Original Songs vs Weird Al Parodies

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Do you prefer the ORIGINAL songs or the WEIRD AL parodies??!

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Original Songs vs Weird Al Parodies

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Joe Mark Billington
Joe Mark Billington Timme sedan
I wish I could be objective as you guys. I hate so much pop trash including Green Day and Lady Gaga but wish I wasnt such an ahole about it :)
fryloc359 2 timmar sedan
I remember watching Mtv back when they still played videos, and recording all the Weird Al videos that came on.
fryloc359 2 timmar sedan
It doesn't matter what the original is, I will always sing the Weird Al version.
Sydney Cavins
Sydney Cavins 3 timmar sedan
3rd time I’ve watched this in the last 2 weeks
draco argentum
draco argentum 4 timmar sedan
Weird Al is a National Treasure. He needs to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I'd vote his music over the originals every time, and it sucks I VERY rarely hear hi music on the radio: a song starts up, but no it's the original, every time...
Feve5 4 timmar sedan
"That's not how you pronounce [bologna]." Yeah, that's not how you pronounce Yankovic either, idiot.
Toby Turtle
Toby Turtle 5 timmar sedan
What about tacky
Andrew KIng
Andrew KIng 5 timmar sedan
HD600 gang??????
Jesse McNamara Sr
Jesse McNamara Sr 5 timmar sedan
What no jedi song?? Amish, yall missed some great ones, even MJ ones,
Spyro Shurtagul
Spyro Shurtagul 5 timmar sedan
Weird Al is my jam. I'm really glad my anthem, White and Nerdy, made it into the video, but like others are saying, missing some classics like Amish Paradise, Eat It, Like A Surgeon, etc.
Theaddekalk 6 timmar sedan
skulle visat carolas mickey sång också för han !
joe Buda
joe Buda 12 timmar sedan
Seriously how do you not do Amish Paradise
Potato Guy
Potato Guy 16 timmar sedan
Oh I thought it was AI parodys lol
PacificKnights 16 timmar sedan
“Kinda boomer” to make fun of Nirvana? Seriously? If you were around when “Smells Like Teen Spirit” came out, you’d know a lot of us had a helluva time trying to figure out WTF Kurt was singing! You gotta remember, this was long before anyone could jump Google (let alone, get online) and look up the lyrics. A lot of us did mumble along to the song until the parts we could understand would come up. Weird Al simply tapped into the vein of what we all felt about that song…lol. There was no Ill intent. As you pointed out, Kurt himself LOVED Weird Al’s version.
Evan Hubbard
Evan Hubbard 17 timmar sedan
5 minutes into the video hey welcome back.
Lucie Canga
Lucie Canga 17 timmar sedan
The Canadian idiot was offensive.
Matthew Singleton
Matthew Singleton 18 timmar sedan
"Eat it" put All on the map. "Who's fat?" was so classic.And yes Amish Paradise was better than gangsters paradise!!! And I am not taking away from gangsters paradise it deserved to be a hgit but that is how fire Al was.
Patrick Deville
Patrick Deville 18 timmar sedan
Plot twist: they actually been copying weird Al
trekkiexb5 19 timmar sedan
As for "Lucy" watch "I Love Lucy" then you will get that was an awesome parody!
JLordjames amv
JLordjames amv 19 timmar sedan
American pie!!!
TomK. 19 timmar sedan
Man, this was frustrating to listen to! Have you boys ever listened to these songs all the way through? And your selections didn't make sense. Where's, "Like a Surgeon"? "Dare to be Stupid"? "I Want a New Duck"? "Yoda"? "Amish Paradise"? "Eat It"? "Fat"? Do you know Michael Jackson gave Al permission to use the set of "Badder" to make, "Fat"? Did you notice that was Donny Osmond in the "White & Nerdy" video? Donny Osmond who is so white when he smiles is invisible in a snowstorm?
Shadex De'Marr
Shadex De'Marr 19 timmar sedan
I found it interesting that Daniel, who's channel is literally built upon writing funny songs, did not lean toward Al in more cases.
Tyson Elie
Tyson Elie 19 timmar sedan
WHY DID YOU NOT PUT IN EAT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eduardo Cruz
Eduardo Cruz 19 timmar sedan
Stephanie Garner
Stephanie Garner 19 timmar sedan
You don't appreciate Word Crimes.... You lost any credibility you thought you had...
Danny Key
Danny Key 20 timmar sedan
Maybe do the same thing next video, but it should be Original vs Bart Baker. If you don't know who he is he was a parody artist but is now a Chinese Tik Tok star.
bgmnyt 20 timmar sedan
Part two, three,..... more Weird Al vs.
