Girl makes HILARIOUS "misheard lyrics" videos (w/ Daniel Thrasher)

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Listen to Lil Pitchy's new song "Just For You":

These people are SO CREATIVE and TALENTED!!

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Girl makes HILARIOUS "misheard lyrics" videos (w/ Daniel Thrasher)

Check out the original videos we reacted to!

Bec Hill (misheard lyrics):

Marquese Scott (dubstep dance):

David Armand (music mime):

Daft Hands:

K-Pop Drawing Meme:

Sheena Melwani (The Real Indian Dad):

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Metal Monkey
Metal Monkey Dag sedan
2:22 I always say Meat in that song, it's funnier that way 6:19 He was part of BBC's Fast and Loose, it only got 1 season unfortunately (7:14) is Fast and Loose
Ethandroidplays Dag sedan
I'm the talent fairy, and I'm here to take back your talent
FlapJack Dag sedan
Daniel at the beginning XD
Violet VonB
Violet VonB 2 dagar sedan
10:10 I laughed soooo hard I fell on my ukulele omg bahahhahahahahhaahhahhhahhahaha
Xx_Deathly_Cute_kiwi _xX
Xx_Deathly_Cute_kiwi _xX 2 dagar sedan
I love how roomie gave his headphones to Daniel and used so earbuds 😌😌😭🥺
Christian Götz
Christian Götz 3 dagar sedan
As a German from Bavaria it's always weird that Germans are so often depicted with Trachten (traditional bavarian style of clothing). It feels like Germany is just compressed into Bavaria, yet everyone understands what that 'stereotype' refers to. :D
Ayanna Payne
Ayanna Payne 4 dagar sedan
No bosom hands
the chubby artist
the chubby artist 5 dagar sedan
Is the comedian al Murray?
Karl Johnson
Karl Johnson 5 dagar sedan
Was the other comedian he was thinking about Mark Teich?
Cheyanne Burke
Cheyanne Burke 7 dagar sedan
darksabermace 7 dagar sedan
The 2 finger V swear was the English archers showing the French they still had there fingers, the middle finger was a later adaptation of the same thing.
Gracc McGravy
Gracc McGravy 8 dagar sedan
12:47 soooooo anyone else not gonna fall asleep tonight?
melior 8 dagar sedan
14:16 I'm pretty sure the guy is actually her husband and he is the dad of their children hence "indian dad's be like"
John Wright
John Wright 8 dagar sedan
IIRC, the Daft Hands video was done IN ONE TAKE!
Jake From Statefarm
Jake From Statefarm 8 dagar sedan
Them reacting to the daft hands video brought me way back to when I used to practice doing that and draw the words in my hands and everything
Dev B
Dev B 8 dagar sedan
IDK why but during the intro I thought of something: wouldn't it be weird if someone got copyright claimed or striked for their own song? has that ever happened? (doubt it) I have no idea why it popped in my head but it did
honilock 9 dagar sedan
This is sooo cringe... Also what's with the beer being censored with apple juice? Is prohibition still a thing on SEcycle?
STIX 'N' STONES OFFICIAL 10 dagar sedan
More collabs more collabs
Nanfoodle 10 dagar sedan
that daft hands is way older than 2013
Lidia Gastol
Lidia Gastol 10 dagar sedan
The story of the middle fingers is a bit different. The middle fingers sign has been used in ancient Rome, and was used how we know it know...the story which was said was 1/2 right it was about French cutting off pointing and middle fingers of from English archers. Therefore the offensive sign was showing two fingers to look I have it you don't.
ZIP FILE 11 dagar sedan
A Philosopher's once said Ohh thats gross,I love it -RoomieOfficial
kitchen sync
kitchen sync 11 dagar sedan
OMG Edith Piaf on the first one?? ACKK I MISS HER SONGS💙✨
Mario Rodriguez
Mario Rodriguez 11 dagar sedan
@7:17 I think he was thinking of "Colin Mochrie" from Who's Line Is It anyway? Tho with his facial expressions he looks more like "Rowen Atkins" of Mr. Bean fame. 🤘🤠
Mushiixx 11 dagar sedan
Hellooo Daniel. haha I'm like Daniel with the jokes. To much thinking
seeingyouaround 11 dagar sedan
i thought Daniel was taller?! 🤔
Noelle 11 dagar sedan
When the kpop mv came on (ON by bts) I was thrust trying to enjoy it but N O
Three Days Grace Forever
Three Days Grace Forever 13 dagar sedan
