100 Songs That Turn 20 Years Old in 2021

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100 Songs That Turn 20 Years Old in 2021

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Vessela Hobson
Vessela Hobson Timme sedan
All these songs sound old and dated....and then there's Linkin Park
Vessela Hobson
Vessela Hobson Timme sedan
Man, I was in high school. Yikes
Louise Palmer
Louise Palmer Dag sedan
I turn 20 in 2021
1K Suᵇscribers In 10 Days Challenge
1K Suᵇscribers In 10 Days Challenge 2 dagar sedan
Waka waka , she wolf , whenever whenever , objection and many shakiras songs.
•Scottish Bean•
•Scottish Bean• 3 dagar sedan
When your stomach hurts but it doesn't
TrenteR 6 dagar sedan
I really want to hit the editor with a wet noodle or something for the math error... who thought 2000-2005 is 5 Years. 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 = 6 YEARS.
Jackie Wilks
Jackie Wilks 6 dagar sedan
Wait how old are you
elvira vogel
elvira vogel 9 dagar sedan
also polulair in the netherlands back then, and who was first safri duo and darure sing both from 2000
Lil Jesus
Lil Jesus 13 dagar sedan
50 songs turning 50
666RoXXy666 Maggot
666RoXXy666 Maggot 13 dagar sedan
That Titiyo Song was a big hit in Germany too, we all wanted to be as cool as her back then 🥰And those harmonies😍
exokings 14 dagar sedan
BTS have A LOT of dark beats. Kpop is an industry it isnt pop. theres rock, hip hop, rnb, country, jazz, classic etc. its just in Korean and sometimes they do songs in other languages esp if a member of their group is from another country like EXO have one Chinese member, NCT have 23 members and they have an American, Canadian, German speaking, Thai, Chinese, Japanese members. Stray Kids have 2 Australian members. EXO have done over 40 genres but are honestly the best group in the industry and beat 99.9% of western groups too no joke esp with the sells of album, world records they break constantly, prestigious places they performed, awards etc. their songs are deeper and darker and their bases hit different. their videos are also on a whole other level when it comes to production AND meanings AND colours and vibes of it. EXO really be kings
Bryn Birchler
Bryn Birchler 15 dagar sedan
Wow these were all on my Now That's What I Call Music 7 that I had growing up
Amon Reis
Amon Reis 15 dagar sedan
"Less known NSYNC song" I'M SORRY, WHAT???
Sarah Beautiful
Sarah Beautiful 16 dagar sedan
mister roomie i disgree as a HUGE billy joel fan growing up as a kid i love the billy joel song of uptown girl WAY better than westlife verstion im sorry but you're wrong
MissSara101 17 dagar sedan
The ATeens are always going be my homies. Funny 😁 storytime, the ATeens and me were at fault for a rule change during my high school years. You can also thank Bart Simpson because it's where I got the idea. Back then, the school used to do birthday 🎂 announcements, yet there wasn't anything checking names. Being a smartass at 15 just before Halloween 🎃, I created a fake announcement prank. Long before twitch. I had to rely on stealth and do it before class. At least, the rule of PDA was enforced, thanks to a random couple that got a teacher distracted. I sneaked, quickly make the mark, and ran from the scene of the crime. Prank went off as planned. Yet, something didn't go as planned... I wasn't expecting that a loophole when found out. I think 🤔 it was because the majority of the students were either Hispanic (myself included) or Black and the swedish surname was a clear give away. Yep, they checked all the students with the first name, but nearly all of them had an "h" as it was a common girls' name. After that, names now have to be confirmed.
Terrance Sweetman
Terrance Sweetman 17 dagar sedan
Bro you talk way to much im trying to listen and in the middle of the song you pause it let us hear the song then talk
Mark Heisler
Mark Heisler 18 dagar sedan
Not gonna lie, here in the US and I jammed out to A-teens throughout my younger years. They were mainly on Radio Disney which I don't even know if that radio station still exists anymore
Michayla Lawrence
Michayla Lawrence 20 dagar sedan
Omg you just brought back so many memories with drowning, definitely my favourite backstreet boys song of all time, can’t change my mind
Michayla Lawrence
Michayla Lawrence 20 dagar sedan
Joel notices the distortion in life house I notice the “Yeeeeew”
Jacqueline 20 dagar sedan
i feel old
Red Albatross
Red Albatross 21 dag sedan
I was nine years but I don't know what I was doing because I don't remember most of these 😆.
Daniela Bagnato
Daniela Bagnato 23 dagar sedan
I'd say Why Don't We are the 'cool band' of the 2020s...
Green Apple
Green Apple 23 dagar sedan
How tf are you 33
Buildin a sentry
Buildin a sentry 26 dagar sedan
Man, im as old as these songs. Crazy
Sebastian Hall
Sebastian Hall 27 dagar sedan
I still can't believe you are 33. It's actually insane
Mountain Harpie
Mountain Harpie 27 dagar sedan
Yes I feel old! I was about to graduate from college when the songs I even recognize from this list came out... bonkers!
