Pop songs that STOLE from classical music

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Pop songs that STOLE from classical music

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Vessela Hobson
Vessela Hobson 2 timmar sedan
Omg no Tenacious D!!!! Noooo Joel! Is the D a joke to you???? Redo the video! Redo it now and add the D!
Vessela Hobson
Vessela Hobson 3 timmar sedan
Isn't most classical music public domain anyway?
paras166 17 timmar sedan
Concerning how much you do not know about basic music history. Like, how have you not heard Claire de lune??
Metal Monkey
Metal Monkey Dag sedan
I got this one....I'm glad you showed Eric Carman instead of Celine Dion Pavarotti isn't Classical music 14:12 I got Calum Scott - You are the reason vibes from that song (I think)
Lahelandriel Dag sedan
10:30 is used in thefirst German Opening of "One Piece" :D
Mangan2504 Dag sedan
Pavane by Fauvre is also heavily sampled in Natural by S Club 7. I kinda expected this tp turn up here..... Another really cool sample I enjoy is from a german song. Alles Neu by Peter Fox, this samples from Dimitri Shostakovich's 7th symphony Leningrad, Allegro Non Troppo. It was also used in a song by Plan B, but I don't remember which one.
Soledad Monticelli
Soledad Monticelli 3 dagar sedan
Creo que el estribillo de little mix en el minuto 9:35 se parece mucho al tema más conocido de Eminem!! Saludos desde Argentina!!🧉🧉🧉🤗🤗🤗
Iksiruk 4 dagar sedan
My man's good at singing Ave Maria though
NealCamerlengo 4 dagar sedan
Sorry for the long winded comment. I would like see a video talking about video game music that stole err borrowed from actual bands. Few examples is Touhou 6 Remilia's theme, Touhou 9's Shiki Eiki's theme (though only the opening is from Pink Floyd's Three Other Pigs) and Sakuya Izayoi's theme (which is blatantly The Trooper by Iron Maiden). Having good taste in music is not a justifiable excuse for stealing other songs which is how the guy that did the music for Dragon Ball Kai and the Budakai Games got fired because he did just that. Also the reason why I mentioned Touhou is because ZUN the guy who made it asks people specifically to use original assets for fan game yet he takes other music and puts in in his games. I am well aware that Beethoven is public domain but still don't demand/ask people to use original assets (which includes music) when you are basically doing the exact thing that you ask not to happen.
Carlos Ezequiel
Carlos Ezequiel 4 dagar sedan
vesti la giubba es de Ruggero Leoncavallo jaja pensaba que era d Verdi
Carlos Seabra
Carlos Seabra 4 dagar sedan
I though Joel was going to finish on Debussy, but he finished on the Bach 😏
Ben Raphael Kanoff
Ben Raphael Kanoff 7 timmar sedan
The Fashionably Depressed Bard
The Fashionably Depressed Bard 4 dagar sedan
As some people have pointed out Eric Carmen had to settle with the Rachmaninov family, because he thought the piece was public domain. Turned out it wasn't. The reason for this: in the USA music becomes public domain 70 years after the composers death, in europe it becomes public domain 150 years after the composers death.
Ghost in the Synth/Osakablade
Ghost in the Synth/Osakablade 5 dagar sedan
Wow, Pavane came back has Roger Taylor of Queen
honilock 6 dagar sedan
Did this dude just compare Lil Nas X to Queen? Gross
Tune4you 7 dagar sedan
13:50 well my goodness. Another song other than Billy Joel's is called "Midnight Blue" by the Louise Tucker (and other groups). Didn't know that was Beethoven.
Tune4you 7 dagar sedan
Joel : "Is he proposing to the old lady or the younger lady?" lol if that man began singing that song in a room full of women each one would believe she was alone and being sung to specifically regardless of age. I'm thinking that at least with this song he was the male version of a Siren.
Bodhisattwa Som
Bodhisattwa Som 8 dagar sedan
Ava Maria starts: HITMAN flashbacks........
Sara Binde // Vegan Travel Foodie
Sara Binde // Vegan Travel Foodie 8 dagar sedan
The first one, the one by Sergei Rachmanioff reminded me of a song in Les Mis, too.