Lauren Goodman
Lauren Goodman 20 timmar sedan
Bruh, where's Tin Foil though? ( Royal parody )
Saint the noob
Saint the noob 21 timme sedan
his new stuff is still good
Ryan Bayley
Ryan Bayley Dag sedan
Joan Jet looks like a female Steve Perry
Alchemy Dag sedan
I can’t believe they didn’t put Micheal Jackson on the list. Eat It and Fat are two of Al's best songs
Confuddle Leg
Confuddle Leg Dag sedan
I think the issue with this is that even a really good parody is hard to stack up against the original; it isn't meant to be superior artistically, it is just meant to be entertaining. Suggestion: parody vs. parody! Take a Weird Al parody of a song and another parody artist's crack at it!
draco argentum
draco argentum 3 timmar sedan
but, there is only Weird Al's parody...
pedrodaone Dag sedan
Naahh lol the original Ridin dirty for me but to each their own
MaroonN Dag sedan
I don't care what you says, but Word Crimes absolutely slaps
Eric Best
Eric Best Dag sedan
Originall of I love rock n roll is by the arrows
Aiden Warren
Aiden Warren Dag sedan
I love rock and roll by Joan Jett is a cover
Sam Hill
Sam Hill Dag sedan
CatTat75 Dag sedan
Weird Al did a concert at our state fair years ago.. I grew up listening to his music love it!
Angi Myers
Angi Myers Dag sedan
Missing not only Amish Paradise but what about The Saga Begins?!?
Crystal Ingham
Crystal Ingham Dag sedan
Kinda think they need to do a Bart Baker parody comparison if they want funny 😂😂
꧁Marianne Miller ʕ๑•ᴥ•๑ʔ꧂
꧁Marianne Miller ʕ๑•ᴥ•๑ʔ꧂ Dag sedan
HE'S GERMAN!!!??? 😂 12:03
Malen Blue
Malen Blue Dag sedan
0:27 not finger syncing Well GUI-faking
PotatoGodYT7 Dag sedan
Where is Micheal Jackson: Bad
ZX99 Dag sedan
4:15 hahahaahah
Hoggie.hogwarts 2 dagar sedan
Blurred lines was a priority on Richard and Rolanda
Hoggie.hogwarts 2 dagar sedan
Who else is vibing with Danny ion born this way
Fredrik Nilsson
Fredrik Nilsson 2 dagar sedan
Dude, hur missade du att ta upp carola´s version av hej micke :P
Hoggie.hogwarts 2 dagar sedan
My 2 favorite music people’s colabing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
lokisgodhi 2 dagar sedan
Clearly no research was done here. I Love Rock and Roll was a cover of song written and recorded several years before Joan Jett's recording by the group, The Arrows, in 1975.
Logan Johnson
Logan Johnson 2 dagar sedan
more weird al
BansheeMilk 2 dagar sedan
Those were moles not warts
エドノバツ弾薬猫二六二 2 dagar sedan
Toni Basil: Hey Mickey Mickey: STFU Toni
GoodBoiPlays 2 dagar sedan
Am I the only one thinking that daniel looks like slimecicle?
Shane Shellenbarger
Shane Shellenbarger 2 dagar sedan
I will still go to Weird AL concerts because "I'm White and Nerdy."
RockCritic 2 dagar sedan
we need the best ones such as, eat it, fat (the best), another rides the bus, amish paradise and a few others
Michael Martin
Michael Martin 2 dagar sedan
They should have covered "Trapped in the Drive-Thru", a parody of R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet". Or "Whatever You Like", a parody of a T.I. song of the same name. They complain about how old the songs are, and miss his most iconic ones of the last decade.
Stolen Lullabies
Stolen Lullabies 2 dagar sedan
I'm sorry but I'm ready to see the s*xual tension between Joel and Daniel...
StoicKobra 2 dagar sedan
99% of the parodies are better
xwarped1 2 dagar sedan
how can you not do Gangster's Paradise parody (Amish Paradise)???? Or like a surgeon
New Light Gaming
New Light Gaming 2 dagar sedan
how long you guys dated you are awesome
Rosalie Sanford
Rosalie Sanford 2 dagar sedan
You two are to young to appreciate Al
TomApple 2 dagar sedan
Aluminum Foil is one of my favorites
Phil Anderson
Phil Anderson 2 dagar sedan
Chris Mann does a parody of My Sharona called My Corona
Blue Wolf Warrior Ghost
Blue Wolf Warrior Ghost 2 dagar sedan
Can we just spend a few minutes to appreciate Daniel's goodbye? 🥲
AM B 2 dagar sedan
Ummmm.... Where is ANYTHING from the 80s and 90s?? I grew up on Weird Al!
Starflight’s favorite scroll
Starflight’s favorite scroll 2 dagar sedan
11:39 I am making that into a gif so I can use it on discord yes.
David Rosoff
David Rosoff 2 dagar sedan
This video has some fun aspects, but, ultimately, it doesn't work. I enjoyed their silliness, & the factoids were great. But, you can't appreciate Weird Al's parodies in snippets. The parodies work as a whole. You can't judge a Weird Al parody unless you listen to/watch the whole thing. Therefore, their whole "which is better" comparison doesn't work.
Steven Chisham
Steven Chisham 3 dagar sedan
kinda sad that you skipped the entire "bad hair day" album
Jeannie Whitcomb
Jeannie Whitcomb 3 dagar sedan
You're beautiful is a dude unaliving himself after seeing a women on the subway... once! His voice is good yes. But the song itself is bad.
