Guessing Singers From Their VOICE Only #2

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Guessing Singers From Their VOICE Only #2

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Jhon Yuzon
Jhon Yuzon 20 timmar sedan
We've been missing you so much Joel😢
sisi lynn
sisi lynn 21 timme sedan
trying to sound african american?????
Sleepy Boi
Sleepy Boi 22 timmar sedan
2:12 his face...
Krowe Dag sedan
I never understood the idea behind Masked Singer but it's pretty fun to watch
Faze_Tacos Dag sedan
puts headphone up to mic sound is better
Gintvile Dag sedan
I said that you should review Tori Kelly long time agoooo!!!!!!!
Shihoblade Dag sedan
Lil Wayne was so obvious that it hurts.
Not Quite My Tempo
Not Quite My Tempo Dag sedan
Yeah, very distinct voice. Similarly obvious was when Busta Rhymes was on that show. The moment he opened his mouth you just know it's him, there's no one that sounds like him.
S Fuku
S Fuku Dag sedan
I know my unmasked singers so well, I take one look at them and I'm like "oh its _________________'' lol who else feels like that?
PawsForPhilly Dag sedan
Roomie the heavy auto tune is to help disguise voices, it wouldn’t be as hard to guess who’s who if they sent them out with their regular unedited voices.
Jett Honaker
Jett Honaker Dag sedan
𝙷𝚘𝚠 𝚍𝚘𝚎𝚜 𝚑𝚎 𝚍𝚘 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚜
Enedio Metushi
Enedio Metushi 2 dagar sedan
Did anyone see logan paul
Aquaxツ 3 dagar sedan
There’s no auto tune in this lol
Aquaxツ Dag sedan
@TheLostHero1776 idek
TheLostHero1776 Dag sedan
@Aquaxツ he’s spent a lot of time around music so if he says there is there probably is
Aquaxツ 2 dagar sedan
@Mr.Fishstick _YT only a tiny if not none
Mr.Fishstick _YT
Mr.Fishstick _YT 2 dagar sedan
You can tell there’s a bit of auto tune right?
P GM 3 dagar sedan
Please react to the black swans all performances on masked singer s5!!!
Naomi Rocha
Naomi Rocha 4 dagar sedan
I forgot how miss monster is
Mizt_Mz 4 dagar sedan
Me when i saw thumbnail Logan paul huh Me watching the video no logan paul 5:27 its logan paul
VolcanicO Does stuff
VolcanicO Does stuff 4 dagar sedan
I love how much Roomie just INSULTED logan paul’s performance
VolcanicO Does stuff
VolcanicO Does stuff 4 dagar sedan
*imagine if someone sang a very memey song on the masked singer*
some moronic penguin
some moronic penguin 5 dagar sedan
Lmao Logan paul
Aaron Taylor
Aaron Taylor 5 dagar sedan
3:04 roomie really do be the napom of singing loool
The Lucid Mudkip
The Lucid Mudkip 6 dagar sedan
“#1 victory royale yeah masked singer we bouta fall off our chair”
TheMoonLad! 6 dagar sedan
2:12 that is me when I realise that I am going to go to a football (soccer) game for the first time in 2 years.
RandOOOm Planet
RandOOOm Planet 6 dagar sedan
I didn’t even like the night angel for some reason
Spyro Shurtagul
Spyro Shurtagul 6 dagar sedan
I was proud of myself for guessing Tori Kelly correctly hahaha
Andrew Weakley
Andrew Weakley 6 dagar sedan
the way he said “little wayne” 😂💀
Tabi3ee 6 dagar sedan
Joel sounds litte like crocodile 😂😂😆😂
Free 7 dagar sedan
On the auto tune comment, I read once that whatever version of a song they choose, they try to keep it as similar and true to the track recording as possible. This includes any vocal effects or background singers. For example, if they cover a song that has lots of background vocals and a part that has echo with auto tune, they’ll perform it on the show with the background vocals and echo with auto tune added. If they pick a song version that has no effects they won’t add any to it. Just depends on the person and what version/cover of a song they choose.