KineticPassion 27 dagar sedan
The A-Teens were on the radio in the US too. I actually liked Upside Down and their cover of Can't Help Falling in Love as a kid.
JennyApostolos 28 dagar sedan
next video request: "Inappropriate songs to play at a funeral."
chia bacter
chia bacter 28 dagar sedan
I feel old as hell :(
Aliii Rxsa
Aliii Rxsa 28 dagar sedan
I clicked for Gorillaz and he just ignored them lmfao
ANCHILADA 29 dagar sedan
filip Månad sedan
How do you not understand why people hated Justin Bieber but do understand why people hated Nickelback?
Mountain Harpie
Mountain Harpie 27 dagar sedan
It's a generational thing I think....
sille gaming
sille gaming Månad sedan
isnt a remix just a cover form the person/band themself
theomega311 Månad sedan
A*Teens were big in America for a while because of something called Hitclips, which was outshined by iPod
Sia Månad sedan
I had no idea that half of these songs were known internationally. I always assumed British pop never left the UK or if they did, they only reached Europe.
olli2591 Månad sedan
It's funny that Roomie hates on Can't get you out of my head and Slave 4 You which are probably the best-produced songs in the whole video. I think that Slave 4 U doens't feel like it's 20 years old at all because of Pharell's organic production style that was brandnew back then.
Kraniumbrud Månad sedan
a teens were big in denmark as well
jimmyoakmeister Månad sedan
Wait, I'm older than Drops of Jupiter? Oh gods...
Елизавета Козубенко
Елизавета Козубенко Månad sedan
Sit and think why I don't know most of this songs. And then I understand that I'm 22 xD But some of this comp just timeless. Curios, which songs from the last 5 years will be the same timeless?
szonja kiss
szonja kiss Månad sedan
Me being born the year these came out: I wonder how many songs I will know? 16 it was 16, and half of them I only heard in passing in Joel's videos. But tbf that's not too bad considering I didn't hear them back then.
jam Månad sedan
20 Songs That Turn 100 Years Old in 2021 when?
JustEpik Månad sedan
9 inches jesus
Zokora von Yensloh
Zokora von Yensloh Månad sedan
considering i was 3 in 2001 i remember quiet a few of these
Jaxon Boissy
Jaxon Boissy Månad sedan
I wasn’t around until 2005, but I’ve heard almost all of these songs
ConnorK Månad sedan
I was born three years after these songs were released, yet I still know them. I feel old
Taberah Grace
Taberah Grace Månad sedan
Day 18 of asking Roomie to do Mamma Mia songs vs the ABBA original
재키 Månad sedan
Hanging By A Moment was my senior prom theme. Yeah I graduated in 2001, so sue me. 😭
Evi Driessen
Evi Driessen Månad sedan
Is it weird that I screamed a little when I saw A Teens? I went all "Holy heck weren't they those people that did Abba covers?" I remember getting a CD from my dad and he was like "ITS ABBA" but it was A teens and it made me a little sad. Moral of the story is that I love Abba.
April Rants
April Rants Månad sedan
I was 18....omg.....🥲😅🙃
Isabela Aguilar
Isabela Aguilar Månad sedan
I see Gorillaz, I click
2007words Månad sedan
Has Joel lost some weight..?
Dawn Clark
Dawn Clark Månad sedan
Oh my gosh, I loved Liquid Dreams!
GlamourJinx Månad sedan
Okay but is no one gonna mention how impossibly but incredibly blue Roomie's eyes are in the thumbnail >_> Like the sky is jealous rn XD
WinterStormGaming Månad sedan
Why is the Linkin Park songs from Hybrid Theory on here? Isn't this a list about songs turning 20? They are turning 21 not 20.
DenDenSushi Månad sedan
Dear compilation creator: Is one of the biggest bands of this era and nu metal in particular such as System Of A Down a freaking joke to you? Like where are Chop Suey? Toxicity? Aerials?
Alistair Rodger Fairbrother
Alistair Rodger Fairbrother Månad sedan
I love the fact you brought the Texas Single "Inner Single" one of my top favorites and they are still making music since 1989 And yes Anastacia is Amazing my favorite female singer of all times, I'll also state that we have some similar tasty in music to me great songs are age less
Andrea Lee
Andrea Lee Månad sedan
I turned 2 in October 2001, but I had access to the tv, stereo (listened to CDs, books on tape as well as music, and radio), vcr, and DVD player because my parents slept during the during the day because they worked at night. So I remember a lot of these from channel surfing and landing on MTV or VH1 and the radio.