Shengjun Wang
Shengjun Wang 8 dagar sedan
Guess that classical music piece when?
Willi Ender
Willi Ender 8 dagar sedan
What about jethro Tull playing Bachs bourre?
Sweet moon of Boca
Sweet moon of Boca 9 dagar sedan
as an opera singer i felt SO TRIGGERED when he was listening to pavarotti
Erik Huisman
Erik Huisman 9 dagar sedan
...........did you really just compare Queen to Lil Nas X?
asterixxer 9 dagar sedan
I have to listen to classic music more. Some are realy beautiful.
Pardix 10 dagar sedan
every 80’s guitar player doing a sweep and alternate picking must be in this video
Pardix 10 dagar sedan
Pavarotti sings, Joel: “great tone” 😑 really?!
Claudia Yamane
Claudia Yamane 11 dagar sedan
MAN! All the italian names ahahahahaha xD
Melina Seifert
Melina Seifert 11 dagar sedan
"Bach" is german and it is a little river.
Donavon Cash
Donavon Cash 11 dagar sedan
Did he just say the new Queen is Lil Nas ?! 🤯 WTH?!
tuggaboy 11 dagar sedan
BTW, Claire de Lune (pronounced sth like Klärr de Lünne) goes faster and more intense ahead
tuggaboy 11 dagar sedan
Queen's vídeo looks like Paparazzi - Well... The other way around
ludde sundström
ludde sundström 11 dagar sedan
Were are all the Muse songs
Bias von Pirene
Bias von Pirene 12 dagar sedan
Well, that Pavarotti thing is actually from "I pagliacci" by ruggero leoncavallo, which is often played together with "cavalleria rusticana" by pietro mascagni, since both only last one hour 🤷🏻‍♂️
Me I am Oyasupin
Me I am Oyasupin 12 dagar sedan
How about Sweetbox, Eternity∞ and Symphobia?!
U53rn4m3 12 dagar sedan
IMHO "All By Myself" feels stolen from Bowie's "Life On Mars?".
Hera 13 dagar sedan
Whenever Ave Maria comes on, I get this strange urge to rise out of my coffin and start shooting everyone in sight...
kisamehoshigaki09 13 dagar sedan
You goin ta hell fo comparin Freddie Mercury to Lil Nas X bro
clowndotexe 13 dagar sedan
I'll add Bella Poarch's Build a Bitch to this compilation ngl
Super Pieton
Super Pieton 13 dagar sedan
Bach is prononced "Baj". (the spanish "j", the guttural "r").
RyderCraft 13 dagar sedan
Trust me I use granular synthesis a LOT and I know exactly what you're talking about when you say most songs today are sampled
Kristle Berry
Kristle Berry 13 dagar sedan
Fugue - Joel “FOOG” 😂😂😂
Timm Hermans
Timm Hermans 13 dagar sedan
Really, how do you speak out does names. I thought that you as European would know how to pronounce French, Italian and German names. But maybe that because your Swedish and I'm Belgen.
Brian Carpenter
Brian Carpenter 13 dagar sedan
Check out the song "It's Not Me It's You" by Prozzak..
george stoforos
george stoforos 14 dagar sedan
Also Xzibit - Paparazzi borrowed from Gabriel Faure - Pavane in F-sharp minor, OP. 50
Tammy 14 dagar sedan
Are you inzane 😂😂😂😂
The Hamster
The Hamster 14 dagar sedan
It's Leoncavallo- Pagliacci 'Vesti La Giubba'- It's a very sad , emotional song. Also, LOL, Freddie was definitely inspired by Pagliacci... the clowns in the video clip...
TheMoonEcat 14 dagar sedan
Cat Stephen (Yusuf) took words from psalms to make a song.
Andrei Enciu
Andrei Enciu 15 dagar sedan
Aka "Für Elise"
Dragon Punch TCG
Dragon Punch TCG 15 dagar sedan
But who can forget classical remixes on Dance Dance Revolution and Pump it Up!
Gonzalo Fuentes U.
Gonzalo Fuentes U. 15 dagar sedan
Not including Lacrymosa by Evanescence was a sacrilegy LOL
A S 15 dagar sedan
Ezio Bosso sounds like Odissea Venezia by Rondò Veneziano from 1984.
