Famous Singers covering other Famous Singers #2

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Listen to Lil Pitchy's new song "Just for You": li.sten.to/aPsjopf

Do you prefer the COVERS or the ORIGINAL versions?!

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Famous Singers covering other Famous Singers #2

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Vessela Hobson
Vessela Hobson 4 timmar sedan
Why was Nick Jonas like "You-foo foo foo foo"
Mike Mariano
Mike Mariano Dag sedan
Suggestion: cover of “Secret Love Song” by Morissette Amon. It will blow you away!
Ina Abc
Ina Abc Dag sedan
try listeen bruno mars cover all i ask by adele since it was your favorite song by adele
joey chambers
joey chambers Dag sedan
love it
John Kramer
John Kramer Dag sedan
Where is Rolling in the deep by Linkin Park and Chandelier by Charlie Puth -_-
Karlijn Hoefnagel
Karlijn Hoefnagel Dag sedan
Have you ever heard Demi levato covering “I love you” by Lionel Richie?
Emilee Aragon
Emilee Aragon Dag sedan
With the riptide thing I thought was interesting because I completely disagree, every time I hear that song i think of a movie, I’m just sitting there waiting for the romantic montage
farsthchi Dag sedan
Actually Callum sang that for his audition on Brit's Got Talent, it went over huge, 331 mil views.
Brandon Bates
Brandon Bates 2 dagar sedan
Next time you should do sound of silence
Herobrine 2 dagar sedan
BGT version of calum scott dancing on my own is one of the finest covers we can ever see
Elijah Riley
Elijah Riley 2 dagar sedan
You should listen to Billy Joel's version of "Make You Feel My Love" it has the vibe of the original but the emotion of Adele's version
Luis Govea
Luis Govea 2 dagar sedan
What are you a fan of? It’s hard to watch your videos you only talk about songs from the past decade and you don’t like anything
tehtonym 3 dagar sedan
Why do people listen to any of this garbage? Good lord lmao
Anthony Lynaugh
Anthony Lynaugh 3 dagar sedan
If you do another one you should react to “Hurt” originally by Nine Inch Nails and Covered by Johnny Cash and also “The Sound of Silence” originally by Simon and Garfunkel but covered by Disturbed
Michael Shawgo
Michael Shawgo 3 dagar sedan
Garth Brooks does a great "To make you feel my love" cover
Shounok Guha
Shounok Guha 4 dagar sedan
I used to think dancing on my own was Callum Scott's original
Martin Sørensen
Martin Sørensen 4 dagar sedan
Tend to forget how good Miley is, when she wants to be that is. Bob Dylan is a great songwriter but the vocals have always been bad imo. Rihanna's song are hard to cover, because they are so personel and fit to her voice. Khalid nails it. Hilsner fra Danmark!
Yazan Abdallah
Yazan Abdallah 4 dagar sedan
Bebe Rexha's cover of "Stay" is ICONIC🙏🏻❤
Justin Bradley
Justin Bradley 4 dagar sedan
5:00 “calum scot was on a talent show but this is what made him famous” calum on britians got talent doing this exact cover, getting gold button, winning... totally not what got him famous
Reid Garwin
Reid Garwin 4 dagar sedan
I still can tell the difference between Halsey and Ellie Goulding until really high notes come from Ellie, I'm her fan i don't really know Halsey just occasional radio when I get excited hearing the wrong person 😅
Ana Clara
Ana Clara 4 dagar sedan
I would be soooo sad if u had chosen the original one by Robyn... I mean, it's really great but it doesn't shine like in Calum's voice
Preston Saint Pierre
Preston Saint Pierre 5 dagar sedan
Kings of Leon did dancing on my own on BBC before Calum did and they are quite similar. Both great though
Mariella Markajani
Mariella Markajani 5 dagar sedan
ava max in my opinion was better
Mariella Markajani
Mariella Markajani 5 dagar sedan
All of the covers the singers need to be louder less shy and quiet
Cyrus Lin
Cyrus Lin 5 dagar sedan
I’m a weeb ok? Me: name the big three plus 2 more small animes
Watch and Learn
Watch and Learn 7 dagar sedan
Dancing on my own by Calum Scott was really like adele like a lil high notes but so sad stuff around
Emmett Every
Emmett Every 7 dagar sedan
demi has definitely come out at this point absolutely no excuses.
Co Duss
Co Duss 8 dagar sedan
I love Joel’s « mmmh » for some reason 😂
Co Duss
Co Duss 8 dagar sedan
where is Harry Stiles singing Juice? 😭
No name_sheeesh
No name_sheeesh 8 dagar sedan
AYOOOOO no one can replace juice wrld NO ONE R.I.P JUICE WRLD.