Norma X Luna
Norma X Luna 3 dagar sedan
I needed more weird al content.
Unknown 1644
Unknown 1644 3 dagar sedan
14:29 that profile pic😂 wowmuchShiba indeed👍
fishtripper 3 dagar sedan
No saga begins or headline news? Bummer
Christopher Burns
Christopher Burns 3 dagar sedan
This would be ok if these two would just shut up.
KalderiusUSA 3 dagar sedan
Funny thing about Toni Basil... she was 39 when she did Hey Mickey! LMAO
Spikedvampero 3 dagar sedan
are u kidding me im living in an amish paradise while i run with scissors with a polka face WHILE another one rides the bus AND its even a party in the CIA
Snickering Girl
Snickering Girl 3 dagar sedan
For me I love so many of his songs, the older the better IMO, of his new stuff Handy is too damn catchy I sing it instead of the original all the time. Forgot about Tacky too! Great songs
Michelle Mullin
Michelle Mullin 3 dagar sedan
I Love Lucy show😂👍
Ethan Martin
Ethan Martin 3 dagar sedan
Aww you guys missed a few very good Weird Al songs :(
Tacolover3707 3 dagar sedan
To be honest I really like word crimes because it’s how I want to correct people when I hear them talk 😂
Emily Dockstader
Emily Dockstader 3 dagar sedan
"Smells like Nirvana" threw me off
Paul Amend
Paul Amend 3 dagar sedan
They reacted to none of the good weird al songs
Alrica Neshama
Alrica Neshama 3 dagar sedan
Weird Al's parodies are the best. I do not like the original song of "word crimes". I highly prefer Weird Al's over the originals.
Sally Chandler
Sally Chandler 3 dagar sedan
You two are too young to remember the guy dancing with Weird Al in White and Nerdy but his name is Donny Osmond. He was a teen heartthrob in the “60’s. Al said Donny was the whitest and nerdiest person he could think of,
Trinka B
Trinka B 3 dagar sedan
Missing some KEY Weird Al moments. Like A Surgeon (Madonna parody), Fat (but I can see you feeling as if you'd offend, but it was a shot by shot recreation of the original Michael Jackson video, including the exact locations, serious quality in production values, costuming, choreography, etc.), same with Eat It, also Amish Paradise, The Saga Begins, It's All About The Pentiums (he spits mad bars,) and SO many more! Although some of the references will go over the heads of those who were not steeped in American pop culture, you have to respect the skill, creativity, word play, and talent he puts into all his music.
pink__ 3 dagar sedan
weird al will always win
Kim Dierner
Kim Dierner 3 dagar sedan
The last song you need to hear the whole song for it to be really funny
Walker Edwards
Walker Edwards 3 dagar sedan
Weird al is so weird
davincent98 3 dagar sedan
White and nerdy wasn't his first hot 100 single. That was Eat It back in 1983 which peaked at #13
Annelei P
Annelei P 3 dagar sedan
"I wonder if he copied JacksFilms" -- ya'll are too young for your own good.
Chris Perry
Chris Perry 4 dagar sedan
Awesome video
Christopher Ansbach
Christopher Ansbach 4 dagar sedan
How can *ANY* Weird Al list not have one of his Michael Jackson parodies?
Chris Matthews
Chris Matthews 4 dagar sedan
Unfortunately, Roomie, I expect to see a little more thought than, "I like the original song, so it's better." Some objective standards would help, here. Word Crimes, for example, had much more sophisticated lyrics with stronger social commentary than the original, while still being spot on as far as the music is concerned, and is therefore the superior version, whether or not the original is "a bop."
gorilla man
gorilla man 4 dagar sedan
Weird Al Yankovic is amazing
koolkole27 4 dagar sedan
He hasn't made any parodies for so long!! There are tons of good songs that would be a perfect song to parody by him.
Ej Sierra
Ej Sierra 4 dagar sedan
Too bad they didn't do some of his other ones like Just Eat it, Another One Rides The Bus, I'm Fat, etc.
Kelly Stout
Kelly Stout 4 dagar sedan
But no, seriously, WHERE IN THE FUCK IS... Party In The C.I.A.
Papercut337 4 dagar sedan
I can’t believe they didn’t donAmish Paradise. Also, Weird Al’s polka covers are amazing
pbcman1 4 dagar sedan
I made a remake of Blurred lines about stains in your underwear I called it "Turd Lines" the video would have been just like the piss on you remix video.....the Dave Chappelle not the R.Kelly one😒
bluebandit834 4 dagar sedan
Weird Al doesn't do just parodies. Every other song on every album is an original and some of them are simply awesome. My favorite is "When I Was Your Age". He and his band , who have been together since the 1980's are also one of the best live shows you will ever see. Super tight... like Eagles tight and can play in any genre. He is also one of the nicest guys in the business who always has time for his fans and keeps his ticket prices low.
Chris The Writing Jester
Chris The Writing Jester 4 dagar sedan
Saw Weird Al live back in 1998, it was awesome! I think people love Weird Al because the songs are a funny take and not an attack. So many parody songs nowadays are just harsh attacks on people and they flat out suck.
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