Muhammed Furkan Şahin
Muhammed Furkan Şahin 15 dagar sedan
Gabriel Faure's Pavane is almost same as Isabelle Il Dovo,
Valeriable 15 dagar sedan
I found some similarities (/ some inspiration) between this year’s Eurovision winner Måneskin’s song “Vent’anni” and Satie’s “Gnossienne no. 1”. Am I the only one that hears the similar chord progressions (or maybe it’s the melody, I’m not well versed in music unfortunately)? Hälsningar från Stockholm 🇸🇪
Laila Mahomed
Laila Mahomed 16 dagar sedan
So many songs sampled Ezio Bosso. When I first heard what "Dangerous" sampled, I thought that was the original.
Andrés Ruiz
Andrés Ruiz 17 dagar sedan
Funny thing: there are thousands of songs with the chord structure from the Canon in D by Pachelbel.
franceskinskij 17 dagar sedan
joel please remember they're called pieces, not songs
Daniel-Pablo Rossner
Daniel-Pablo Rossner 18 dagar sedan
First one has also got to be inspiration for David Bowie's Life on Mars
Evelynn 18 dagar sedan
i was waiting for "habanera" from carmen the opera, as stromae (brilliantly and purposefully) copied it in his song "carmen" (even down to using imagery from the original lyrics), but i was disappointed ! maybe this will be a new series since it's such a common occurance.
Bracchi Alessandro Fine Art
Bracchi Alessandro Fine Art 19 dagar sedan
Xzibit for the song " paparazzi " sampled Celine Dion who made a cover of Gabriel Faurè Pavane in F-sharp minor
N M 19 dagar sedan
I've just found out The Symphony No. 5 in E-flat major, Op. 82 (3), by Jean Sibelius can be in this list as well
JennyApostolos 19 dagar sedan
next video request: "Inappropriate songs to play at a funeral."
Pearakeet 19 dagar sedan
The Beethoven Sonata 8 sounded much more like Never Say Never from the Fray to me.
Geoff 19 dagar sedan
Canon in D is in EVERYTHING
Bisu Zimt
Bisu Zimt 20 dagar sedan
Speaking of dreamy eyes~ I think a lot of people are here because of yours xD
Michayla Lawrence
Michayla Lawrence 20 dagar sedan
Also I’m pretty sure Beethoven’s sister was also a pretty gifted composer herself and toured the world before Beethoven entered the scene.
Michayla Lawrence
Michayla Lawrence 20 dagar sedan
Why do I know all these classical songs more than the pop songs 🤯 AaAAaAaAaaAh
Michayla Lawrence
Michayla Lawrence 20 dagar sedan
When you, a non classical person, know vesti le giubba more than it’s a hard life : 👁👄👁
Michayla Lawrence
Michayla Lawrence 20 dagar sedan
“Ah pachabels canon I think I know what song stole from this!” You mean almost every song ever :p
Agata Olejarczyk
Agata Olejarczyk 20 dagar sedan
That Bosso's piece is stunning!
Olivia Everts
Olivia Everts 20 dagar sedan
Clair de Lune was also copied by Flight Facilities who was then copied by Telstra 😂 If you live in Australia you’ll know what I’m talking about
gAlacTic gLOry
gAlacTic gLOry 21 dag sedan
Me - I don't know any of these classical songs like Joel said- Me again when I hear Clair de Lune - FINALLY A SONG I KNOW I WAS TOTALLY WRONG BEFORE!- (I also knew another song lol)
Santiago Alexis
Santiago Alexis 21 dag sedan
Gabriel Fauré - pavane in f-sharp minor op. 50 sounds the same as Natural from S club 7
Kelley Chambers
Kelley Chambers 21 dag sedan
My dear Joel.... you'd get so much from Classical music if you give it a valiant effort... it evokes creativity, organized thought and relaxes anxiety... like I said earlier, I'm a die hard grunge girl but I have a soft spot for Classical and many other genres of music.
PorcelainRequiem 21 dag sedan
Everything's Gonna Be Alright by Sweetbox samples some of Bach's Air on a G String.