12:49 the irony is astounding, to say that he shouldn’t post it if he has to clarify that it’s not a hate video, when the whole reason he clarified that it’s not a hate video is because of ignorant comments like this.
Rey Squadron
Rey Squadron 13 dagar sedan
The Indian Dad one was hilarious
Toko Fukawa
Toko Fukawa 13 dagar sedan
Found a freeze frame worse than the kpop ones lmao
Lunapaw 15 dagar sedan
i was sooo excited to see sheena melwani! her videos are sooo funny and i love them
MorganAnarchy 15 dagar sedan
3:09 daniel doing a perfect owen wilson LOL
Jazz Plane
Jazz Plane 15 dagar sedan
13:29 king Julian is that you?
Jay Kay
Jay Kay 15 dagar sedan
omg so much damn nostalgia from the Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger hand video. So much so that I am pausing this video right after that segment ended to watch the full video.
Jay Kay
Jay Kay 15 dagar sedan
whe, lol
Clinical Depression
Clinical Depression 16 dagar sedan
i’m not even a kpop fan and that bts video just felt so tryhard and needlessly mean
Majik Froggit
Majik Froggit 16 dagar sedan
Is half the video then the intro cam
Shivam Pant
Shivam Pant 16 dagar sedan
i think joel is gonna annoy us into listening to JUST FOR YOU
iT's mE
iT's mE 16 dagar sedan
He *clearly* meant that he wanted to cut peoples fingers off We've all shot people with arrows before, right?
Peter Řička
Peter Řička 17 dagar sedan
The fact that Joel doesn't know Jean Reno hurt me a little.
TacseraEpSekahs 17 dagar sedan
These two together make a new level of insane humor XDDD
Mia Paig
Mia Paig 17 dagar sedan
Gotta live them editors
Lauren Thompson
Lauren Thompson 18 dagar sedan
Flaming Jaguar
Flaming Jaguar 18 dagar sedan
She is unbelievable
AmboreD 18 dagar sedan
Wow she is incredibly creative! Edit: wow, they all are lol
JennyApostolos 19 dagar sedan
next video request: "Inappropriate songs to play at a funeral."
Isla Russell
Isla Russell 19 dagar sedan
Danial sorry if I spelt you name wrong But the thing about the arches I think it’s the two fingers forgot what they are called tho bc u shot with those fingers
Elliott Bork
Elliott Bork 19 dagar sedan
“We could have been broke” “I think about it all the time”
Elliott Bork
Elliott Bork 19 dagar sedan
AYE I learned daft hands!
Linkin Park FanGirl
Linkin Park FanGirl 20 dagar sedan
Lysberith Galestorm
Lysberith Galestorm 21 dag sedan
wait... Daniel looks soooo good in pastel pink 💖
Qwer Tyu
Qwer Tyu 21 dag sedan
Vested MC
Vested MC 21 dag sedan
Daniel: Is that just for you by Little Pitchy? Also Daniel: No, that's just for you by Lil Pitchy, not Little Bitch 😂
Randon 21 dag sedan
Joel is cheating on Davie with Daniel........ He has a thing with the letter D............
bria harris
bria harris 22 dagar sedan
Literally roomie is the younger brother and Daniel is the middle child
Alaa Alsaad
Alaa Alsaad 22 dagar sedan
7:16 is it bill burr?
catify 2.0
catify 2.0 22 dagar sedan
9:20 make *SUS*
General Chris Gaming
General Chris Gaming 22 dagar sedan
7:29 I'm dead lmaoooo
catify 2.0
catify 2.0 22 dagar sedan
11:01 omg that’s my name
Park Jimin
Park Jimin 22 dagar sedan
i love tess like if you like her too
Belki 782
Belki 782 23 dagar sedan
Joel: "oh thats gross.. I LOVE IT!"
Claire Summer
Claire Summer 23 dagar sedan
The archer story is correct, however it was for the “up yours” inverse peace sign, and not the middle finger
Lavender360 24 dagar sedan
Pfft, did the editors really set up a zoom meeting just for the sake of that joke? X'D
Lavender360 24 dagar sedan
Hahaha, Joel dying in the background in the beginning X'D
Iz 24 dagar sedan
Did Daniel mean Carl Barron? The comedian
Preanka moodley
Preanka moodley 25 dagar sedan
Dude was that Daniel Thrasher
alfakr0ll 25 dagar sedan
The comedian Daniel was thinking about is most likely Rob Corddry.
Bobby 9551
Bobby 9551 25 dagar sedan
12:45 wtf is that face🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Amber May
Amber May 25 dagar sedan
