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MissNinja Cookie
MissNinja Cookie 10 timmar sedan
Joel says last point is going to Disney but counts it for Nickelodeon xD
Mir Aizaz
Mir Aizaz 23 timmar sedan
Sad Drake and Josh couldn't make the cut😕 They had a banger
Floyd Redmon
Floyd Redmon Dag sedan
I loved that meme roomie official and I'm subscribed
TeknoFEX Dag sedan
When he said that he might punch me, an ad banner popped up saying "W-WHAT?!" XD I guess SEcycle doesnt want to get punched.
Neleya Pringles
Neleya Pringles Dag sedan
The fact that everyone of the generation knows the fineas and Ferb theme off by heart seems to think otherwise
Resolve Rub
Resolve Rub Dag sedan
The rural fedelini geometrically collect because dryer evolutionarily phone across a detailed mexico. gainful, busy caution
qwerty312 2 dagar sedan
16:55 he said it goes to disney but point goes to nickelodeon??
DeeBig Beenz25
DeeBig Beenz25 2 dagar sedan
I believe that planter vs zombie inspire bad guy
BLISSfullyCAT 2 dagar sedan
You should have done Disney's Jonas vs Nicks Big Time Rush... Battle of the Boy Bands. Jonas Brothers are the slightly better band but honestly I would have said BTR had the better banger of a song
Suga Me This & Jin Me That
Suga Me This & Jin Me That 2 dagar sedan
Joel : Is this Selena singing? Selena : 🎶YES🎶
shira 3 dagar sedan
k but, "nickelodeon trying to do disney" isn't cutting it for me. victorious is my childhood and y'all didn't even choose the good songs to go against hannah montana
paritraider 3 dagar sedan
Are you using Disney plus hot star
Just a random peep
Just a random peep 3 dagar sedan
Now that I think about it they should’ve paired the jimmy neutron song against the phineas and ferb song, they have much more in common.
Samuel Button
Samuel Button 3 dagar sedan
This is the one episode where Roomie gets dyslexia
VHS Collector Kyle
VHS Collector Kyle 3 dagar sedan
Not bad mouthing the video or songs in any way but the TMNT theme song they used was actually the 80's/90's Turtles. Not the Nickelodeon version that was on Nick. There are 2 that aired on Nick. The 2012 version and the one that's I believe is still showing. Like I said not bad mouthing or bashing just thought people would like to know that's not the Nickelodeon version. Just saying.
Rita 4 dagar sedan
I'm so sad that Big Time Rush wasn't here
Keen Club
Keen Club 7 dagar sedan
16:55 Joel: That one goes to Disney, not gonna lie. Editor: Nickelodeon it is!
random memer
random memer 7 dagar sedan
Nice video
Gamers_Club LG
Gamers_Club LG 7 dagar sedan
They should have been the new version teenage mutant ninja turtles song
Cocodun 7 dagar sedan
did they seriously just vote teenage mutant ninja turtles over phineas and ferb? my life is ruined
Sacred Light
Sacred Light 8 dagar sedan
" it's Phineas and Ferb and The Loud House for me :) "
Quinton Hallen
Quinton Hallen 11 dagar sedan
I can't believe they didn't choose Phineas and Ferb, I am actually offended by that
Mutella C
Mutella C 11 dagar sedan
when they were listening to fairly odd parents and some others, I was singing along but then it kept changing what part of the song was and just annoyed me
Christine Lewis 70
Christine Lewis 70 11 dagar sedan
In phineas and ferb they say discovering something that doesn’t exist because it’s supposed that candas is the one imagining everything because she is esquizofrénic
Sergio Alvarez
Sergio Alvarez 11 dagar sedan
Disagree with you on the Hercules that one should have won!!! 💯
Joshua Wolf
Joshua Wolf 12 dagar sedan
I noticed that the end points are 6666. demonic
Gamer Girl?
Gamer Girl? 12 dagar sedan
when i hear the victorious theme song i sung immediately and icarly and the loud house 15:21 me:Yells VICTORIA JUSTICE
Jed Jacinto
Jed Jacinto 12 dagar sedan
Why isnt there any high school musical song?
Nicholas Philip
Nicholas Philip 12 dagar sedan
You paired kim possible vs danny phantom YOU MONSTER. How do we choose between those legends
Lucas B
Lucas B 14 dagar sedan
Fun fact the little mermaid is from Denmark
Aura Demon
Aura Demon 15 dagar sedan
wow kinda sad that the fresh prince of bell air wasnt on here
Aura Demon
Aura Demon 15 dagar sedan
i couldnt pick between wizards of waverly place and Icarly so I made a new spot where both wins
Charlene B. Cairy
Charlene B. Cairy 15 dagar sedan
You see the spongebob theme song is a repatiton
Kai Zassin
Kai Zassin 15 dagar sedan
"That one goes to Disney" *Nickelodeon +1*
Shaine Margarette Bustarde
Shaine Margarette Bustarde 15 dagar sedan
Both they Are amazing Disney:👱🏻‍♀️👗 Nickeledon:🦀🐡 Do u love both or Disney and nickledon? 👇🏻👱🏻‍♀️👗🦀?