Tøri 7 dagar sedan
I'm not a Roomie simp but it's so cute when he gets excited 😂
GJ's Piano
GJ's Piano 7 dagar sedan
searched them up before¿¿
Charlton Chong
Charlton Chong 7 dagar sedan
When I see Logan Paul something immediately come to my mind and I hope I didn't cause trouble when I say this K.S.I
Icee youhh
Icee youhh 7 dagar sedan
Joel:I'm guessing this is an influence. "It's Logan Paul" Me: guess who already watched this before making a vid for his channel. 😝😂🤣
Zane Suttles
Zane Suttles 7 dagar sedan
Its him skipping the song and looking
FieryBread 7 dagar sedan
when joel said the phoenix was an old man, *i felt that*
Elise Kay
Elise Kay 7 dagar sedan
Hippo Pineapple Deer Poodle Unicorn Raven Alien Lion Rabbit Bee Peacock Egg Ice cream Panda Eagle Penguin Ladybug Llama Mouse Taco Bear T. rex White tiger Kangaroo Banana Astronaut Kitty Rhino Turtle Dragon Gremlin Giraffe Baby alien Lips Squiggly monster Snow owls Serpent Whatchamacallit (yes that’s an actual costume) Broccoli Popcorn Raccoon (thought phoenix was tone deaf?) Bulldog Orca Crab Seashell Robo/porcupine Yeti Chameleon Black swan Piglet Did I just put every single costume he didn’t do here? Yes. Do I regret it? Not really
Elise Kay
Elise Kay 3 dagar sedan
Also tree
paget allen
paget allen 8 dagar sedan
At the time 10:20 in the video I said old white obviously as soon as he did. oh my God
oliver nunn
oliver nunn 8 dagar sedan
the uk one isn't as auto-tuned
WaynesWorld 3D
WaynesWorld 3D 8 dagar sedan
ROOMIE: Caitlyn Jenner is a Tone deaf white man. Two weeks later: ROOMIE: bye guys! I'm gonna take some time Coincidence?
JustSomeone Dag sedan
ItzA GoodTime Gaming
ItzA GoodTime Gaming 8 dagar sedan
Joel: I think it's a girl... Me: NO REALLY I THOUGHT IT WAS A MAN
Victoria Berry
Victoria Berry 8 dagar sedan
How did you NOT get Lil Wayne INSTANTLY?? 😂😂 His voice is so unmistakable!
Sawyer Kraynik
Sawyer Kraynik 9 dagar sedan
According to the Masked Singer, Logan Paul is the father of T-Pain and Chaka Khan
Ceapri 9 dagar sedan
Petition for Roomie to Judge the masked singer Sign here: __________________
bbrayden_ 28
bbrayden_ 28 9 dagar sedan
Bruh u didn’t know lil Wayne , the most popular person to ever go on the show ? That bothered me so much 😂
Jay Games
Jay Games 9 dagar sedan
All "masked singer" must use a auto tune for the judges wont recognized who is the singer
bek 9 dagar sedan
Lmao got lilwayne right, was just guessing him as a joke
EpiKwithaK 9 dagar sedan
Is it just me or does “Crocodile” sound like Roomie!
Connor Thompson
Connor Thompson 9 dagar sedan
The fact that he randomly guessed the first two perfectly is impressive.
RINGO HULK777 9 dagar sedan
I'm waiting for Robert Downey Jr. to show up
Mir Me1233
Mir Me1233 9 dagar sedan
But my favorite part is ooOOooo Who is that
Mir Me1233
Mir Me1233 9 dagar sedan
As soon when this came out all the other ones came out
Jason skater
Jason skater 9 dagar sedan
ayy i got lil wayne
Jeanette Camas
Jeanette Camas 9 dagar sedan
Come on who ever doesn’t know Chloe Kim is uncultured
Tony Jhonson
Tony Jhonson 10 dagar sedan
《§hpæñķ€¥》 10 dagar sedan
Is it just me, or does Rommie look good in glasses?
Blaze Runner
Blaze Runner 10 dagar sedan
When ever he said auto tune I'm thinking it's voice changers in their masks not auto tune because it is the voice changers glitching out
Kevin Torres
Kevin Torres 10 dagar sedan
Yea this guy definitely cheated before they got revealed😂😂
Christian Snapp
Christian Snapp 10 dagar sedan
I knew the robot was lil wayne
Eren Jeager
Eren Jeager 10 dagar sedan
part 3?
Obama_ Yo_Mama
Obama_ Yo_Mama 10 dagar sedan
hmm... totally not cheating
YaBoyChubby 10 dagar sedan
Bow Wow was one of my favorites 😌
Pearl Butz
Pearl Butz 10 dagar sedan
Cause I luv u
Pearl Butz
Pearl Butz 10 dagar sedan
If u were on the masked singer I would cry
YBJTYA 10 dagar sedan
Shocked roomie doesn’t know lil wayne
A red witch.
