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Listen to Lil Pitchy's new song "Just for You":


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EJuan Studio
EJuan Studio 3 timmar sedan
Roomie can you please rate the original song and the re arrange songs from the movie of trolls thank you and God Bless i hope you notice this ❤️ shout out John Bryell❤️
Homo Ex Interiore Pace
Homo Ex Interiore Pace Dag sedan
Over the Top - Meet me half way ( Kenny Loggins)
Stefan mannberg
Stefan mannberg Dag sedan
Karate kid 🤔
Erik Perhs
Erik Perhs 2 dagar sedan
Imagine when Roomie discover that Shallow became the most awarded song in history 👀
GlitterandCoffee xoxo
GlitterandCoffee xoxo 2 dagar sedan
Eye of the tiger! I wondered if you’d include! Right on!
psycho potato
psycho potato 3 dagar sedan
Roomie and the seven dwarves We NEED THE MOVIE
RiCkYRAtThEtaRpOpE 3 dagar sedan
I think guardians of the galaxy has very good soundtrack songs and their integrated very well.
Adi Tomasik
Adi Tomasik 3 dagar sedan
Suicide squad might not be the best movie BUT it definitely had a great soundtrack with "heathens" and "sucker for pain" being in there, can't believe it was left out.
Esteban Alvarez-tostado
Esteban Alvarez-tostado 4 dagar sedan
roomie:titanic is unknown me:are you crazy!!
Paige Keese
Paige Keese 4 dagar sedan
“I’ll make a man out of you” from Mulon! 10/10
Rianne Dijkstra
Rianne Dijkstra 4 dagar sedan
Okay i'm so offended, everything i do (i do it for you) IS A GREAT SONG
Kenneth Senpai
Kenneth Senpai 5 dagar sedan
1:58 , Theon Greyjoy? 😂
Dylan Graham
Dylan Graham 5 dagar sedan
A Movie soundtrack video without Spider-man Into the Spider-verse is like A most popular franchise video without marvel
Billylee Robson
Billylee Robson 6 dagar sedan
Was hoping armageddon Aerosmith would be on here
racq2210 racq2210
racq2210 racq2210 5 dagar sedan
OMG SAME but it wasnt
Manta OP
Manta OP 6 dagar sedan
Sucker for pain and Heathens are amazing movie soundtrack songs
Andy Oswald
Andy Oswald 6 dagar sedan
5:20 misheard lyric: I believe that the hot dog goes on
Fandom Flics
Fandom Flics 6 dagar sedan
Roomie, I blame you for my nostalgia fever
Lara Heitz
Lara Heitz 7 dagar sedan
The disrespect to My Heart will go on ahhhhh
Olivia MAMONE 7 dagar sedan
i love joel trying to dance to the top gun song lol
Benjamin Serrano
Benjamin Serrano 7 dagar sedan
Me listening to trap music nowadays 🤟🤘🏽👌🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽👁👅👁 Roomies listening to 70s music 👁👅👁🦹🏽‍♂️🦹🏽‍♂️🦹🏽‍♂️🦹🏽‍♂️🦹🏽‍♂️🦹🏽‍♂️
Hannah Wolford
Hannah Wolford 8 dagar sedan
The fact you didn’t include Seal’s “A Kiss From a Rose” from the Batman Forever soundtrack is an eternal disappointment. (Only half kidding cause it was a great video anyways)
Rufus James Savage
Rufus James Savage 8 dagar sedan
That fish for a gun in the sky fall song trailer killed me
Sam Souyave-Murphy
Sam Souyave-Murphy 8 dagar sedan
“I don’t know why [Bryan Adams’ (Everything I Do) I Do It For You is] not funny. It’s from the 80s, but it’s not funny.” It’s not supposed to be funny, bro! It’s a heartfelt and tender song.
Lord Aragon
Lord Aragon 8 dagar sedan
Umm, where in the hell is shrek? WHERE IS SHREK?
luis miranda García
luis miranda García 8 dagar sedan
Why do you have to put milk
Ray Hope
Ray Hope 8 dagar sedan
I admire how much Joel loves his runs
theSTAG 8 dagar sedan
Chris Kurian Abraham
Chris Kurian Abraham 9 dagar sedan
WHERE TF IS VENOM??? i was freaking waiting for it the whole video
txell blanxer
txell blanxer 9 dagar sedan
In the mood of love soundtrack, or the Monzón wedding soundtrack, great songs, integrated in the movies
wayne Hendricks
wayne Hendricks 9 dagar sedan
Everything I do = 6/10?? You must be crazy bro. This song is still perfect. Maybe just a little before your time.
Laila Mahomed
Laila Mahomed 9 dagar sedan
I expected Top Gun!
Laila Mahomed
Laila Mahomed 9 dagar sedan
Where's Back to Life from Bumblebee?
Laila Mahomed
Laila Mahomed 9 dagar sedan
A million on my Soul by Alexiane from Valerian should be here
Laila Mahomed
Laila Mahomed 9 dagar sedan
Still watching this and waiting for Black Panther Edit: yes!! It's there!
