy Månad sedan
I finally know that ONE song they always play once the airplane lands 😂😂 I have a love-hate relationship with "Feel It Still"
michal polakovic
michal polakovic Månad sedan
I generally think that Beyonce is overrated, Justin's Cry me a river is way more interesting than it is given credit fir and Jackson is probably the greatest pop artist ever lived. Such a shame he was so incredibly fuxked up
Amez WithaZ
Amez WithaZ Månad sedan
I don’t like Muse because I swear, all I hear is the singer inhaling so much air for following notes.
Sonic Sports Cards
Sonic Sports Cards Månad sedan
HOW DARE YOU HATE "Feel It Still"!?!?!
Olivia Stahl
Olivia Stahl Månad sedan
Joel:I recommend all I ask Jonas:haha I'll never put it on the channel
Fully Into It
Fully Into It Månad sedan
in my opinion Adele's best songs are "Chasing Pavements" and "Send My Love(To your new lover)"
videogirl9987 Månad sedan
Orin Piercy
Orin Piercy Månad sedan
Alright. I think most people are tired of Eminem. Fine by me. 5:17
Jenna Stefanoski
Jenna Stefanoski Månad sedan
You should do a bid focusing on twenty one pilots and or one about why don’t we
Ronggrik Marak
Ronggrik Marak Månad sedan
"Waiting on the world" has an incredible message. When songs carry a great message in them, artists choose to keep the chord structure quite simple like how Lennon did with "Imagine." I think John Mayer was trying to do the same.
Paige Richards
Paige Richards Månad sedan
I only came here to see if Michael Jackson was on the list
Jaydon DUNKLEY Månad sedan
Why do I prefere the parodies to some songs more than the originals Like weird ask parody of beat it called eat it
Tommiedam Månad sedan
The reason Beyoncé’s singing at Obama’s inauguration looked so real is because it was. She sang along. You can hear her twice. She prooved that by singing it acapella in a press conference for the Super Bowl.
Sebastian Majkut
Sebastian Majkut Månad sedan
Why I love 'Cry Me a River'? Cause it's powerful and emotional even though it's rather sad song. I know that Timbalands stuff is irritating sometimes but the song is just great. It symbolise change from boysband boy who dates Britney (Spears) to a man that is great pop artist.
Tikki Lover
Tikki Lover Månad sedan
Aulduron Smith
Aulduron Smith Månad sedan
I had no idea that Rhianna wrote a song from a '80's T-shirt
Leann Killingsworth (STUDENT)
Leann Killingsworth (STUDENT) Månad sedan
Why do I think that the person that sings feel it stilll sounds like Bajeet from Phienas and Ferb
Great Grin
Great Grin Månad sedan
Best Abba song in my opinion is dancing queen
cory Hawley
cory Hawley Månad sedan
who the fuck says black or white is problematic in what way for encouraging seeing past ones skin colour and instead looking at the content of someone's character what the fuck.
Jaqueline Månad sedan
I am so over Hello song. I can't listen to it anymore.
Luca Saxon
Luca Saxon Månad sedan
is it weird i am superf young and know all of these old songs
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