Anyone else ever play conect to youtube channels together? The girl who did the miss heard lyrics thing is called beck hill, she has apeared on a chanel called bashens, barshens is hosted by stuart ashens, stuart ashen has made short films with dan and phill, dan and phil have been on pewdie pies chanel and vice versa, pewdie pie has collaborated with this chanel! I love the internet xxx p.s there are probably many other routes to this but thats the game haha
marshall jones
marshall jones 26 dagar sedan
unfortunately daniel is only partly right but it was the French archers whom used the middle and for fingers to shoot a bow and arrow so the English would chop them off so it really only upset the French.
Sucur S.
Sucur S. 27 dagar sedan
Didn't see any comments about this, maybe they're buried further than I looked; the archers' fingers thing is about the V hand sign, not the middle finger. I mean, correct me if I'm wrong ^^
panicing!_socially 27 dagar sedan
I wonder if Daniel was thinking of Carl Barron 7:16
TheCrystalFlame_ 27 dagar sedan
The intro was funny already, the video was hilarious
Roy Smits
Roy Smits 27 dagar sedan
Rahmie getting bald 😮 3:00
Victoria Crawford
Victoria Crawford 27 dagar sedan
Cora Sneary
Cora Sneary 27 dagar sedan
And yeah that's where the middle finger came from
eloskiify 27 dagar sedan
I've been looking for that Torn video for years!
🌸Cora Free🌸
🌸Cora Free🌸 27 dagar sedan
Daniel: “I wish I had friends😢”. Joel’s Mind: 𝘀𝗼, 𝘆𝗼𝘂𝘃𝗲 𝗳𝗼𝗿𝗴𝗼𝘁𝘁𝗲𝗻 𝗮𝗯𝗼𝘂𝘁 𝗺𝗲 𝗮𝗹𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗱𝘆?
AblissMusic 28 dagar sedan
But why'd you have to do Linus dirty like that? 😂
Thijs Pluis
Thijs Pluis 28 dagar sedan
I hink the middlefinger is roman or greech. The thing you mean are the index and middle finger for archers
Finn Robinson
Finn Robinson 28 dagar sedan
Daniel be looking mildly like Kyle ren in the movies
WiltedHalo 29 dagar sedan
Sheena Melwani and her husband are so funny. Love their videos.. especially the "interrupted" series they have.
andrew bogard
andrew bogard 29 dagar sedan
I had to subscribe to that misheard lyrics channel that was just to funny
ChesterSnap 29 dagar sedan
There's a different Daft Punk from way earlier that I actually ended up practicing until I could do it
ChesterSnap 29 dagar sedan
Daniel being confused by the interpretative comedic dance was hilarious ✋👈 .... Hand!
George Partridge
George Partridge 29 dagar sedan
Where did Jonas go
VickyXX 29 dagar sedan
My friend destroyed Iron Maiden's "Fear of the dark" for me when she said she misheard the lyrics as "Fear of the Duck" and now that's all I hear.
Becki C
Becki C 29 dagar sedan
Sheena Melwani is hilarious. It's actually her husband that does the "Indian dad" voice.
Black Harmonics
Black Harmonics 29 dagar sedan
When it comes to misheard lyrics, Coldmirror is the absolute queen 💜 But you need to understand the german language tho. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Isha Verma29
Isha Verma29 Månad sedan
this is hilarious because my dog's first name is karma, and her last name ends with v
Isha Verma29
Isha Verma29 Månad sedan
meant starts
Alec Rechtiene
Alec Rechtiene Månad sedan
That subreddit wasn’t fair for poor little Wolfgang😂
regular_bee Månad sedan
I loved seeing Daniel and Joel appreciating kpop male idols wearing makeup, they really look so good!!
regular_bee Månad sedan
I loved seeing Daniel and Joel appreciating kpop male idols wearing makeup, they really look so good!!
Mutella C
Mutella C Månad sedan
for the last one, there actually married
Jonathan Larsen
Jonathan Larsen Månad sedan
bill burr
プTipTopTheDripDropヒントトップドリップドロッ Månad sedan
Pause at exactly 12:48 you'll get a perfect freeze frame.
Tanvi Sood
Tanvi Sood Månad sedan
daniel: "i like his vibe" every indian kid: *scowls" "wait until you live with it every day" LMFAO im just kidding we love our indian parents but ummmmmmm just not every day
Ruairi Byrne
Ruairi Byrne Månad sedan
Did Daniel dye his hair
BigCMiner Månad sedan
7:18 Al Murray?
Cureetos Månad sedan
the fact that i speak french ruins the first video
Dahlia Månad sedan
Lol I loved the little editors virtual meeting intervention 😂 they should do that more
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