Laila Mahomed
Laila Mahomed 9 dagar sedan
Lady Gaga looks so different without her usual costumes
Ariv Froso
Ariv Froso 9 dagar sedan
Dear Joel, I'm not sure if you've ever seen the hunger games, but there isn't really any songs in the movie. It's more ambiance and a little bit of instrumental, but nothing you'd consider songs except for the lullaby she sings. They released a "soundtrack" of songs inspired by the book/movie.
Minecraft Nerd
Minecraft Nerd 9 dagar sedan
Skyfall and the Eminem song are the best
Mia Sancto
Mia Sancto 9 dagar sedan
Kendrick Lamar wrote the entire soundtrack for Black Panther
Moony2 Lupin
Moony2 Lupin 9 dagar sedan
Me: *confused as to why james bond was holding a fish gun* Also me: is it a water gun-
SSG121 9 dagar sedan
Adele's Skyfall is considered one of the best Bond songs, I'm shocked he considers it forgettable.
Mahmoud ghoneim
Mahmoud ghoneim 9 dagar sedan
Was anyone else waiting on kiss from a rose by seal ??
Mirjam Botman
Mirjam Botman 9 dagar sedan
Of most songs I didn't even know they were from/in a movie 😅
highhopes 9 dagar sedan
The best Bond song is You Know My Name. Period.
Leo Hautanen
Leo Hautanen 10 dagar sedan
I'm mad because Writings on the Wall was not here
Arnau Arevalo Morell(Student)
Arnau Arevalo Morell(Student) 10 dagar sedan
See you again has much better integration in the movie
Scheta 10 dagar sedan
I thought the fish is what they used in the movie, well I'm dumb
Martina Bogetti
Martina Bogetti 10 dagar sedan
Rony George
Rony George 10 dagar sedan
Where is the sunflower???
Tara Jong
Tara Jong 10 dagar sedan
Elton John lion king
Tara Jong
Tara Jong 10 dagar sedan
New classic
Nick Simms
Nick Simms 10 dagar sedan
Steely Dan- FM. No Danny Elfman though? Also that Lego Movie 2 song that Beck did is honestly a solid 9/10
Kevin Roth
Kevin Roth 10 dagar sedan
There are many artists left off this list. I understand choices are made, but to not include Will Smith (MIB), David Bowie (Labyrinth) and Danny Elfman (Nightmare Before Christmas) is shameful! :)
Grace Rattigan
Grace Rattigan 10 dagar sedan
The haircut tho 👍
Henry Skyline
Henry Skyline 10 dagar sedan
Joel: "Those are all songs from the credits" Also Joel: "Lose Yourself integrates so well into the movie" Me: *watching 8 Mile and realizing that the song begins in the credits
Addison Shaneyfelt
Addison Shaneyfelt 10 dagar sedan
I’m going to get so insulted for knowing what the movie Billy the Kid is. Then again, I live in Alabama, so I should know westerns fairly well.
Pop Land
Pop Land 11 dagar sedan
Hey you where is Sunflower.
It’s me
It’s me 11 dagar sedan
It wasn’t were far from the shallow ground but far from the shallow now
sarah najjar
sarah najjar 11 dagar sedan
I wish Joel reacted to Better Love by Hozier from Tarzan .. It's amazing
María Jesús Silva Pino
María Jesús Silva Pino 11 dagar sedan
Me not crying: finally, the civil wars appears
Nio Araña
Nio Araña 11 dagar sedan
Me waiting for Fall out boy- Immortals And Panic! At The Disco - into the unknown 🙂😌🙂
JacksonBrickMedia 11 dagar sedan
Or what about the electric light orchestra doing the soundtrack for the movie Xanadu. Lol. The movie is terrible but I actually really like their songs a lot unironically a whole lot.
Irene Di Brino
Irene Di Brino 11 dagar sedan
Okay but where's HUNGRY EYES??? 😂
Amelia Caderet
Amelia Caderet 11 dagar sedan
But where is Back to the Future and Huey Lewis???
Leah Ball
Leah Ball 11 dagar sedan
David Bowie Hero’s from The Breakfast Club not being included seems criminal
Kaylee Verschure
Kaylee Verschure 12 dagar sedan
for me i like the instrumental stuff on soundtracks most of the time a lot more or it has to be a musical film then i like both most of the time
Abigail Power
Abigail Power 12 dagar sedan
Better watch out! I got a fish, and I'm not afraid to use it!! 🐠 😂
Vasylyna Korol
Vasylyna Korol 12 dagar sedan
Sheeran wrote the song after seeing the movie and it fits perfectly. And omg it gives me chills every time. Solid 10/10 for me
Hayley Cartwright
Hayley Cartwright 12 dagar sedan
*Bryan Adams Everything I Do comes on* Joel: ooooh this is not a good song Me: "It's my parents song. They had it for the first dance at their wedding"
福里MEG 12 dagar sedan
I got so mad at the live and let die but ill let it slide roomie-.-
Kingdom hearts Is the best
Kingdom hearts Is the best 12 dagar sedan
I agree with roomies opinion on most of these song but say the Bryan Adams song isn’t funny when it’s not meant to be seems a bit strange to me
Eirik Nikolaisen
Eirik Nikolaisen 12 dagar sedan
I’m kinda mad The Weeknd’s «Earned It» from «Fifty Shades of Grey» is not in this video, that’s a solid 10 for me.