A red witch. 11 dagar sedan
A little bit of Monica-... I’m so sorry-
Thoaoe 11 dagar sedan
CJ Mele
CJ Mele 11 dagar sedan
The guifakery on robot's performance makes me angry
Angry Weedle
Angry Weedle 11 dagar sedan
Ken cried when they unmasked the snowboard girl he knew exactly who she was and I think he even guessed her
Desperate Illustrator
Desperate Illustrator 11 dagar sedan
Pls do the UK masked singer they’re a bit more obscure for you to guess but there’s one or two that you will kick yourself for if you don’t guess them
Jessy Mathers
Jessy Mathers 11 dagar sedan
2:15 - 2:17 lol
Duckpanini 11 dagar sedan
Okay deposit and 11 Place am that I am at that actually hurt like taste leg on I don’t know what I’m saying but it actually could actually be a hero is like a man like she sings really good like a man but she’s actually got like like I don’t know what got into your mind like being amended to show what it what is the never mind bye
Farrel Fattah Rifasa
Farrel Fattah Rifasa 11 dagar sedan
Imagine if Marshmello in this video will he guess it's right?
Cameron Murray
Cameron Murray 11 dagar sedan
roomie how do u not know lil wayne
Cameron Murray
Cameron Murray 11 dagar sedan
there’s no way he guessed those
Avery Erickson
Avery Erickson 11 dagar sedan
l stclaire
l stclaire 11 dagar sedan
Ken Jeong did know it was Chloe Kim. He seems to know who all the athletes are. He's clearly a sports fan.
brian thompson
brian thompson 11 dagar sedan
Sam n
Sam n 11 dagar sedan
10:05 I didn't expect that voice 🤨
Johan Thunberg
Johan Thunberg 11 dagar sedan
The autotune makes the show awful :(
Christian Weddle
Christian Weddle 11 dagar sedan
AUTO TUNE AUTO TUNE AUTO TUNE, so repetitive, he's just so jealous of the people performing
shelby p
shelby p 11 dagar sedan
i knew it was tori kelly from one second lol she has an amazing voice
Luis Govea
Luis Govea 11 dagar sedan
Joel “white man” Mask off Joel 😯
zozo playz
zozo playz 12 dagar sedan
there's no auto-tune it was lve
Eddie Petrow
Eddie Petrow 12 dagar sedan
I'm pretty sure that's a darmahn actor at 4:00
Pickle the Dinosaur
Pickle the Dinosaur 12 dagar sedan
Dw Joel, you’re not transphobic for calling Caitlyn a white man
Pickle the Dinosaur
Pickle the Dinosaur 5 dagar sedan
@Angel ew a transphobe this comment isn’t for you babe
Angel 5 dagar sedan
Bruce is a white man though
S B 12 dagar sedan
Every season has a super old black lady
Sioned Parry
Sioned Parry 12 dagar sedan
Ur_Singer_Samir 12 dagar sedan
I appreciate his highly trained ear. It's not normal really.
Melina Seifert
Melina Seifert 12 dagar sedan
In Germany we have this show too :) Very nice ;)
Jaden Mehler
Jaden Mehler 12 dagar sedan
I guessed lil Wayne when he said gocha
Jessica Lansbery
Jessica Lansbery 12 dagar sedan
I’m happy that Joel finally gives Hanson the credit they deserve 😌 they really are amazing musicians!
Thomas Tameris
Thomas Tameris 12 dagar sedan
Joel should do a Chug Jug remix
Lionhart Wu
Lionhart Wu 12 dagar sedan
the point of the show is to guess who's singing so it does not matter if there good or bad at singing
Elsa 13 dagar sedan
I'm not sure where you found the videos for this but I've watched every season of this show and none of them were autotuned as heavily and as painful as these clips were holy shit
Nope 13 dagar sedan
I guessed Tori Kelly correctly 😂😂😂 damn
Elizabeth Spivey
Elizabeth Spivey 13 dagar sedan
If its Kermit I'm gonna shoot myself. (Its Kermit). Gunshot pov. Neighbors what was that
L W 13 dagar sedan
Imagine not knowing Chloe Kim 🥺
Teguh Sugiyanto
Teguh Sugiyanto 13 dagar sedan
did Joel fall that looks funny
Fufufu~ 13 dagar sedan
Joel looks good ^^
Mimi Suda
Mimi Suda 13 dagar sedan
He's absolutely cheating
K K 13 dagar sedan
It’s funny how roomie official is like ✨SooOOooOO AuTOUnEd✨ when he uses it a lot when he sings
Cody Jones
Cody Jones 13 dagar sedan
Logan Paul was terrible 😂😂😂
king X world
king X world 13 dagar sedan
For the robot when he said gotta know I knew it was lil Wayne I said it
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