DorkieShorty Månad sedan
A-Teens was also known in the netherlands. I remember them XD
Chloe Ann
Chloe Ann Månad sedan
I’m also turning 20 in 2021 🥺
Ethan Henderson
Ethan Henderson Månad sedan
Lol so triggered he said that westlife cover was better then Billy Joel
PotatoMasterYt Månad sedan
No eminem😭
Vanessa Venin
Vanessa Venin Månad sedan
I always assumed you were younger than me and now I realize we are the same age ! I don’t know why but it makes me feel so happy and relevant lol
Ryan Holt
Ryan Holt Månad sedan
I just figured out that roomie is 33 years old😯
videogirl9987 Månad sedan
Kayla Kappel
Kayla Kappel Månad sedan
Oh lord, I’m back in 8th grade/freshman year of high school 😳 thank you for that blast from the past ❤️
There were a bunch of these I’ve never heard of.. at this time I was big into linkin park, blink, and a lot of other pop punk/rock bands. Then I still listened to some pop. So I knew a bunch of the pop songs, but wasn’t listening to them much. Then there are the people I’ve never heard of which was a good portion of this list. I do still love Enya. As soon as that single came out for some reason I was hooked. I used to put her cds on when I was trying to fall asleep. Only time is definitely still my favorite though.
RoxyLuffer Månad sedan
jakldrsf;ghjl;akdsgh I always hated "Another Day in Paradise" XP Just not my jam. =T
Alisha Tejani
Alisha Tejani Månad sedan
People guess what roomie is 31 years old
Sheila Ames
Sheila Ames Månad sedan
Joel's jokes get me all the time 🤣
Jacqueline Månad sedan
I was thinking he was like 23 or something omgggg
Johnathan Rhoades
Johnathan Rhoades Månad sedan
So much nostalgia...my middle/high school right here.
Poninefreak Månad sedan
Me: *watches video* *song I genuinely like comes on* Me: *vibes* *song immediately changes* Me: oh, COME ON
Johnny Bartolome
Johnny Bartolome Månad sedan
I was 0 year old when these songs came out
Meagan Vogelsang
Meagan Vogelsang Månad sedan
how the heck are you only 2 years younger than me? lol you definitely don't look 33 lol
Mimi Lamm
Mimi Lamm Månad sedan
I miss 90's RnB, but I do think the pop stuff has gotten better.
Palma Pav
Palma Pav Månad sedan
Me who isn’t 20 but knows a lot of old songs because I listen to every genre 😂✋
13:40 they were on eurovision in 2011 representing the UK as i remember
AmyX Månad sedan
I miss my innocent teen years. Remember those times?
W H A T T H E F U C K Månad sedan
no songs from "All Killer No Filler"?
Cat Bravo
Cat Bravo Månad sedan
Clicked like for Lil Pitchy - Just for You. Now time to watch the video. :)
2ndPartyCrasher ✓
2ndPartyCrasher ✓ Månad sedan
All of them.euck clearly the only good one was Enrique Iglesias hero
Kymmberliestarr Månad sedan
Sutter was played all the time at the club.
ZMicro Electric
ZMicro Electric Månad sedan
I am not old :D
Ilie Hura
Ilie Hura Månad sedan
I just like roomie reacting to songs iven if knows mostly of them , it just feels like you are hanganu out with a pal
Zaccary Sparx
Zaccary Sparx Månad sedan
Lasgo is Belgian not German. (I looked it up for you...)
Froyo The Wolf
Froyo The Wolf Månad sedan
No mention of blink-182. Am pissed.
Emi Fukukado-MsJoke
Emi Fukukado-MsJoke Månad sedan
Just gotta remind myself that Joel is actually 16 years older than me-
nei Månad sedan
Where's toxicity tho?
rockies1790 Månad sedan
Come on !!! no reaction on Gigi d'Agostino !!!
Jianette Go
Jianette Go Månad sedan
When Joel mentioned Why Don't We: *internal screaming for joy*
HaliensExist Månad sedan
Late 90s and early 2000s music all blurs together... that era can stay in lost memories and fever dreams.
Anne Nijholt
Anne Nijholt Månad sedan
I'm from the Netherlands and I remember listening to A-Teens!
julisamay Månad sedan
I feel so called out by the songs/groups that Joel called cringe in this. I love S Club and A*Teens lmao
Gabriela L
Gabriela L Månad sedan
Now I feel old ^^
Megan Voisey
Megan Voisey Månad sedan
Joel saying Michelle ‘everywhere’ song is Disney rock when in fact it is in American pie 2 😂
Terry Lewis
Terry Lewis Månad sedan
Oh my gosh! You've never heard O Town? That is hilarious. You should def. react to that music video. hahahaa
Tala Yoki
Tala Yoki Månad sedan
Shoutout for people who are also turning 20 this year ✨
D Visser
D Visser Månad sedan
so happy that BLUE is on that list.. still fan though... yes i am old (33) but i still love that music
Lil Music Maker
Lil Music Maker Månad sedan
The only reason I clicked on This video was because I knew you Rock my world by mj was gonna be in this list lol
Gillian Larsen
Gillian Larsen Månad sedan
It makes me so happy that your know who Why Don't We are!!!!!!!!!
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