Singers' FIRST vs BLOW-UP vs BIGGEST vs LATEST Songs #2

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Listen to Lil Pitchy's new song "Just for You":

Some of these songs were SO UNEXPECTED!!

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Singers' FIRST vs BLOW-UP vs BIGGEST vs LATEST Songs #2

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horse_girl 340
horse_girl 340 Timme sedan
Em Joel are you ok with the intimate things with ladies that is faster then light. 😅😅 ( I'm a big fan of your videos.)
Rabid Hog
Rabid Hog Dag sedan
“If I ever have a son, I want him to come out my butt” -roomie
Rabid Hog
Rabid Hog Dag sedan
Silly Reddit, the fastest thing on earth is r34 artists
Nicole s
Nicole s Dag sedan
Isnt common denominator justin's first song?
doggo of the shiba tribe
doggo of the shiba tribe Dag sedan
pitbull is on a lot of songs because he did a collab with Chris Brown that's why
XYDNEYX Dag sedan
Um sir... bts IS VERY popular in the U.S.
HerAaA Aaaa
HerAaA Aaaa 2 dagar sedan
I love pit bull because he is mr worldwide and that’s iconic💅💅💅
ChildhoodMinecrafter 2 dagar sedan
Eminem’s first song was actually in 1988
Barni Bombosz
Barni Bombosz 2 dagar sedan
0:50 I still remember you and the guys' cover of Timber. Good old times 😁
Matt Lopez
Matt Lopez 3 dagar sedan
will i am made where is the love which will always unfortunately hold up
Autumn Rada
Autumn Rada 3 dagar sedan
Chloey Barber
Chloey Barber 3 dagar sedan
I want to one of charlie Puth's concerts
WILLIAM BURGIN 4 dagar sedan
Joel sus
Mia Broekmans
Mia Broekmans 5 dagar sedan
Me, who works at a grocery store. Cover me in sunshine DEFINETELY gets played on the radio and I hate it
Alex Hittle
Alex Hittle 6 dagar sedan
i wish this was updated so i can hear BTS "Butter" in the latest one
Livi_LP 6 dagar sedan
WHAT?! Cover me in Sunshine By P!nk Is the Most played Song in Our radios Here in Germany
Hruaizela Sailo
Hruaizela Sailo 6 dagar sedan
Puth one call away???
Freyja Dunmar
Freyja Dunmar 6 dagar sedan
You are so cool
Daisy Nunez
Daisy Nunez 6 dagar sedan
people have been writing song,s more about family
Connor Thompson
Connor Thompson 9 dagar sedan
Olivia Rodrigo: First: Drivers License Blow-Up: Drivers License Biggest: Drivers License Latest: Driver Li- actually, this one's Good 4 U
Harbor Dental
Harbor Dental 9 dagar sedan
I’m a pitbull fan
mochi 10 dagar sedan
i'm missing you already Roomie... please be back very soon 😘
Lord Sausage
Lord Sausage 10 dagar sedan
Flo rider has a bad song (a bit) Adrenaline in Eurovision
Kyleigh Rose
Kyleigh Rose 10 dagar sedan
Frepur Plays
Frepur Plays 11 dagar sedan
Pinball is amazimg
BIGBANG dug a hole and BTS threw me into it.
BIGBANG dug a hole and BTS threw me into it. 11 dagar sedan
Still waiting for the BTS deep dive.
Ronja Rubröder
Ronja Rubröder 11 dagar sedan
Pinks latest song with her daughter is pretty big here in Germany:)
Pasta 12 dagar sedan
why does the BTS guys look all the same
Andrew Baker
Andrew Baker 12 dagar sedan
I'm with ya on Pitbull... coolest man alive and I want to be him, but please stop making music *cough*cough*get ready*cough*
Laila Mahomed
Laila Mahomed 12 dagar sedan
Zedd is hot!
Laila Mahomed
Laila Mahomed 12 dagar sedan
Sabrina carpenter is so cool!
kateyourhomie 12 dagar sedan
Aurora Ivashkov
Aurora Ivashkov 13 dagar sedan
All the weird stories he made up in this video. I'm like WTF Joel? I'm creeped out but also can't stop laughing cause it's so ridiculous.