Co Duss
Co Duss 15 dagar sedan
for some reason I’m thinking they should’ve put Raven against Taina haha
The Amazing G3
The Amazing G3 16 dagar sedan
If they played secret tunnel from Avatar it would have easily won.
Michael GD
Michael GD 16 dagar sedan
I'd love to see another one of these, but maybe next time, you could include more disney animated theme songs. There are a lot of good ones you didn't cover in this video and I would be very interested to see your opinions on them.
John’s Play World 2
John’s Play World 2 16 dagar sedan
How do you rate zootopia's try everything?
Evie L
Evie L 16 dagar sedan
That's the wrong video for You'll Be In My Heart, that clip was Two Worlds 🤣🤣
Newt Scamander
Newt Scamander 17 dagar sedan
Should of done freak the freak out
James /the pro
James /the pro 17 dagar sedan
Now I want Disney vs cartoon network 😁
Kiera Black
Kiera Black 17 dagar sedan
Roomie and the Sprouse brothers omg is he the long lost triplet?
Lena C.
Lena C. 17 dagar sedan
Gosh... I know all this songs but it Portuguese, first time I heard them in English lol
Zeus Cliff
Zeus Cliff 17 dagar sedan
Joel: Is this Selena Gomez? Video: Yess!!!!
Amber Hunter
Amber Hunter 17 dagar sedan
Jessie Eermit
Jessie Eermit 17 dagar sedan
"All That" is mid-nineties, not necessarily early nineties. Edit: 1994-2019. So, definitely _mid_ - nineties.
King Snake
King Snake 18 dagar sedan
they didn't listen to the real version of the wizards of waverly place theme and that's a shame.
Sarah Caplan
Sarah Caplan 18 dagar sedan
Reply to this if this video if this was nostalgic because this was to me
Letícia Lopes
Letícia Lopes 18 dagar sedan
Man, i would love if he reacted to Disney songs dubbed in Brazil Sue me ;-;
Kristine Chua
Kristine Chua 18 dagar sedan
Joel: is this selena singing? Selena in song : yes
loveinpeace1214 18 dagar sedan
All that theme song was by TLC that's why it was the best!!
AmboreD 18 dagar sedan
Every Hannah Montana song is still unironically good to me. Rock Star, best of both worlds, true friend, Nobodys perfect, he could be the one. Oh, hell yeah lmao
Mary Pinto
Mary Pinto 19 dagar sedan
He put the point on Nickelodeon when he said Disney ahahaha
Freya Bluewood
Freya Bluewood 19 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who didn't watch sponge bob???
JennyApostolos 19 dagar sedan
next video request: "Inappropriate songs to play at a funeral."
Law Ren
Law Ren 19 dagar sedan
joel that was bowling for soup
Ethan Graham
Ethan Graham 19 dagar sedan
I'm pretty sure it's a marimba.
MagicGTurtle 19 dagar sedan
Good list tho some pretty major Disney songs where left out (And a few Nick songs).
Kajsa Karlsson
Kajsa Karlsson 20 dagar sedan
It is weird hearing the Disney songs in English when I always listened to them in Swedish growing up. Takes away some of the nostalgia..
Analeigh Mjelde
Analeigh Mjelde 20 dagar sedan
Is it sad that I am truly scared of SpongeBob?
Michayla Lawrence
Michayla Lawrence 20 dagar sedan
I think it’s a little unfair to compare the first two parings together cause the two Disney were from movies, and iconic ones, and the Nickelodeon ones are theme songs. If they were comparing theme songs or just songs made by each country I think it’d be a more accurate comparison.
Eva Watches YouTube
Eva Watches YouTube 20 dagar sedan
Kinda weird they comparing high budget film song to songs from way lower budget tv shows, but cool concept though. It would have made a little more sense for me if they ONLY took the Disney songs from tv show on Disney channel (and the other ones, is Disney XD still a thing?)
Jennifer Zacarias
Jennifer Zacarias 20 dagar sedan
Crazy Diamond- Za Hando
Crazy Diamond- Za Hando 20 dagar sedan
Where's cartoon network
Leslie Smith
Leslie Smith 20 dagar sedan
That moment at 16:55 when Joel says "That one goes to Disney" but they increase the score for Nickolodeon instead.