MrFirefox411 22 dagar sedan
Where are my TwoSet fans?
TehKaiser 22 dagar sedan
Classical music is not monolithic. It was the pop of the day.
NFS&P Barrister
NFS&P Barrister 22 dagar sedan
"I need to hear more classical music, it is so relaxing"😂😂😂😂 Sure Joel, may i recommend Tchaivkosky imperial waltz, Grieg "in mountain hall" and everything paganini?
666RoXXy666 Maggot
666RoXXy666 Maggot 22 dagar sedan
I laughed so hard when you did that "overpowered 13" with those flames 🤣 the op stands for Opera or Opus, I don't remember exactly 😘 but i like ur version more, so thanks for make me laugh the first time since two weeks now ❤
Busan26 22 dagar sedan
The group Sweetbox has a few ”borrowed” tunes 😂
Vinicius Zanella Fochesatto
Vinicius Zanella Fochesatto 23 dagar sedan
3:22 it remeber me Memories from Maroon 5 too
Jessica Mae
Jessica Mae 23 dagar sedan
Joel - Watch Blue Hawaii :) She's holding a music box & yes...that moment is very cringy. 😂
Jiao Zi
Jiao Zi 23 dagar sedan
A song named Freaks also copied part of Canon in D Major
cutiepiglete 23 dagar sedan
@RoomieOfficial Joel needs to make this a series! More of these videos because I love this one so much!
cutiepiglete 23 dagar sedan
Lol Joel's love with the dreamy/not dreamy composers in this video
Tylr Ng
Tylr Ng 23 dagar sedan
I was expecting to see Lana Del Rey's Old Money
Solveig Løvmyr
Solveig Løvmyr 24 dagar sedan
Op means opus, and it is a way to sort the works of a composer in the order from which it was composed. The lower the number is, the earlier it was written
Karolina Nowak
Karolina Nowak 24 dagar sedan
Its just me or song "All by myself" sounds like "Life on mars" by Bowie?
Lauren Kistler
Lauren Kistler 24 dagar sedan
Joel’s the dad that kids constantly ask to stop embarrassing them.
Shandi Combs
Shandi Combs 24 dagar sedan
Check out some Sweetbox songs.
Bojana Nikolovska
Bojana Nikolovska 24 dagar sedan
Beethiven sonata no8 also sounds like Queen Somebody to love
Linnéa Brickman-Sühl
Linnéa Brickman-Sühl 25 dagar sedan
Roomie needs another shirt: "it's a little cringey"
Kkachi 25 dagar sedan
Listening to Beethoven Symphonie Pathetique, I just hear Midnight Blue by Louise Tucker
Carrie 25 dagar sedan
You say Cannon in D is a pretty song, as a cellist when I hear it, it just brings me pain
Umehana 2 dagar sedan
Exactly, this piece is the soundtrack in my nightmares, I swear
Lindorino 25 dagar sedan
I miss Mika he was so great!
Landon Kim
Landon Kim 25 dagar sedan
Being a classical musician let's me do this video but by myself and everyday.
Hanna Gąsior
Hanna Gąsior 26 dagar sedan
Fun fact!! 6:18 - J. S. Bach just used his name. It's B-A-C-H theme 👏👏 😎 N this theme was used by classical musician after Bach about 400 times
Caitlin LeFebvre
Caitlin LeFebvre 26 dagar sedan
Joel it is Bach (bo-ck) not (back). Op. Means opera Joel it is Beethoven (bay-to-ven) not (bee-to-ven) Joel it is Prelude (pray-luxe) not (pre-luxe) Thank You
Mr. glacer
Mr. glacer 26 dagar sedan
ethan 14
ethan 14 26 dagar sedan
I feel like songs need to be made royalty-free sooner because having it be the artists' life plus 70 years is far too long.
cecilia crijnen
cecilia crijnen 26 dagar sedan
Prelude N1 Bach - that Zayn guy also trying a Bobby McFerrin thing :/
Atiny Golden deer
Atiny Golden deer 27 dagar sedan
whoa I didn't know Don't look back in anger was inspired by a classical song, it sounds to me so different whaaaat
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