Lenel Kivi
Lenel Kivi 13 dagar sedan
hardcore pitbull fan right here... i just vibe with his music. i enjoy it the most when i'm drunk so that may explain why.
Look at Curry man
Look at Curry man 13 dagar sedan
I love pitbull
S. Mail
S. Mail 13 dagar sedan
p!nks new song was/is huge in europe. shes a lot more successful here than in the US
Fiona Georgakopoulos
Fiona Georgakopoulos 13 dagar sedan
Charlie puth looks like baby Schmidt from New Girl, am I right?
Amara Daniels
Amara Daniels 13 dagar sedan
Cover me in sunshine is my moms song for me
savage Michael
savage Michael 14 dagar sedan
My favorite P!nk song is the spongebob song 😆
Knight Warrior
Knight Warrior 14 dagar sedan
Roomie: do we have any hardcore pitbull fans? Everyone else:......... Me thinking: just don't let roomie hear your thoughts.
Alexia Bazan
Alexia Bazan 14 dagar sedan
I want someone to he as excited to see me as Joel was when he saw justin bieber lmao
Alexia Bazan
Alexia Bazan 14 dagar sedan
Joel: i wanna shave my head Davie: approved 👍
*Tilly_ Fuzzycat*
*Tilly_ Fuzzycat* 15 dagar sedan
So I was watching the booty vid and the ad before was about constipation 😁😂😂
JennyApostolos 15 dagar sedan
next video request: "Inappropriate songs to play at a funeral."
Hala Halatu
Hala Halatu 15 dagar sedan
Wow this comment section is full of army
Leah Peifer
Leah Peifer 15 dagar sedan
You should react to sias movie Music.... and the drama
Zach Woodyard
Zach Woodyard 15 dagar sedan
Once I saw Pink and she was mean PS: also old😂
Budz Sakuragi
Budz Sakuragi 15 dagar sedan
Now iknow your big Fan of Florida
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 15 dagar sedan
I've known Sabrina Carpenter since she was in Girl Meets World and it's sad that people only know her as the girl from Drivers License, she's underrated.
Emma Mackenzie
Emma Mackenzie 16 dagar sedan
I love pitbul
Olivia Hizon
Olivia Hizon 16 dagar sedan
He’s really never heard of cover me in sunshine...
Nicola Smith
Nicola Smith 16 dagar sedan
Miley Cyrus used to be so beautiful, What happened to Hannah Montana?! 😞
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 15 dagar sedan
8:56 the lip bite
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 16 dagar sedan
I've known Sabrina Carpenter since she was in Girl Meets World and it's sad that people only know her as the girl from Drivers License, she's underrated.
Dhwani Sharma
Dhwani Sharma 16 dagar sedan
"He does crazy things now, he peed on his fans that one time" I DIED JDFHEWHEE
Mairik Curtis
Mairik Curtis 16 dagar sedan
I am really upset that imagine dragons was not on here
Rianne Dijkstra
Rianne Dijkstra 17 dagar sedan
Pretty sure cover me in sunshine by pink is in the top 40 in the netherlands 😂
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 16 dagar sedan
petition for Roomie to react to Sabrina's entire discography👇
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith 17 dagar sedan
New video idea: Song collabs with big artist that are underrated/unknown. I love a collab song with Sia and P!nk called Waterfall. Would be cool to hear others and get your take on them. Keep up the great work!
Kiera Gibson
Kiera Gibson 17 dagar sedan
Listen to light em up & radioactive mash up by exostomp music
Antipodean wiseguy
Antipodean wiseguy 17 dagar sedan
Getting a lotta review tech USA creepy vibes here….