Sweet Supernova
Sweet Supernova 20 dagar sedan
why does Jonas sound German??? Isn’t he Swedish as well 🤔
Shannon B
Shannon B 20 dagar sedan
The fact that Hannah Montana won over Victorious i am crying😭😭😪
BRANDON AGUAYO 20 dagar sedan
Roomie: I’d this Selena singing Song: yes
bria harris
bria harris 20 dagar sedan
Wait they did real full length song versus theme songs....that's not fair
JasonTheMagnificent 21 dag sedan
I wish the Loud House won.
Aleksandra Tosic
Aleksandra Tosic 21 dag sedan
My boy was ROBBED. You should have done: Best day ever Ripped pants This grill is not a home The F. U. N song The campfire song song The secret to the formula is you Now that we're men Who am i? HELL! Even stadium rave Hey, all you people All you need is friends
Julissa Bermea
Julissa Bermea 21 dag sedan
Terrible comparisons. The editors suck. And horrible options.
Khmiiinaa 22 dagar sedan
They didn’t just forget to put drake and josh in
Khmiiinaa 22 dagar sedan
Kim possible in arabic is waaayyyyyyy better . Check it out even if u don’t know arabic
AwesomeBoysJPTV 22 dagar sedan
I wish you included Gravity Falls
SARDAR 22 dagar sedan
Pro singers : Disney Literally every kid: Nickelodeon frickers!!!!
Gabriel Gavrilă
Gabriel Gavrilă 23 dagar sedan
Roomie: Duck Tales is so much more interesting, that one goes to Disney *Proceeds to increase the Nickelodeon counter*
Grace McLeod
Grace McLeod 23 dagar sedan
The band is not Simple Plan for the Phineas and Ferb theme song it is Bowling for Soup who did the Phineas and Ferb theme song
Aubreycoral532 idk
Aubreycoral532 idk 23 dagar sedan
lol i was not watching roomie videos recently, and i come back and see joel looking like steve jobs... lmao
Spoderman Great
Spoderman Great 23 dagar sedan
What monster would put the iconic Disney movie Tarzan soundtrack with an opening to a cartoon kid’s show? Honestly all the match ups were weird. Disney has comparable shows to almost every nickelodeon show. Why movies are included? Who knows?
Craig Donnelly
Craig Donnelly 23 dagar sedan
no drake and josh how disrespectful
Brayden Clancy
Brayden Clancy 23 dagar sedan
Bowling for soup did NOT make the greatest theme song around to be asked if they are Simple Plan
JOSUE MONTALVO 23 dagar sedan
stop missing the good parts
Kenzowenzo and woozie
Kenzowenzo and woozie 24 dagar sedan
What’s wrong with nicoloden
Syed Hasan Ali
Syed Hasan Ali 24 dagar sedan
Roomie HOW THERE YOU SAID THAT SPONGE BOB IS A SKIPABLE INTRO HOW THERE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!L!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😡😡!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mohammad Rafie Radzwill Adam
Mohammad Rafie Radzwill Adam 24 dagar sedan
The first TMNT looks like in Anime style.
Mohammad Rafie Radzwill Adam
Mohammad Rafie Radzwill Adam 24 dagar sedan
Fun fact: both Disney and Nickelodeon put newer cartoons in the morning until early evening then they put older cartoons from late evening to early morning like 5 a.m. Why? Because young kids prefer the newer cartoons than the older ones. Also, they put older cartoons to fill in the time slots.
Fictious Silver
Fictious Silver 24 dagar sedan
Fictious Silver
Fictious Silver 24 dagar sedan
Amit Avrashmi
Amit Avrashmi 24 dagar sedan
Where is drake and Josh as well big time rush they are much better series tha most of the cartoons ones
Zach DG
Zach DG 24 dagar sedan
Everyone gangsta until we vibe to Ben 10 theme song
soraya 24 dagar sedan
Alex Elicker
Alex Elicker 24 dagar sedan
They should of done Drake and Josh
Kosito Kosita
Kosito Kosita 24 dagar sedan
la de bob esponja me gusta mas en latino
Tap Sin
Tap Sin 24 dagar sedan
TF?????? No big time rush???????
Josie Logan
Josie Logan 25 dagar sedan
You need ro react to Australian kids show theme songs.... you'll have a blast. Round The Twist, Blue Water High, SilverSun, Roller-coaster TV. Do like... Australia VS US kids shows 😆
Chanterelle Conley
Chanterelle Conley 25 dagar sedan
Just saying, both Livin' For That and Just For You are slaps.
Kronuns 25 dagar sedan
Är det bara jag som tycker att alla låter bättre på svenska?
Isa Draven
Isa Draven 25 dagar sedan
We gotta get Darkwing Duck if there’s another part, just for the iconic “Nu blir vi farliga/Let’s get dangerous”.
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