lets ficks
lets ficks 12 dagar sedan
Phil Collins and Tarzan should be on here
Samuel Button
Samuel Button 12 dagar sedan
"Hey, I need a new weapon, one that no one will expect." "It's dangerous to go alone! Take this." *Gives him a fish*
Abigail Power
Abigail Power 12 dagar sedan
Heck Hitman uses fishes as a weapon 😂
Torri Garnet
Torri Garnet 12 dagar sedan
When "Live and Let Die" is a better Shrek song than a Bond song
HG 12 dagar sedan
Where's pretty woman at
Fabian E. Barrera A.
Fabian E. Barrera A. 12 dagar sedan
Ow, I wanted to see nightcall drive from drive
Tommy Cassidy
Tommy Cassidy 12 dagar sedan
Where was 'who wants to live forever' - by Queen in the film Highlander 😟
Luis Govea
Luis Govea 12 dagar sedan
I’m liking your channel but you need to look up the era before recording. You keep saying a song was 80s when it wasn’t. The Beegees was 79’ and Robin Hood was 91’. Also how dare you leave out Berlin “ take my breath away”
BH 12 dagar sedan
Also how are you not a fan of the rocky series
BH 12 dagar sedan
Filip 13 dagar sedan
For great songs truly integrated into the movie, check out Queens work on Highlander (1986). The even made a slow balad with a sax solo (One Year of Love)!
asterixxer 13 dagar sedan
The Bond Songs are a "world" of its own. The all have the Bond vibe. And there are some normal songs that sound like a Bond song. Like Supremacy from Muse.
Aaron S.
Aaron S. 13 dagar sedan
not him saying that justin timberlake song is better than shallow........ goodbye
Nick Olas
Nick Olas 13 dagar sedan
Suicide squad?
Nick Olas
Nick Olas 13 dagar sedan
Now whoever forgot Skyfall 🙄
Dudez Hatdog
Dudez Hatdog 13 dagar sedan
Where is the Bohemian Rhapsody in the Bohemian Rhapsody movie?
Kinga Długa
Kinga Długa 13 dagar sedan
Joel you look great
ukelele guitar
ukelele guitar 13 dagar sedan
Everyone's talking about sunflower and into the spider verse but I'm just here like what about Immortals by fallout boy from big hero six?
Oscar Thulinsson
Oscar Thulinsson 13 dagar sedan
Daft punk did all the music in Tron Legacy and it's my favorite soundtrack
Paloma Vassolo
Paloma Vassolo 13 dagar sedan
U need to add No time to die from Billie Eilish
The_Cindy 13 dagar sedan
Can we get a complete comentary on the shrek soundtrack????
Yazzmaniac 13 dagar sedan
1:22 God i hate myself so much cuz i notices Joel was a semitone higher when he sang that little riff from "Shallow" and idk why it's bothering me so much (Also the lyric mess up but i didn't really notice that once my brain was preoccupied with the key change)
George Sarte
George Sarte 13 dagar sedan
Hailee Steinfeld - Back to Life (Bumblebee)
Alejandro Uzcategui
Alejandro Uzcategui 13 dagar sedan
How eye of the tiger is bigger than the movie XD, that song wouldn't have gone to where it got without Rocky, it was the perfect symbiosis
Flyman 13 dagar sedan
Partially disappointed with the lack of Spiderverse since those songs S L A P
Emma 13 dagar sedan
What I realized is that they used to put the soundtrack into the movie in the older movies and nowadays if there’s music in a movie, it’s maybe a theme from the soundtrack and not the actual song, or same chords as the soundtrack, so the soundtrack can sell as it’s own song commercially. And also when the artists who perform the soundtracks, they pull in more people (fans for example) they’ll also have separate music videos for the movie with the artist which is another way to market the movie
Linnéa Brickman-Sühl
Linnéa Brickman-Sühl 13 dagar sedan
Joel should've had Belly Boyd's song Last Goodbye from the Hobbit movies in as well, I love I see fire, but unless you're a Lotr nerd I doubt you'll understand why it's good xD But "last Goodbye" is just amazing! it's a farewell to all the Lotr's and hobbit movies, as well as a goodbye to the passed actors who were in them.
Katsuki Bakugou
Katsuki Bakugou 13 dagar sedan
imagine if billie eilish's bond song got here LOL
Mads 13 dagar sedan
Uuuh, i love the “hot dogs go on”
JennyApostolos 13 dagar sedan
next video request: "Inappropriate songs to play at a funeral."
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