Reg Cummings
Reg Cummings 8 dagar sedan
Andie case does and awesome nick jonas jealous cover
Amanda Saylor
Amanda Saylor 9 dagar sedan
I always feel vindicated every time Joel says he doesn't like Happy. LOL
Gamen Snootdroop
Gamen Snootdroop 10 dagar sedan
I didn't know Lucid Dreams could get worse but Halsey proved me wrong
Mellnojj Johrén Lagerqvist
Mellnojj Johrén Lagerqvist 11 dagar sedan
Gilla om du också är svensk!🇸🇪
Emily Leen
Emily Leen 11 dagar sedan
Lol me and roomie said hmm at the same time on the copy for it is not in my blood.
Drew Mueller
Drew Mueller 11 dagar sedan
I need a reaction to Arctic Monkeys cover of Hold On, We’re Going Home
Clearly a KitKat
Clearly a KitKat 11 dagar sedan
Joel likes anime?!?!? Unsubscribing right now (Jk love you Joel)
ceebee 12 dagar sedan
Lewis Perry
Lewis Perry 12 dagar sedan
You forgot Katy Perry covering lady gagas song “born this way”
Fei JoA
Fei JoA 12 dagar sedan
Jacob Banks - Say Something (A Great Big World) Mahogany Session!! just spreading the good news that is Jacob Banks.
Daisy Lange
Daisy Lange 12 dagar sedan
In my blood is definitely my vent song I listen to. Also Joel! Demi Lovato is non-binary, I'm sure that this was probably recorded before she came out but you should've at least mentioned that they prefer they/them pronouns.
DR.POTATO 12 dagar sedan
Are we not gonna talk about metallicas whiskey in the jar?
markus skov
markus skov 12 dagar sedan
It was calum scots audition song for x factor
RidgelJones17 13 dagar sedan
The Calum scot cover is a joke. It cringed me out. Robyn is better, no comparison.
Smiggy 28
Smiggy 28 13 dagar sedan
30 Seconds to Mars' cover of the Rihanna song would have been better then the Demi cover.
Elisabeth 13 dagar sedan
Callum Scott performed that cover for his audition and it was a whole ass moment. I highly recommend.
Marcel Arcaya
Marcel Arcaya 13 dagar sedan
Nick Jonas :( lmao
Jenni Hunt
Jenni Hunt 13 dagar sedan
i prefer og's
Jenni Hunt
Jenni Hunt 13 dagar sedan
i think Billie Eillish should have won that one
hi hooman i am a snake
hi hooman i am a snake 14 dagar sedan
When nick is mention I always thought about his les Mis lol, not a good first impression tho. 😂😂😂
lo l
lo l 14 dagar sedan
You haven't even heard the best part of Demi's cover 🤦‍♂️
Bakugou UwU
Bakugou UwU 14 dagar sedan
Sam smith is they/them pronouns just making sure you new roomie as you used sam’s old pronouns
caroline 14 dagar sedan
calum scott didn’t get famous on a talent show or something like that.... calum scott getting simons golden buzzer on bgt: am i a joke to you?
Cathryn Smith
Cathryn Smith 14 dagar sedan
BBC live lounge is more intimate. Check out their albums ❤️
Mi Nyi
Mi Nyi 15 dagar sedan
Still can't see Foster The People covers Hold on we're going by Drake, and Hayley Williams covers Passion Fruit by Drake
Paige Williams
Paige Williams 15 dagar sedan
Ooh it’s kHuUuLiDd
Conny L.
Conny L. 16 dagar sedan
I did not know that Dancing on my own wasn’t by Callum Scott 😅
Marcus Lewis
Marcus Lewis 16 dagar sedan
Miley = perfection
Ismael Fraga
Ismael Fraga 16 dagar sedan
Selena Gomez covering: Dream and Knew you were trouble
Daphne84008 16 dagar sedan
To make you feel my love by Garth Brooks is the best it's on the Hope Floats soundtrack
Dhwani Sharma
Dhwani Sharma 16 dagar sedan
No one Joel: i LiKe To cAlL iT ThE bAtHtUb sOnG
Andréa Schmitt
Andréa Schmitt 16 dagar sedan
Come on!! You have to redo this video with Stay covered by 30 seconds to Mars!
Lauren Davis
Lauren Davis 17 dagar sedan
I didn't know the Calum Scott one was a cover 😂😂 Edit: also the Adele one what!!
Nakiya Lathiwala
Nakiya Lathiwala 17 dagar sedan
Idea for the next one - Miley Cyrus covering No Tears Left To Cry by Ariana Grande, pleeease
Natalie S
Natalie S 17 dagar sedan
I wish you would've included Auroras version of god is a woman. In general is bbc1 a good chanel to seek out if you want to see some good covers done by other singers
Lea Williams
Lea Williams 17 dagar sedan
why the frick you HAVE old person for dancing on my own and the young calum scott?