kolim jone
kolim jone 17 dagar sedan
Me: listening the song. Suddenly I hear BTS no more dream. My brain:( Blown up) Me: *Dead*🤯
Brawl TV
Brawl TV 17 dagar sedan
3:26 at first he forgot to introduce himself
DJ GRIFFIN 17 dagar sedan
Pink is younger than my dad
L Eman
L Eman 17 dagar sedan
I didnt realize Pink's most popular song was my favorite one. I didnt realize it was that popular
kolim jone
kolim jone 17 dagar sedan
Video: about lots of songs Roomie: handsome Comments: BTS Hotel: Trivago
Alex TraveLust
Alex TraveLust 17 dagar sedan
Who else watched so many Roomie videos that now has a massive crush on Joel? 🙋🏼‍♀️
Leah Pagett
Leah Pagett 18 dagar sedan
I love your videos so much your so cool
ArcticBreeeze 18 dagar sedan
I absolutely adore Sabrina and her signing
Summer Machen
Summer Machen 18 dagar sedan
8:56 the lip bite
Battery Arc
Battery Arc 18 dagar sedan
Mr. Worldwide
Harry Duggan
Harry Duggan 18 dagar sedan
I like pitbul
Audrey Arraiga
Audrey Arraiga 18 dagar sedan
God is love he died for on the cross for your sins, he loves you and amen 🙏 ❤ 🙌
moon child
moon child 18 dagar sedan
petition for Roomie to react to Sabrina's entire discography👇
SAM YAK 18 dagar sedan
10:57 - "Shimmy, Shimmy Yeahhh..?"
Mary1337 18 dagar sedan
0:37 Adrenalina with Senhit
Jill C.
Jill C. 19 dagar sedan
3:20 😳
Vid Laznik Šoštar
Vid Laznik Šoštar 19 dagar sedan
7:09 it's ok
kxjh7sl x
kxjh7sl x 20 dagar sedan
You want a bad song that flo rida is on, San Marino Eurovision 2021
Total Drama Cookie Crumbs
Total Drama Cookie Crumbs 20 dagar sedan
Why is the comment section full of bts fans lol
Dstroy 24
Dstroy 24 20 dagar sedan
Video: about lots of songs Roomie: handsome Comments: BTS Hotel: Trivago
Zoey 20 dagar sedan
Intros: Chillin at the beginning of a Video Roomie Intros: *Starts after 3 and a half minutes into the video*
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget 20 dagar sedan
Pitbull is everywhere because he is Mr.Worldwide😂
Hallie Wilson
Hallie Wilson 20 dagar sedan
My dude dont hate on pinks new song her song with her kid is so cute
Kelseyh 2021
Kelseyh 2021 20 dagar sedan
I saw marcus veltri and im like omg i didnt know u knew each other
Gaya XO
Gaya XO 21 dag sedan
you should put post malone's "do you love me?" 😂😂😂
Esther Olanrewaju
Esther Olanrewaju 21 dag sedan
When I saw eminem 1st song I was like huh so I went to check his age he almost 50 but still no lie those r good songs
Zulay Sanchez
Zulay Sanchez 21 dag sedan
Sabrina is not dating Joshua anymore Olivia and Sabrina are friends and they are writing about a nother girl Drivers license is not about Sabrina and Skin is not about Olivia
Ethan Girdharie
Ethan Girdharie 21 dag sedan
Sch 14
Sch 14 21 dag sedan
Lol BTS released a song
Kandis Linton
Kandis Linton 21 dag sedan
It's because I grew up with pitbull and I feel like a kid again when I hear one of his songs
Aden Gans
Aden Gans 21 dag sedan
Flo rida hangover
Christianandbenji 21 dag sedan
Are we gonna act like we didn’t here that 6:55. What do you mean usually
A R 22 dagar sedan
Jesus theres a lot of bts stans in this comment section
Jennifer Clark
Jennifer Clark 22 dagar sedan
grandma pink
Ashley V
Ashley V 22 dagar sedan
My grandma is a Pitbull fan.
Brodie Campbell
Brodie Campbell 22 dagar sedan
Because pitbull is Señor Mundial
Devon Geiger
Devon Geiger 22 dagar sedan
I like pitbull because of his voice
RobloxJamesUH 22 dagar sedan
now BTS's latest is butter
Tedemous 22 dagar sedan
Where was Michael Jackson😭😭😭😭😭😭? Agree with me
Caloom 22 dagar sedan
Bieber's latest song is peaches
SUS GAMERZ 22 dagar sedan
Make on dua lipa
Spyro Shurtagul
Spyro Shurtagul 22 dagar sedan
The editors and their Disney references lately have been bawler XD Don't tell me I'm the only one that noticed that homage to Brave Little Toaster in there haha
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