Cloud Chan
Cloud Chan 17 dagar sedan
I don’t mean to be that person, but it’s spelled Tic. Sorry it bothered me
Kimaya Nalawade
Kimaya Nalawade 17 dagar sedan
I loved the Ava Maxs cover
Tanner Sharp
Tanner Sharp 17 dagar sedan
Too many commercials
Dylan Hoy-Bianchi
Dylan Hoy-Bianchi 17 dagar sedan
Lake Street Dive has some iconic covers, they're all good, but I think their cover of Rich Girl is probably the best one
Kt G
Kt G 17 dagar sedan
I wish the 30secs to Mars cover of stay was on here. Freaking love it.
mpasistasyalanci 18 dagar sedan
i think that in lucid dreams they have sampled Stings shape of my heart, so the cover with the acoustic guitar sounds to my ears like the Sting song with different lyrics
Barbara Strobl
Barbara Strobl 18 dagar sedan
Please feature Bastille covering We can't stop because it's one of the best covers of all time (esp. the bridge) Love your videos and your music :)
Kashia Rees
Kashia Rees 18 dagar sedan
You look like if Takashi 669 got a job.
Mason Murphy
Mason Murphy 18 dagar sedan
Why do I feel like your voice is asmr sometimes
Paulina Pony
Paulina Pony 18 dagar sedan
I was deadass convinced that "Make you feel my love" was a song by Adele D:
Ralph Farah
Ralph Farah 18 dagar sedan
Zombies original vs Miley version you should check it
Silver Tulip
Silver Tulip 18 dagar sedan
Joel, you're always gorgeous. But your intense eyes mode is HOT!!
JennyApostolos 18 dagar sedan
next video request: "Inappropriate songs to play at a funeral."
Vessela Hobson
Vessela Hobson 4 timmar sedan
I always felt I wanted Lennon's "God" played at my funeral
Vessela Hobson
Vessela Hobson 4 timmar sedan
Highway to hell
JennyApostolos 4 dagar sedan
@Emma Hammell Oh my! lol I hope that was a request from the deceased. If not, that's funny but also messed up. lol
Emma Hammell
Emma Hammell 6 dagar sedan
Went to a funeral where they played another one bites the dust as the casket came in…
Schurkolade 18 dagar sedan
The cover from Fall Out Boy to Michael Jackson’s, „beat it“ is so amazing! (maybe you can listen to it in the next video)
PollyMamedePsi 18 dagar sedan
should be stay by Riri and Stay by Jared
Natalie Kretschmann
Natalie Kretschmann 19 dagar sedan
I don't know what I love more these videos or Harry Potter
Natalie Kretschmann
Natalie Kretschmann 19 dagar sedan
I don't know what I love more these videos or Harry Potter
Anne _xo05
Anne _xo05 19 dagar sedan
The cover of stay by 30 seconds to mars is way better than the demi cover (imo).
Ninono 19 dagar sedan
bts' cover of "fix you" , also jungkook has few covers of other artists, it would be nice to see them in next video if you'll decide to do it
Mugia 19 dagar sedan
Id love to see your reaction to hayley williams cover of teardrop
Cheesly 19 dagar sedan
Paramore's cover of Drake's Passionfruit is one of my favorites!
Jeps McSmackin
Jeps McSmackin 19 dagar sedan
Miley Cyrus has an exquisite voice
Ashraf JM
Ashraf JM 19 dagar sedan
Fast car covered by j b was better
Caitlin Whisenhunt
Caitlin Whisenhunt 19 dagar sedan
I've seen Callum Scott live, he opened for a band I liked, and I honestly think he has a beautiful voice live.
Twinklesucks 19 dagar sedan
Blue Pen
Blue Pen 20 dagar sedan
Calum Scott's cover was on Britain's got talent and it was the song he chose for his first public audition. You should chack it out. He NAILED IT! 👌
mrider16 20 dagar sedan
I like how y’all just skipped the Garth Brooks cover of “Make You Feel My Love” (which was incredible btw) but like...expected.
Bisu Zimt
Bisu Zimt 20 dagar sedan
I'm absolutly by your side with your decisions ^_^
Maharani Kirei
Maharani Kirei 20 dagar sedan
Could you do Aurora covering Ariana Grande's God is a woman 🥺
Brandi 20 dagar sedan
Definitely should have included Garth Brooks' cover of Make You Feel My Love. So good.
Man United07
Man United07 20 dagar sedan
I love how Happy was sung with a minor chord. Great stuff. 😂👌
Maddie Holbrook
Maddie Holbrook 20 dagar sedan
Niall Horan’s Live Lounge covers for the next one! I prefer his covers of Circles by Post Malone and Issues by Julia Michaels more than the originals
Danielle Spraggs
Danielle Spraggs 20 dagar sedan
Better cover of Robyn - Dancing on my own is Kings of Leon!!
Arjan Khatiwada
Arjan Khatiwada 20 dagar sedan
You always hate on taylor swift. She deserves more appreciation 😏
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